Lilies on her grave

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Chapter 10

Just like his mother

Mark had been driving his motor home for most of the day. He had stopped once for gas, just inside the Indiana border. From there, he kept heading south, until he reached the city of Warsaw. A quick Google search on his phone, told him everything he needed to know about the small mid-western city of about thirteen thousand. And just like every great city in America, they had a Walmart. He pulled the motor home into the parking lot just before dusk and took up three spaces near the outer edge of the lot.

Mark opened the door and Gunner made a mad dash for the asphalt. The dog sniffed around for a minute, before taking a big shit, right next to a red pickup truck. Mark thought about cleaning up after his dog, but he was tired of cleaning up shit, so instead he hooked up a dog leash to Gunner’s collar, and took him along on his shopping spree.

He grabbed a cart, and pushed it over to the automotive section, where he found some zip ties. Near the paint section, he found an assortment of duct tape. He picked up a roll of hot pink tape, and tossed it into the cart. He wheeled the cart through the tool section and grabbed a utility knife. Oh, how he loved this store, he thought to himself. One stop shopping at its best.

He went through the pet section and picked up some doggy treats for Gunner, before making his way to the food section, where he grabbed a case of Red Bull, and some beef jerky. The whole time he was in the store, he looked at every young blonde girl he saw. He liked to take his time during this process. No need to be too hasty and grab the first girl he saw. He was very meticulous in the way he did things. Find the girl, learn her habits, and grab her when she was most vulnerable. He liked to roll through the parks. The bigger the better. More secluded places.

After checking out, and paying for his items in cash, so that he couldn’t be traced back to this town, he loaded back up and started to drive around the city. He was near the south west part of town, when the sound of a marching band came in through his open driver’s side window. Mark steered the motor home in the direction of the music, and found the local high school, where a football game was nearing half time. He parked on the side of street and walked Gunner up to the school, and took a seat on the home side’s bleachers. On the football field, were several long lines of boys and girls dressed in black and orange marching band uniforms. Their music boomed out to the crowd, keeping them entertained during the game’s half time, but Mark really wasn’t listening. He was too busy searching for that one thing he needed most.

There were plenty of pretty young blonde girls seated in the bleachers, on both sides. Then there were the cheerleaders, in their tiny, leave nothing to the imagination, skirts. There were so many options, but Mark just wasn’t feeling it. Some girls were too young, and even though he liked them young, he did have a moral line that he wouldn’t cross. He was sick, and he knew it, but he wasn’t a pervert.

“Go Norma Jean!” yelled a woman’s voioce.

Mark’s neck cranked around hard, upon hearing that name. The name of his mother. Where had it come from?

“Norma Jean, you rock!”

Mark followed the sound of the voice and found a middle-aged brunette, standing up and cheering. He immediately looked to the marching band, and waited for the next motherly cheer.

“Norma Jean, up here!” the woman said, frantically waving and cheering even louder.

Mark’s eyes scanned the lines of the marching band, waiting to see some type of acknowledgment from one of the girls on the football field. Then he spotted her. She was in the third line, near the middle. Her soft lips were blowing to the reed of a clarinet. Her brown hair was tucked up under her tall hat. She had on a pair of dark rimmed glasses, and when she took a breath, Mark could see the glint of her braces. She looked to be about sixteen, maybe seventeen. He could feel his heart start to beat a little faster. He could feel the warmth building in his cheeks. He didn’t really like brunettes that much, but she had the right name. He could make an exception this one time.

He had never in his wildest dreams thought that he would actually find a girl with his mother’s name. That type of name was old fashioned and out of date. Everybody wanted to name their girls Brittney now days. Every once in a while, he would find a Stella, or even an Elena, but never a Norma Jean. This had to be a sign, he told himself.

When half time was over, the football teams ran back out on to the filed, as the marching band mad their way to the home side of the bleachers, and filled the seats at the far end. Mark sat where he was for the next quarter, but he barely watched the game. He would stare at his new-found toy for as long as he dared, before turning his head back to the game. At the start of the fourth quarter, he got up and made his way toward the end of the bleachers where the band was seated. There was a chain link fence that encompassed the field, and Mark walked along it, after passing the marching band. He didn’t walk very far though, as he leaned heavily against the fence, and stared up at the young girl he had selected to be his next buffer.

