Lilies on her grave

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The spirit of a young girl must bring her killer to justice before she can escape purgatory and begin her happily ever after life. Lilly Barnes was just nineteen years old when she was murdered, and buried deep in the woods, where no one would ever find her, and it was at that very moment when her life truly began.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Lilly Barnes was just nineteen years old when she was murdered, and buried deep in the woods, where no one would ever find her, and it was at that very moment when her life truly began.

Lilly finds herself trapped in Purgatory. A place between worlds. A place where spirits are given one final test, in order prove their worth, and to free themselves from the shackles keeping their souls tethered to their previous lives.

The powers that be call it their Unfinished Business.

Some spirits need to say their final goodbyes. Others, need to pass on a much needed message to a loved one. While others still, must make amends for some past deed, that has haunted them for the remainder of their lives. Whatever their unfinished business is, all spirits share one particular obstacle. They’re dead, and the dead can’t interact with the living, making their one simply test, all but impossible to pass.

And to make matters worse, if such a thing is possible when you’re dead, Lilly’s unfinished business was something a little more complicated. Lilly had always had a good relationship with her family, so there was no need to say a final goodbye. And since her young life had been an uneventful one, growing up in a small town in mid Michigan, there were no amends that needed to be made.

So what unfinished business does Lilly have?

Lilly Barnes has been tasked with bringing her killer to justice. To make him accountable for what he did to her, but she doesn’t even know where to begin, especially when the world of the living has no clue that she’s even there.

Lilly meets a Grim Reaper, who has an inherent problem with being on time. After learning of the impossible journey the young undead girl is about to undertake, he takes pity on her, and points her in the direction of someone who just might be able to help her pull of the impossible.

Jackson Bowman died in an ER Room, in rural Ohio, from a Heroin overdose. When the medical staff is able to revive him, he brings back with him the ability to interact with both the world of the living, and the realm of the dead, and soon finds, what seems like ever ghost in the tri state area, lining up at his door and wanting his help.

After meeting Lilly, Jackson agrees to help her with her unfinished business, which leads them to the very doorstep of Lilly’s killer. That’s where the young girl finds out that her impossible task, just became impossibly more difficult, for inside the house of the man that took her life, Lilly discovers that she’s not the only one.

Lilly learns that there are four other girls, just like her, lost in Purgatory, and that they all share the same unfinished business, and that they all must be present when their killer is brought to justice, for the ones who are absent when their unfished business is completed, will be forced to walk the world of Purgatory till the End of Days. And to make matters even more urgent, their killer has a new toy locked away in his basement.

Lilly and Jackson set out in a race against time itself, as they attempt to find the lost spirits of the other girls and return them to the place of their deaths, in order to not only save the life of their killer’s newest victim, but to save their own souls from an eternity of imprisonment within the Realm of the Dead.

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