Death & Dreams

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Sweet and innocent meets Death. Thantos Westcott Roberts is fifteen. His parents and 3 siblings are all grim reapers, while he's a death dealer with no heartbeat. He can decide if the person should go to hell or heaven. He can also decide on how and when you die. He's one of 14 death dealers in the world and his parents hate him along with everyone in The Grim Boarder School for Specials. With only one friend, Thantos thinks he's going to live a lonely life....until he meets Fantasy Cruz.

Fantasy / Romance
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If you are reading this, than I have either lost it or I gave it to someone I trust or love. This journal has most my life story in it because this isn't my only journal. You would probably get bored if you read all of my journals because they kinda repeat.

This journal is slightly different from the others. This one is where I met the love of my life and my parental figures. I realize that my friends are truly trustworthy and loyal. It's when I got the worst abuse possible. Where I had to fight to protect the ones I love and show the world that they should fear me.

These four years of my life are the most unique so far. This is where I make a stand for the ones that cannot. I learn the what and how of love while teaching it to someone else. This is where I lived the dreams that I never knew I had.

If I gave this to you than I had to either clear things up or just wanted you to know what was inside my head at the time.

If I lost this and someone has found it then this will most likely entertain or bore you since nothing much happens.

I hope whoever has this will burn it (or give it back to me directly in my hands if you are loved ones).

For this is the Journal of Thantos Westcott Robert.

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