As soon as the game ended the crowds began to disperse rather quickly. Mark’s eyes followed Norma jean from a distance. Never staying on the young girl for too long. She made her way to the woman would had been cheering her on during the half time show. Mark thought that she had to be her mother, for they shared some of the same facial features. They hugged tightly, before the girl ran off to join a group of other marching band girls, before disappearing into the high school.

Mark made his way back to his motor home, and moved into the outer edge of the school parking lot. He immediately went the back bedroom and took out a pair of binoculars. From his vantage point, he could keep an eye on both the main door of the high school, and the parking lot.

He spotted the Norma Jean’s mother walking through the parking lot and getting into a blue SUV. With the binoculars, he could see her checking her phone for a few minutes, before driving off. Good, he thought, the young girl either had her own car, or she would be leaving with friends. Either way, young girls never really paid attention to their surroundings like they should, which just made his job that much easier.

About half an hour later, Norma Jean emerged from the high school, with the same group of girls that she had entered it with. She was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and an orange shirt with a black tiger on the front of it. They all piled into several cars, with Norma Jean driving an old red Oldsmobile Alero. Two other girls got in with her. They were all laughing and having a good time. Norma Jean started up her car, and the radio blared out super loud. She didn’t bother to turn down the volume, as she sped out of the parking lot, followed by two other cars.

Mark did his best to keep up with the red Oldsmobile, while at the same time, keeping a deliberate distance from it, so that it wouldn’t look like he was following them. The girls made their way north through town and pulled into a burger place, on one of the city’s main streets. Mark pulled over, before reaching the burger joint, and waited. He didn’t want to drive by the place and risk Norma Jean seeing his motor home. If she was paying attention, which he was sure she wasn’t, given the loud music, and her lead foot, he didn’t want her to think that it was odd seeing the same motor home more than once.

Mark looked at his watch, and cracked open a Red Bull, and guzzled half the can. It was nearly midnight, and he was staring to get drowsy. Gunner stood near the door and whined. Blowing out a loud annoyed breath, he set his can down and got up from the all to comfy driver’s seat. “You better hurry up,” he warned the dog, opening the door and letting Gunner out onto the side walk. The dog walked around in circles for a few seconds, before walking over to the nearest lamp post and urinating on it. Just then the red Oldsmobile pulled out of the parking lot and took off in a north bound direction.

“Let’s go!” Mark ordered, as the dog seemed to walk back toward the motor home as slow as possible. “Come on! Move it!” Gunner inched forward even slower, causing the large man to snatch a hold of the dog’s collar. He literally picked up the dog with one arm and tossed him into the motor home, before slamming the door shut behind him and jumping into the driver’s seat.

The young girl kept heading north, and just after passing a small airport, she turned right, and started heading east. After a while, and several more turns, it seemed that she was heading out into the country. Mark did his best to keep his distance, especially know, that there were fewer cars on the road to blend in with, and driving a motor home, he needed things to blend in with. About fifteen minutes later, the road that they were on turned to dirt, which meant they were getting further out into the sticks. He could see Norma Jean’s car stopping at a stop sign. He eased up off of the gas, waiting for the car to speed off, but for some reason it just sat at the stop sign. Had she realized that he had been following her? He began to apply his brakes, trying his best to give the girl some space, before resuming her drive, but he found himself stopping right behind her.

“What is she doing?” Mark tried to lower his head, so that he could see into the car from where he was. He had literally stopped right on top of her, and she still was not moving. Then he saw why. Norma Jean, who was alone in the car, had her phone up to her face and appeared to be texting. “Seriously?”

Gunner started barking at the front passenger seat for some strange reason. The dog began to jump about, while still barking at the empty seat. Suddenly, he made a slight yelping sound and jumped right onto Mark’s lap. The next thing Mark knew, his foot had slipped off of the brake and onto the accelerator, causing him to rear end the red Oldsmobile.

“What the hell, you stupid dog?” he yelled, throwing Gunner off of his lap. He looked out the windshield and saw the driver’s door of Norma Jean’s car opening up. The young girl got out of the car, her cell phone still in her hand, and held her arms out to the side, while giving Mark a what the fuck look.

Mark’s heart began to race. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Not right now. Everything was going to be ruined. He moved his hand to the gear shift and put the motor home into reverse, and backed up a few feet, giving him just enough room to drive around her and get the hell out of Indiana.

“Don’t even think of driving off!” Norma Jean yelled, holding up her cell phone.

