Finding Melody

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A Pair of Feet on the Sand

The whole ocean was shaken by a massive earthquake that destroyed the nearby beaches. No casualties were recorded on the land, just minor injuries from the people who lives there by the time the earthquake happened. However, the properties around the area were destroyed.

“Looks like an ocean volcano erupted.” A man on a white floral polo shirt, beach shorts and flip flops joked while talking to an investigator.

Meanwhile, in the world of half-human and half-fish, a number of waves disturbed the pods. Similar to what happened to the land, no casualties but many mermaids were badly struck by the huge strong waves. Queen Azalea immediately ordered the relief team to provide the needs of those badly affected and ordered the Sea Guards to conduct a search and rescue operation to the missing victims. All in the list of missing mermaids were retrieved except for an 18-year old mermaid from the Galene pod named Melody.

Emelia, her parents William and Olive, and the entire Galene pod went searching for days but there are no sign of Melody. Only her shellbook, and bag was recovered completely torn. They were all scared that Melody encountered the lurking sea monsters and took her. After days, they mourned without a body, they lost the youngest Galene.

Melody was washed away to the shore of Sunday Beach off the coast of Greece.

The waves brought her to the land of humans, the creature she’s frightened the most because of the stories of catching she read when she was young. It was already sunrise when Melody opened her eyes. He hair was all over her face but the pearls were still intact. She moved her hands and saw the bits of white sand stuck on her skin.

She continued lying on the sand for seconds before completely realizing where she is. “Oh shit.” She murmured and tried to flap her tails but they aren’t there anymore. Her shiny bluish and pink tails are replaced by a pair of feet she never learned how to use. She’s naked down there, alone and completely lost in the place she never imagined she will be in on her life.

She gathered her strength to stand but nothing’s working on her way. She crawled towards the water, thinking of coming back to her pod but the hug wave that took her flashed before her eyes. The waves frightened her more so she just stayed on the sand, crying until she passed out again.

Suddenly, a man approached by a jet ski.


I woke up with a different comfort my body feels. This bed was softer than the one we have in our pod. Also, I breathe differently from how I do underwater.

Wait, when did I decided to wear something with sleeves. There’s a piece of cloth touching my skin and a fixed wind blowing in my face.

“You’re awake?” A guy asked before I open my eyes. When I opened it, I almost screamed but this guy is quick-witted that he covered my mouth with his hand, preventing me to cause any noise.

“Who are you? Where am I? What pod are you in?” I still screamed my concerns even though he can’t understand me. I literally sounded like a fish talking to a human being.

“What?” He asked confused and removed his hand from my mouth.

“I said, what pod are you in?” I repeated. He stared at me confused and I can see in his eyes that he doesn’t know what I was talking about.

I looked around and found out I am not underwater. There are papers on his desk, dry clothes and a machine that’s releasing smoke. Ah, I know that, a humidifier?

“Oh, you got a pair of feet like humans. How’d you get that?” I cluelessly asked again.

“What? Of course. What do you think I am? Fish?” He annoyingly lashed back. I was startled but then I started getting confused. We don’t have papers in the pod, we also don’t have anything dry. Humidifier only exists in the human world.

“What the fish.” I hissed. “Is this the land of humans?”

He didn’t answer, instead he handed me my top which is a sequined gold-colored bra. Wait a minute, why am I not wearing you? My eyes got big once I realized that I am naked and he’s got a pair of feet. He’s a human!

“Don’t look at me like that. You’re already naked when I found you!” He panicked and walked out of the room. “What are you? Weird.” I heard him whispered while walking out.

I was wearing a large human shirt without any undergarments. I can also feel my thighs brushing on to each other under the blanket. My hair is already dry and the pearls are on the bedside table next to the humidifier.

“It’s okay, Melody. You can do this.” I moved them like they are still my tail and landed them on the floor. It’s cold and firm. I never walked upright before, we only swam and float in my world. I used the bedside as my guide to walk and it’s true. What my Galene ancestors said was all true! That we’re the fastest mermaids to adapt in the human world. I roamed around the room with a pair of feet awkwardly moving. I touched the furniture with the tips on my fingers and it feels totally new. I never knew the feeling of being dry and this is how it feels.

I noticed a small fabric lying on one of the chair so I took it. I remember that they are called shorts and humans wear it to cover their bottom.

After putting it on, I went for the door and knocked.

“Why aren’t you opening?” I asked the door itself and knocked again.

“Ya! Why are you knocking from the inside? Are you crazy?” That same man is mad again. I followed him at the part of the house where the lights are too bright. There are a lot of stuff I don’t know and some that I’ve seen in the Galene archives.

“Woah.” I continued being wowed by the whole place. So, this is what it feels on land. This is not so bad.

“Where are you from? Are you lost?” The man asked.

“I-” I think for a minute. Am I going to tell him where I truly came from or just make up excuses like I do at home?

“I don’t know. It’s far from here.” I answered.

“How about your name? Do you remember?” I smiled when he asked something else.

“I’m Melody.” I smiled at him to which he only replied with a nod. “How about you?” I refrained myself and my tongue from asking what pod he belongs.

“Jordan. Well, since you’re here Melody, you can eat.” He placed a plate of what I think is human food across him. I make my way to the chair and awkwardly sits on it. Jordan’s judging look scares and shrinks me at the same time. He probably got questions on his mind like, “Why does she walks like that?”

He was busy eating while I only stare at the food that’s in front of me. It’s a small brown colored thing that has plants around it. I’m embarrassed to ask Jordan about it until he puts his fork down pissed to what I am up to. “Hey, don’t you know how to eat?” He irritatedly asked. His dark eyebrows and ocean blue eyes are staring at me directly in my eyes.

I pursed my lips and tried to use the utensils that I’ve only seen in the Nereid’s Art School but I never dared to touch it. I watched a couple of videos about humans eating using spoon and fork but I didn’t really get a chance to practice them in actual.

It’s weird, but I only used the fork since it was like a stick; I can pick up anything with it. It looks like the trident our sea guards have been using but it has an extra spike on it and smaller in size.

After what the humans call dinner, Jordan picks up all the plate, put them in the sink and pressed something that caused water gushing down from the faucet.

“Woah.” I commented while making an “o” with my mouth. He noticed how surprised I was but disregarded it immediately. He shook his head and continued washing them with bubbly soap and water.

I don’t know why he isn’t kicking me out from this place since I am a complete stranger to him; he’s not even sure if I am a human. I watched him finish all his chores and stayed sitting on one of the dining stool since I got tired walking with legs. Ah, maybe he finds me beautiful that’s why he’s keeping me? That’s is what I’ve read from the humans and mermaids relationship. Normally, the humans will find mermaid so mesmerizing that they easily fall in love with them and sucking all the beautiful things that we posses. Maybe, he’s a bad human that tends to kidnap young girls and assaulting them?

“Ah fishes in the sea, take me, take me.” I wished then heard a thing fell on the floor. Jordan threw a pair of what they call flip-flops.

“It’s too dark outside so you can stay for the night. Tomorrow, use this when you leave.” He reminded then turned the lights off from the ceiling before returning to the room. The only lights left are the dimmed lights in the kitchen counter.

“I still have to leave, but where can I go without my tail?"

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