Finding Melody

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Getting Familiar


I don’t feel really good locking Melody all day in my house but I feel worried as well that when she meets new people, they might think she’s crazy. If she keeps acting new and ignorant about everything around her, they will surely think that way. I don’t know but I kind of understand her situation even though I feel very suspicious about all of her actions. She confessed the last time that she’s a mermaid but it’s stupid. Mermaids are just fictional characters and they only exist on myths.

I just can’t believe that thing. I can only believe that she’s currently lost and I keep telling myself that she probably had a really bad trauma.

“Jordan, can I use your bathroom? The public toilet is full and I can’t hold it any longer.” One of the workers asked me in a rush. He totally looked like he can’t hold his pee for another second so instead of asking for my permission, he just took my expression as a yes and run straight to my house.

“Wait!” I run after him and good thing, he immediately found the bathroom. I then rushed to my room and saw Melody napping on my couch. “That’s better.” I smiled and just in time the worker finished his business.

“Thanks, Dude. Let’s go back there.” He said and walked to the door. I closed my room and followed him outside. That was close if I didn’t ask her to stay at my room or if he mistook my room as the bathroom.

The whole day passed just me and the helpers working out on renovating the resort. Some cottages where dirtied by the reefs brought by the waves and a lot of parts are broken. When I came back in the afternoon, Melody is weirdly looking at my clothes rack.

“What are you doing?” I asked and startled her.

“Ah, I’m just wondering if you guys wear bra? I mean, we do.” She looked at me completely serious about her question. I can only manage to laugh which didn’t buy her. I head to the kitchen and prepare our dinner. I would like to ask for her help but I don’t think it will be a good idea. I don’t think it will be fine to ask her hold a knife or just fry something.

“Anyway, tomorrow’s Sunday, if you know what that means.”

“Yeah, I know that one. That’s a last day of weekend.” She candidly answered.

“I will bring you to the mall, there’s a lot of people there, even more than where we’ve gone to last night. We will buy your underwear since I can’t really take my neighbor’s underwear. She might think I’m a pervert. So, let’s get ready, okay?”

THE MORNING I woke up, I immediately fueled up my motorcycle and washed it clean. I don’t know but why does it seems that I’m trying to impress Melody? I kind of feels like treating her like a child since she’s like a child who hardly knows everything going on around her. When I ask her about something, she answers honestly and how a child does.

She also wakes up on her own and heads straight to the bath. Good thing that dresses I took from my neighbor’s daughter named Serena are all padded. I won’t have to trouble myself finding her to cover her bossoms in a rush. After getting ready, she excitedly ran outside when I told her to.

“Too excited, huh?” I smirked to her and noticed that the pearls she was wearing when I found her are on her hair again. I wonder if they’re real because in this place, pearls are pricey.

“Where are we going again?” She asked.

“We’re going to the mall. It’s the place where people go to shop, buy things or just look at them. You’ll see when we get there.” I hopped on the motorbike and looked at her with my ‘what are you waiting for’ glare.

She finds her way how to hop while I wait. She then holds on to my shoulder and literally just jumped on my back.

“Woah.” She’s also surprised by how she managed to do that.

“That’s scary.” She reacted when I started the engine.

“Hold on.” I told her.

“Where?” She asked again. I grabbed her hands and just let her grabbed my waist which I know both made us uncomfortable.

“We’ll go now, don’t let go.” I just found myself smiling while we go on a ride and everytime she’s amazed by the view, she kept saying, “So, this is what it looks like on land!!!!”

It’s weird, but I find her really cute when she acts like that.

We reached the mall after an hour and as expected, she doesn’t know what to do. I taught her about the escalator thing, the elevator that goes up and down and that the place is quite huge so she has to stay close.

We first head to the department store for the main agenda of this trip: TO BUY HER UNDER-WEARS.

It’s awkward and this is the only thing I never thought I’d be doing in my life.

While walking, I noticed everyone is looking at Melody. With her appearance, she’s completely a head turner but since I see her everyday, I’m kind of used to it. Her white hair looks so natural especially in this place, natural white hairs are rare especially when you are not that old. She’s just like 18 years old if I remember it right.

