Nightstalker Incorporated

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I hunt the things that go bump in the night for fun and profit. Something is taking it personally and is trying to bump me. “Nightstalker Incorporated. How may I direct your call?” Jenna said in a smooth contralto voice. Her nose wrinkled in distaste as we approached. The smell of cordite and vampire ash didn’t agree with her. You’d think she’d get used to it. My name is Dale Frost. Ever since a little incident with a ghoul back in Desert Storm, I’ve been hunting monsters for fun and profit. Well, maybe not so much the fun part. But hey, the money’s great! Things are getting rougher, though. An ancient Necromancer believes I have something he wants and he’s summoning undead by the truckloads to get it. What he doesn’t know is that I have the best team of monster hunters on the planet at my back and Chicago’s Master Vampire, the voluptuous Siobhan O’Malley, at my side. He’ll never know what hit him. This story is the first in a brand new series by noted author, Art DeForest. If you like tough guys with guns and beautiful women who can kick ass in their own right, this is a story for you. If you like Larry Correia and James R. Tuck, you’ll love this!

Fantasy / Horror
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Chapter 1


“Pour it on!” I shouted, as the vampire came at us. It moved so fast you could barely see it. We had it isolated in a hallway, though, so each of my shooters took a section of the hall and poured fire into it. I was using the Saiga 12 gauge in my hand to try for aimed shots. Any monster can be brought down if you do enough damage fast enough. Sure the old tried and true methods worked. Staking, beheading, silver for werewolves, etc. We were prepared to go that route too if it came to it, but using handheld weapons against a monster was a surefire way to find yourself being treated like a human snack cake more often than not.

My team and I did everything in our power to never let that happen. Victory through superior firepower was our mantra, and we lived it daily.

The vamp jerked and stumbled repeatedly as it tried to reach us, screaming like a fallen death metal angel. The sheer volume of fire, caused it to lose its balance and move ever slower as the bones supporting his structure broke under a hail of double ought buckshot. It finally fell in a disjointed heap a couple feet from my shield wall. That’s right, shield wall.

For every one of my guys or gals packing a Saiga, there was a teammate packing a kevlar riot shield. When some of the monsters could paralyze with a touch, keeping them off of you got really important.

Fire poured into the body for a couple more seconds as the vamp lay there twitching. “Hold fire!” I said finally over the team’s comm. “Petey, finish him,” I commanded. The shield wall broke apart as Petey stood up, and up, and up. He was a mountain. 6’9” of solid muscle and bone. He drew a hand axe from its spot on his pack as he stepped forward. The vamp was still keening and trying to get at us as Petey brought the wide curving blade of the double-bitted axe crashing down on the vamps neck. The sudden silence was almost shocking.

With a jerk, Petey pulled the axe from the carpeted floor now covered by vampire ash. The good thing about vampires was that it only took a vacuum to clean up the remains. The rest of the hallway, the adjoining offices, and most of the windows were going to take a little renovation to get them back to top shape once more. That was the problem with fully automatic 12 gauge shotguns. Not my problem, but a problem.

My problem was that someone had turned this formerly mild-mannered accounts manager into a ravening undead creature of the night and then left it to its own devices. I needed to have a chat with whoever had done that. It was probably going to be fatal.

Vampires weren’t always the bad guys Hollywood made them out to be. They weren’t often teen heartthrobs either. They damn sure didn’t sparkle.

For the most, part they tended to be well to do business types who were more concerned with money, honor, and family. In that order. This tended to make most of them jerks in my opinion. They were jerks you could work with if you had to, though. Especially if some rogue was making babies and letting them run around feral. That was a serious no-no among the families. A new vamp was basically nothing but a ravening beast for at least the first year of its life. They were kept isolated as far from humans as possible until their mind came back and they learned some control.

We finished clearing the office building just to make sure there wasn’t a second baby running around. If the pattern held, there wouldn’t be, but better safe than sorry. This was the second vamp we’d been called out on in the last month.

We trooped out of the main entrance of the building, and I stopped at the police barricade where Lieutenant Alex Stevenson waited for us impatiently. The rest of my guys headed to the truck.

“Jesus Christ, Dale. What the hell were you fighting up there? I thought the whole building was going to collapse from all the lead you put into it.”

I sighed tiredly. “Another baby. It took everything we had to stop it short of the shield wall.” I said, shaking my head. “He was a fast little fucker. And don’t take the lord’s name in vain.” I said as an afterthought.

Alex ran his hand through his hair in frustration. “Can’t you guys keep it quieter? People thought you were starting WW3 or something.”

“We don’t work that way, and you know it,” I said sternly. “We get the job done our way, period. Feel free not to use our services if you think you and your boys can do a better job.”

Alex’s face got hard as he stared me in the eye. “Dammit Dale, I don’t deserve that bullshit.” He seethed

It was my turn to look down and sigh. “I know….sorry,” I said reluctantly.

Alex was a good guy, for a cop. He was our liaison with Chicago PD. That’s right all you conspiracy theorists, the government knows about monsters and is hiding the fact from you. They will do almost anything to keep that secret too, so keep your trap shut or they’ll shut it for you.

“Two babies in the same area in a week has me jumpy, I guess.” I continued. “That means I have to go have a talk with Siobhan. You know how I love that.” I said with a grimace.

Alex got a sloppy grin on his face. “I’m sure she’d love to make your get together much more pleasant.” He said, making his eyebrows go up and down.

I snorted and gave him a shove in return. For some unknown reason, Siobhan O’Malley, the local master vampire for this area, had the hots for one Dale Frost. I’m not sure why. I’m just a guy. Sure I’m big and strong, but not near as big and strong as Petey. Yeah, I had a brain, but it didn’t hold a candle to Smoke’s. He was our gun and gadget guy.

The main problem was that down deep inside, where my inner caveman lived, I was tempted. Gorgeous was putting it mildly. Wavy auburn hair and emerald green eyes. You know the type. Creamy white skin and a body that made men and some women sin just to look at her. Yeah, she was to die for...literally I think. That’s what kept me away from her. I had no interest in waking up dead one morning.

I promised I’d work on the noise issue and gave Alex a half wave as I headed for the truck that would take us back to headquarters.


He crouched on the roof, hidden by the night and watching as the men in heavy black clothing walked from the building. No dead, no wounded. These men were more formidable than anticipated. It was time to try something different. After all, he had many children to choose from.

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