Finding Melody

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The Life Guard

When I came back to Sunday Beach Resort from an excursion with my family, I found out that the beaches around ours are destroyed by a massive earthquake. I was tired from my drive but then I realized I still have to help in cleaning and renovation of the resort.

“Looks like an ocean volcano erupted.” I joked to one of the investigator roaming around the shore.

“That’s what some of the scientist thinks... Ah, anyway, aren’t you a life guard? Can you drive to the nearby shores to check if they’re badly affected? There’s a blockage on both sides so we can’t get to check them yet.”

I rolled my eyes since I can’t say no to an officer like him. “What a day...” I heaved while staring at the calm ocean. I ran to get my jet ski and did what I was asked. I was done with the nearest two resorts and reported it back to the inspector. I asked him to fuel my jet ski for free for doing the service.

“Hey kid, make sure to report everything to me if you find anything unusual tomorrow, okay?” He requested before leaving our place to check on other places. I made my final round and stroll around the shores when a body came at sight. My heart started beating fast just how fast I drive my jet ski towards that shore. I almost crash it thinking the girl drowned but when I noticed she was naked, I couldn’t even look with both of my eyes. I was afraid to come close but when I noticed no one had seen her, I took my jacket off and used it to cover her bottom. Next, I checked if she was still breathing and glad she’s still alive. I thought she was raped, murdered and thrown at this place so I became cautious in approaching.

At first, I thought it was that but she doesn’t even have blood or any marks that might indicate she’s been hurt. The only thing I noticed at the time is when I tried to touch her, she’s so cold. Afraid that she might get hypothermia, I removed my shirt as well and put it on her instead. I find it completely bizarre that she’s wearing a sequined upper garment but ignored it because of the urge this situation got me.

I brought her to my house and didn’t bother myself calling for police. I learned first aid so I applied it first to her. “Okay, if she’s not going to wake up until tomorrow. I’ll bring her to the hospital.” I told myself. I stare at her for a little while and I have to admit I am mesmerized to how white her hair is. It’s got pretty curls and even pearls attached to them. Her eyelashes are long too but her lips are very not like the other girls... It’s peach in color not rosy. She’s too pretty that I almost think she’s a doll and not a living human.

Before dinner time, I heard some weird noises in the room where I left her so I decided to check on it. I was only peeking by the door, waiting for her to open her eyes but it was too long so I showed up. As I expected, she tried to scream but my reflexes are fast that I got to stop her. She’s asking questions I didn’t know the answer.

We didn’t talk much after that but I was itching to ask her why is she moving so awkwardly. She’s walking like she never walked before and I find her scary while she eats only with fork - she stabbed the beef like crazy and put it in her mouth without trying to cut it in pieces. Also, I find her the most weird when she looked so amaze staring at the gushing water on the sink. I am so exhausted to ask her about it that I decided to ignore them.

It was already 10 in the evening so I decided to let her stay overnight. I am that gentleman to never let a girl outside on her own.

I went back to my room after giving her a pair of unused slippers so she can go on her own tomorrow but I’m still worried if she has a place to go when I find her in that state. After an hour of contemplating wether I should help her go home tomorrow or just let her go, I went back to the kitchen after realizing I didn’t even give her any blanket.

When I got there, she’s not in the kitchen. I found her lying on my couch wearing only my shirt and boxers that looks really large on her. I put the blanket on her and let her sleep alone.

Ah, there’s another thing that I am curious about. Is she the one making dolphin sounds in my room?

THE NEXT DAY, I went out of my room and noticed that my place is very neat; not like how I clean them. My living room is empty, and a pair of clothes are perfectly folded by the table. I was surprised to see the pair of slippers I gave her still on the floor.

“Ah, she must have left.” I sighed. Where could she go if she’s acting crazy like that? I walked to the kitchen and found something odd in the trash bin. It definitely looks like my blanket but it’s torn.

I felt the breeze coming from outside and noticed she didn’t even close the door after leaving. I decided to head outside for a jog since it’s not really a sunny day. I was jogging when I noticed a girl sitting in one of the big rocks lying by the shore. She’s staring at a distance. I thought she left to head home but I can see that she’s on the state where she doesn’t even know where’s her home.

Should I talk to her? Or just let her figure everything out herself? I’m bugged with all the worries going on in my mind but how could I care so much?

In the end, I pretended that I accidentally saw her and startled her when I appeared on her sight.

“Hey, what are you doing? Aren’t you going home?” I asked. She put on a very sad face and looked back to the ocean.

“How can I if those waves will just bring me back here?” She pointed the number of waves approaching the shore. She’s probably worried the waves might destroy any kind of transport she’ll have to use to go back home. So, she’s not from here after all.

“Is it far? We can use my yacht if it’s okay with you.” I squat down next to her and noticed she’s wearing the blanket I gave her. I find it quite amazing when she turned it into a dress. It was simple but she used some rope to tie her waist and make a shape.

“Yacht?” Why does she sound like she doesn’t even know what a yacht is?

“It’s a boat. You can use it to go in any place by water.” I explained. She nodded but didn’t agree to my suggestion.

“Honestly. I don’t think that would be necessary. I can just swim to it, but I’m afraid of the waves.”

I was about to suggest that the waves will pass but when she said she can just swim to it, I was kind of confused. Swim to where?

“The truth is, I was brought by the waves to your land. We are usually forbidden to be on land but those scary waves are terrifying me so I can’t go back. I lost my tail as well.” Melody shed a tear. I want to sympathize her but our conversation is getting weirder by the time.

My eyes got big when I heard that she lost her tail. “What are you? A fish?” I asked her hiding my laugh.

“I’m half-fish. You never heard of mermaids?”

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