When we reached the ladies’ underwear section, even more weirdly smiling and grinning people came at sight. Especially the sales ladies when I started looking at the prices. Whatever, at least I’m here to buy. I called for Melody who’s staring at a pair of swimsuit with sequins on it; just like what she has.

“Hey, come here.” I motioned her to come to where I was standing so that these ladies will stop thinking I’m browsing something alone. “What’s your size?” I asked with a low tone.

“Size? What size?” She replied and looked at the bras I’m talking about. “Oh. I think this one fits.” She took one and just pressed it to her chest to fit. I immediately turned my back and I can feel my face getting warmer.

“Wow, this if perfect.” I faced her again with my left eye closed. I’m relieved she put it down so I checked the size.

“Wow, you’re b-cup?” I asked in awe. She’s not really small for the size but wait, why am I even talking about it? “Three of this.” I told the sales lady nearest to us. She smiled at me suspiciously and asked if I want it in different colors.

“Do you want this in different colors?” I turned to Melody to ask her the same thing.

“I want that one.” She pouted and pointed the sequined swimsuit she’s still looking at.

“We’ll buy them soon.” I told her and turned my attention back to the sales lady since I probably can’t get an answer from Melody, “make it all white.” I walked with the sales lady toward the cashier and left Melody for a minute. She seems like she really wanted that swimsuit.

“How sweet of you, sir. You’re buying your girlfriend under-wears.” The clerk commented with all smiles on her face. Why do everyone thinks she’s my girlfriend? I kind of feels like she’s more of a daughter than a girlfriend.

“She’s not my girlfriend.” I waited for the two of them to finish my transaction and finds Melody talking to three guys. Yup, they’re flirting with her. I quickly make my way to her and overhears one of the guy is asking for her number. Of course, Melody wouldn’t know what he is talking about.

Instead, I grabbed the other guy’s phone and input a random number to it. “That’s her cell number.” I smiled and take her to another section.

“How did you know my number?” She asked confused. I scratched the top of my head and ignores her question since I can’t formulate an answer at the time. We head to the ladies’ casual dresses department and still, everyone is looking at her.

What’s wrong with the world?

After buying a couple of dresses for her to wear, I brought her to an ice cream shop. I’m happy that she’s happy with the colors of the Baskin Robbins shop.

“Do you know that the Galene pod mermaids are naturally born with bluish and pink tails? Like these colors.” She bragged while I’m ordering at the counter causing the one punching my orders look at her. He laughed for a minute but when he noticed I was gawking at him, he stopped. He’s probably thinking she’s crazy to be bragging about mermaids.

After getting our orders, we found a seat to just rest. I taught her how to use spoon and eat ice cream. The moment she tasted them, she almost dropped her cup.

“Wow, this is cold!” She described the ice cream and how it melted in her tongue.

“You like it?” I asked while eating mine. She nodded and she kind of resembles a dolphin in her reaction. Why is that? In the end, she finished three cups until her attention was drawn to other stuff.

While strolling around, she kept tripping and I noticed her holding my arms tighter than she does. She looks like she can’t walk or...

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“My legs are tired. I’m still not used using them.” She answered. Here she goes again; talking about her new legs. In the end, I carried her on my back as we go home. Now, everyone’s staring at us.

It was really dark when we reached home and she again tried the dresses I bought for her. Now that I realized, I really spent a lot today without even thinking much about it. Seeing her so happy about it made my heart flutter. How long has it been since I made a girl smile?

Ah, last month. My neighbor Serena likes me so much that everything I do makes her smile like crazy. She’s currently in the city to study and she’ll be back once the renovation is done.

Well, I don’t really care about that. We’re just like brothers and sisters since we grew up together.

No one’s around tonight so I decided to bring our dinner outside by the shore. The full moon’s just passed the other day so we can’t really get a nice view aside from the stars and some torches surrounding the beach.

I started eating while she runs around the water.

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