Finding Melody

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New Face, New Face

FEW MORE WEEKS had passed and all I’ve been doing was help with the renovation in the morning, and teach the basics to Melody at night. By now, she’s been helping me with cooking our dinner. She learned how to use a knife but of course, cut her finger on the first time.

I remember that night when she doesn’t even scream, flinch and react like how a normal girl would. I wouldn’t even know she cut herself when she ran to the faucet and washed her fingers by herself. She kept saying it didn’t hurt even it looks deep. The bleeding stopped surprising fast and just after days, the scar didn’t appear. I now start to believe she’s someone with a different nature but still not a mermaid.

In the morning, she cleans the house but I still don’t allow her to cook since we have to prevent any disaster that she might cause. Also, yesterday I tried to let her go out in the day but damn, it steered a news around the place.

The workers also got distracted by her presence and they didn’t stop asking me who she is. I can only say she’s a friend from overseas and only here for a vacation. And no one believes me.

Like now, they’ve been staring at her for a few minutes while she’s hanging my clothes straight from the laundry. She’s a fast learner so when I told her she has to do the laundry, she obeyed and obediently learned. What makes her more attractive now is her hair is getting carried by the wind and you can see her bare face. Wait? Did I just say attractive?

“Hey, guys! Chop-chop, we have a job to do!” I clapped my hands in the air to get their attention. Melody heard me as well and waved before carrying another basin outside.

“Jordan, you’re big time.” A worker named Matthew teased and give another stare at Melody. I don’t know him well so I kind of offended to what he just uttered to me.

“Stop it. She’s just a friend. Can we just go back to work?” I picked up another sack of cement and transferred the contents to a pail. Matthew followed me and made me furious to what he exclaimed next...

“Really? Then can you lend her to me? It’s been a long time since I bed a girl.” I turned to him and was about to let it pass but when I saw a devilish grin with a lot of vicious interest on his face, I couldn’t help but clench my fist.

“No, man. Refrain yourself.” I whispered to myself and move another pail when he speaks again.

“Just one night?” He asked. This time, my fist moved on its own and to punch him in the face.

“Don’t you know how to respect a girl?” I cursed and caught the rest of the workers. Matthew stood back and tries to hit me but I kicked him right to where the sun probably won’t shine anymore. He landed back to the sand, grunting the pain.

“Hey stop!” The workers prevented him on coming at me.

“Listen, Matthew. You’re at my territory so be careful on how you behave.” I calmly exclaimed to him. “Don’t come back tomorrow. Your job’s finished here.” I walked away also grunting because I’m not really used to hitting anyone and his face was unexpectedly really hard. It caused my fist to redden.

“Aish.” I ranted and just head to my house and saw Melody still doing the laundry.


It has been almost a month since I got here in the land of scary humans, and since I met Jordan. In my 28 days of staying here in his little house, I only had a chance to go out thrice and meet three people at the least. That includes the lady I met at the market and gave me apples on the first night I got to go outside; Uncle Terry who was the caretaker of the resort, and; Jordan.

Right now, he is outside, talking to a really pretty girl wearing a white maxi dress. Her hair is almost color red which makes her face look a little orangey especially when the sun hits her face. Jordan on the other hand is wearing nothing but a beach shorts since the girl showed up when he just got down from his jet ski. He’s really hot right now.

Meanwhile, here am I just peeking from the window of his bedroom because I just woke up.

“Ugh, I miss you so much. Good thing Dad let me stay here and help you monitor the whole renovation thing.” I read her lips and with the gesture I’m seeing right now, she’s flirting with him. Jordan is swiftly going with the flow which is kind of uncomfortable for me to watch. I decided to take the scarf Jordan brought me one night, and find my slippers lying by the living room.

“I’ll just go out and act like a normal human.” But then being too focused to the two flirting, I tripped on my way to them. Now, the girl knows that I came straight from his house. Both of them saw me and Jordan rushed to help me.

“Hey, why are you outside?” He asked eyeing his visitor; and kind of telling me he’s busy. The girl walked over so I quickly get on my feet and fix my hair. I suddenly want to look brighter than her and the sun.

“Hi…” She awkwardly greeted, “Who is she, Jordan?” She looked at me while I avoid the eye contact. Instead, I looked at Jordan who’s face I can’t explain right now.

“Uhm… She… She’s a tourist I met last month… Melody, meet Serena. She’s the owner’s only daughter and also my childhood friend.”

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