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Watching my childhood friend, the villainous, being blinded by love for the prince, I decided to make sure she had a good ending~ Before realizing I was an extra character from my favorite novel “Prince, please love me”, I was just another normal high school girl, well, I was a actually a school prodigy. Wether it was sports or studying, I wouldn’t lose to anyone. My hobby was reading novels, mangas and watching anime, so I was basically an otaku. My parents died in a car accident when I was very young and as a result I was taken in by my aunt, who treated me like a total slave. She put effort into pleasing her children and giving them flourishing lives, while I was left beside them, wondering if I could also have a slice of the meat. For me, I didn’t really care if she hated me or not, my only worry was tangled up with my expectations for food. I was a carefree person. I didn’t want to be caught up with the thought, that my life was in the slightest bit pitiful, but rather, I wanted to live being proud of what I achieved. However, my efforts went to waste, when a potted plant fell on my head on a stormy day. Before I knew it, I then became the extra villainous character and the childhood friend of the main villainous character.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

At the age of seven my parents passed away in a car accident and I was taken in by my only relative, my aunt. She was a discrete woman, who would dote on her children, while obviously showing her dislike towards me. Her reasoning for taking me in was because of my rich parents, who left an unimaginable amount of inheritance for me and the child support money, that was sent into her account every month. With the help of this money, she would buy more clothes and food for her children.

People around me would only give me pitiful looks, bearing the thought in mind [Such a young child losing her parents in a car accident...So pitiful.]

I however, never once wanted to see myself as a “pitiful child” or get into a depressive mode and get looked down by the world, but rather, I wanted to achieve something and be proud of myself, also thinking about how happy my late parents would’ve been with me.

My aunt had two children, a son and a daughter both at the same age as me. The son was a school hunk, who would always hang around the “popular” kids and bully the weak, while his sister was a petite girl, who liked to play around with boys and spread gossip around school.

Meanwhile, there was me, who didn’t like to get caught up in their affairs and concentrated on school. As a result, I became famous at school for having the highest grades in every subject. I was both popular with the teachers in my school and with my neighborhood, because everyone knew me as “The Prize Winner”. Wether it was a novel contest, martial arts contest or any other contest, that I happened to participate in, I would always win the first place.

Nevertheless, my cousins and my aunt are the ones to thank for. It’s because my aunt’s son was obsessed with fighting, that I would occasionally be threatened by my aunt to take care of the gangs, that set their eyes on him. My aunt wouldn’t give me any pocket money, so I had to take on many part time jobs, so hard labor wasn’t a problem for me. One of my favorite part time jobs was working as a translator for novels, since reading novels was my favorite occupation and hobby, so it wasn’t in the least bit “boring”.

I thought for sure, that I would definitely live a perfect life, when I grow older. It was a goal I didn’t take my eyes off and worked hard for. Perhaps, it was just a wish to get away from all the people I resented, but that thought didn’t stay for long. I wouldn’t waste my time thinking about them. Most people told me, that I was a quiet and unconfident child, because I always just went with the flow and never stated my opinion. But it was all because I didn’t want to waste my time with small matters and rather just move on.

Life would just go on, time wouldn’t stop, fate would take it’s course and I would just be pulled along.

Just like that, that day came. I was returning from a part time job at a restaurant on a stormy night. There were barely any people to be seen and all you could hear were the sounds of the wind, my footsteps, the rain and my umbrella snapping. A truly unfortunate event, leading to me getting totally soaked. While searching for a roof to take shelter in, I accidentally tripped and fell down into a puddle and the next thing I knew, a plant pot had fallen on me, leading to my sudden unlucky death.


‘Miss Adelin!! Miss Adelin, please come out!!!’

To the sounds of someone shouting, I opened my eyes and found myself in a room covered in darkness, only letting in a dim light through the curtains. I stood up and staggered a little. My body felt a little bit unstable, as if I’ve slept for a long time. As I opened the curtains, I was blinded by the sudden increase in light, but soon regained my vision again and through the window before me...was an unfamiliar place.

When I turned around, I saw a big room with luxurious furniture, also a bit dusty, but they didn’t lose their aura to them. In between all of that, I noticed a mirror covered by some furniture, as if it were purposely placed away. The moment I pulled it out, I could see that the area where it stood left markings of it being there for a long time. As I used my dress to clean the mirror, also murmuring [Why is everything here so dirty?], I finally got to see myself in the mirror, but...

...then again, I wasn’t looking at myself.

‘What is this?!’

A very thin girl with a pale skin, beautiful yet dirty brown curly hair and yellow with a faint purple eye color. The girl reflected in the mirror looked like she had been starving for days, not to mention the state of the room she had been in. But...why am I in this girl’s body? Who is she? Where am I?

‘Miss Adelin!! Please open up!!!’

I was startled by the sudden shouting again, but I was more curious as to why this person is knocking on the door so abruptly and screaming an unfamiliar name. I walked towards the door now and turned on the key and unlocked the door.

The person who was screaming, was a woman in her 20s dressed in maids clothes and covered with tears in her eyes. She was shocked when I suddenly opened the door and froze when she saw me, but not too long after she threw herself on me and hugged me.

‘Miss Adelin... You finally opened the doors!!! *sniff* Please don’t do this ever again!! Even if the master and mistress are no longer here, you have to live!!!’

‘Umm...Excuse me, but...who are you?’

After listening to my reply, she seemed startled.

‘What do you mean miss…? I am Kate. Your personal maid ever since you were born. Don’t you remember me?’

If I say, that I might possibly come from another world, I feel like this person won’t believe me that easily, no one would say [Ah, I see. Okay.]. Even I would look at that person and say they might be delusional.

Because of my long silence, it seems the maid got an answer out of me already, but more than that...

‘Miss...let’s go and wash you up first.’


While I was inside a huge tub and the maid was scrubbing me, she explained the situation for me, also still crying.

‘ It seems the shock was too much for Miss after all *sniff*. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. *sniff* First of all, do you remember your name?’


She let out a loud cry.

‘*sniff* You don’t even remember your name... poor Miss. *sniff* Okay, I’ll start with that. Your name is Adelin Cruz. You are the only daughter of Duke Henry Cruz and the lady Penelope Cruz. *sniff* But...they...passed away in an unfortunate accident.’

To be continued...

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