Finding Melody

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Getting Used to It

I was not too surprised that when I accidentally slipped and tell a human I’m a mermaid, he can’t believe. But Jordan, he can’t believe because he doesn’t want to. I mean, he’s literally laughing at me right now. He thinks it is some kind of joke.

“You must be a really crazy girl.” He answered to me. “I think I need to bring you to the hospital. I didn’t know if you hit your head or something.” He suggested. I, then, put my feet on the water expecting it to bring back my tail, but nothing happened.

“What? You wanna swim?” We both waited but it’s getting high tide already, my tail isn’t appearing. What is wrong with the salt water? “Come on, let’s go. You should just eat.” He’s probably thinking I lost my mind... No, he really is.

He started walking to his house so I followed even though I think I’ve been overstaying. “Come along.” He assured.

“So, tell me. Where do you live and how can we go there?” He asked again while we eat. He looked for some clothes in the other house next to his for me to wear. He said that the owner of the resort will be coming back after the renovation so the beach is off limits from the public for the meantime.

“I actually live far away from here.” I answered and looked at how he eats his food. I’m slowly learning from just observing him because if I ask him, he might really think I’m stupid. “A place you can never imagine.” I added but in a very lower volume.

“So, the only thing I can understand is that you are washed away in this place because of the huge wave. Well, there was an earthquake the other day, that probably is the reason. You’re lucky to be alive.” He explained. I might look really lucky but the fact is, I lost my family and happened to be on the land where I hardly know anything and anybody.

“Yes. I’m indeed lucky.” I agreed. He handed me the clothes we took from the neighborhood and he said I should take a bath and try it on after.

“There’s the bathroom.” He said pointing out the glass door just next to his room. “Here is your towel.” He handed me a white furry cloth which I don’t really know how it function.

“Hmm, can you explain how to use these things?” I asked even though I hesitated for a minute.

“Did you have an amnesia or something worse than that?” He scratched his head and looked at me in despair. He then started instructed me how to use an underwear, a towel that is used to dry my hair, the soap and how to wear the dress he lent to me. He said it belongs to the owner’s only daughter.

He pushed me to the bathroom and just left me there. I undressed myself and took a step with my bare feet into the cubicle where there is a knob, a faucet like what was in the kitchen and a larger faucet [looking-like] inches over my head. I turned the knob and screamed when a lot of water came gushing down from it.

Suddenly, the door crashed open and running to me is a very shock Jordan. He doesn’t know what to do and I was wondering why... He picked up my towel from the side and threw it to me. He then covered his eyes and turned the sprinkling water off.

“Why are you naked?!” He shouted at me.

“You told me to get naked when I take a bath so I don’t wet the clothes...” I answered silently.

“Ah-” He paused for a second, “I mean, you were screaming so I suddenly barged in.”

“This thing is crazy! What is this?” I pointed that thing attached to the wall.

He whispered something before turning the volume of his voice, “That is the shower. The water that will come down will help you take a bath. Okay? Just go under it.” He explained still covering his eyes. “I’ll go now, okay? Nothing will hurt you there.” He walks toward the door.

“You have to get dressed before you come out, okay??” He added.

He left me so I figured by myself how to use the things inside the bathroom. Surprisingly, I managed to finish my bath with just a few screaming and telling Jordan “I’m okay” while still on the shower. The bubbles from the product called shampoo turned me on and I had fun using it on my hair. It smells better than the ones we use on our hair back to the ocean.

I put on my underwear while sitting on a white unique chair in there because I can’t pick up my balance yet. I then, tried the blue dress he got for me.

“Humans wear beautiful things.” I commented while staring at the mirror. I dried my hair using the white cloth called towel and head outside. Jordan is waiting by the living room and watching something at a huge screen.

“That’s a television, right?” I asked and stared at it as well. It’s fascinating how images can really move! He nodded and swear, he’s staring at me confused. He told me to sit on the couch so I could get to watch it comfortably.

“Before I forgot, later at lunch time, some people will go to renovate the place. Stay here and don’t ever come out, okay?” He told me. That’s a waste, I wanted to roam around with my feet.

The whole day, I stayed inside since I can’t cause much trouble when he’s already being nice to me. I stayed to his room and just peeked at them through the window. It’s already dark when the people working for them left and Jordan get to come back and check on me.

“They’ll be back tomorrow, so you have to do the same thing, okay? I will just leave some food for you to eat.” He said while picking up something from a small room next to the kitchen. It’s a mattress. “Come with me.”

I followed him to his room and he fixed the mattress on the floor for me. He added some layer of sheets to it and even two pillows.

“You’ll sleep here for the meantime since my couch is not really a bed. These are pillows and I’ll be sleeping here,” he pointed a bed next to mine. “I’m a light sleeper so be discreet as good as you can.” I nodded to everything he taught me even though I can’t understand everything.

After helping him with everything, I realized I am getting used to using my feet but I kind of miss my tail. I wish I can get them soon.

“Can I go outside?” I shyly asked him while he’s already lying on his bed.

“Where are you going?” He asked back.

“Just outside. I want to see the ocean.” I smiled but instead of giving me permission, he got up and wore a pair of slippers.

“Right, I have to buy something at the market near here, I should take you with me. You wanna come?” I nodded since it sounds fun, the way he said it. I slipped into my slippers as well which is the most difficult thing I have to learn for the day.

“You’re not familiar at the place so stay close.” He looked at me once again and he suddenly run at my back. “You’ll stand out if you wear your hair like that.” My hair was just lying flat on her own but he picked some rubber band to tie my hair in a knot. His kind gesture is giving me a weird feeling.

We reached the market and there are yellow lights everywhere. There are also a lot of people which I find very uncomfortable. I tailed to Jordan while he buys everything he needed. We finally got into the last stall, and I see that he is looking for fish. I can see every fish suffering and lying almost lifeless in a pan. They look so thirsty of water and now I see why they are so beneficial to humans. They really eat my kind.

“Jordan, is that you’re girlfriend?” I heard the old woman asked him while looking at me.

“What? No, she’s my friend... From out of town, she just came to visit.” Jordan smiled to the old lady and smiled at me as well.

“You’re so beautiful. Here.” She handed me a plastic of I don’t know what’s in it. I smiled back at her to not look stupid.

“Thanks, Beth. She’ll be enjoying it here.” He said goodbye to the old woman and said that she gave us apples.

On our way home, I can’t help but feel so sad for the fishes in there. I watched Jordan put everything we bought to a big container called a refrigerator and then he started cutting the apples into pieces. “It’ll help you sleep. Try it.” He gave me a piece and as soon as I took a bite, I suddenly felt better.

“Hmmm.” I exclaimed. The crunch is so satisfying plus I never had one of these in the ocean. Not only humans wear very beautiful things, they also eat a variety of good foods.

THE NEXT DAY, the workers are back to start with the renovation of the area. I took my bath in the morning and planned what will I do for the entire day. I would love to go out and just walk my feet but Jordan told me I have to stay inside because it’ll keep me safe. I mean, I think he has a point because humans are typically dangerous for our kind. While sitting on his couch, I stared at my legs. It’s surprisingly pretty and not what I expected. It’s smooth, long and I can also use it to get things. They have like tiny fingers that I use to pick little things around.

This is not so bad for the second day on land. I wonder if the Galene pod misses me.

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