“Well, would you look at that,” Mark said out loud. “Looks like she’s got some bite to her.” He put the motor home in park, and stepped out onto the dark dirt road.

Norma Jean was already at the back of her car, inspecting the damage, using the dull light from the motor home’s head lights to see. “What the hell?” she asked Mark, as he slowly approached. “Didn’t you see me? You better have insurance on that piece of shit.”

Mark had to take a breath. Where was the band girl he had seen on the football field? From what he could remember of high school, most band girls where quiet, and mouse like. Not Norma Jean, she was more like a Pit-bull. More like his mother. Maybe this was truly a sign.

“I’m so sorry,” he began to say, bending down and looking at the small dent in her rear bumper. “I’ll pay for what needs to be repaired,” he added, seeing that that seemed to calm the girl’s nerves just a bit. “I had stopped, but for some reason my dog thought it would be good idea to jump into my lap,” he said, pointing back to the motor home, where the young girl found Gunner staring back at her through the windshield. “He thinks he’s a lap dog, but doesn’t realize that he weighs nearly seventy pounds.”

Norma Jean laughed, and lowered her guard a few more notches.

“I’ve got the insurance paperwork in the glove box,” Mark said, walking back to the motor home. “You can pet him if you want.” Mark opened the side door and let Gunner run out. He opened the glove box and took out the insurance paper work, and his eyes immediately spotted the glass vial of his mother’s sedative and the needle. This was not how he did things, he said to himself.

“You’re going to have to learn how to adapt,” he heard a voice say. Mark looked up and saw his reflection glaring back at him from the passenger side mirror. “You’ve gotta an opportunity here. Seize it. Seize her.”

“I can still make this work.”

“No, you can’t! She’s seen you face. You’ve lost the element of surprise, and if you don’t do this now you’ll lose her. I want her, and I know you do too. You won’t get another chance like this. It’s a sign that you’re supposed to do this now. How else can you explain it?”

Mark took the small glass vial, and syringe out to the glove box. He tried to place the needle into the vial, but found that his hand was shaking too much for him to get the needle in the rubber cap of the vial.

“Get a hold of yourself,” his reflection scolded. “Don’t fuck this up.”

He could hear Norma Jean outside the motor home playing with Gunner. He had to do this now, he told himself, looking out through the windshield, and seeing that they were still alone. But for how long? He took a deep breath and inserted the needle into the vial and drew the amount of sedative the Doctor had told him to use on his mother, and then added a bit more for good measure. From the times he had used it before, it seemed to take about a minute before the desired effect became apparent. He hoped that the extra amount would speed up the drug’s effect. “Sorry that took so long,” he said, stepping out of the motor home, and handing his insurance information to Norma Jean. “I couldn’t find a pen. Do you happen to have one?”

“Yeah, I think so. Back in my car.”

Norma Jean began to turn around, and as she did, Mark reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair from the back of her head, and began to pull her back toward him, while at the same time pulling her head in a slight downward motion, to throw her off balance. She screamed out loud, and tried to pull away, but Mark had caught her off guard. He pulled her in close, and could feel her warm body pressing up against his, as he held her from behind. He wrapped his left arm around her neck, and with his right hand, he plunged the needle deep into the right side of her neck.

Norma Jean fought like hell. She began to twist her body into that of her attackers, and in doing so, moved her right arm into a better position. She could feel where his legs were, and blindly aim for the sweet spot. Mark let out a loud groan, as his grip on her relaxed enough for the young girl to pull free. She ran as fast as she could back to her car, and put it in drive and stepped on the gas.

Mark fell to his knees in pain, as his testicles felt like they were going to explode. He screamed in anger as he watched his prize slipping away. Norma Jean’s red car sped off, throwing up dirt and rocks. It had only made it a short distance, before her tail lights began to weave back and forth, before leaving the road completely. Mark watched in sheer panic, as the car struck a tree head on, and came to a crashing halt. The force of the impact crinkling the metal hood, and causing the horn to blare loudly into the night.

“Get the fuck up!” Mark told himself, staggering to his feet. He took a few seconds to search for the syringe, and after picking it up, he made his way back into the driver’s seat. “This whole thing is fucked!” he screamed, slamming his fist down on the steering wheel. “I have to get out of here!”

“Did you see her get out of the car?” his reflection asked, from the driver’s side mirror.


“Then we still have a chance, but not if you don’t get your fucking ass into gear!”

Mark knew he was right. There still might be a chance to salvage this whole debacle, but he had to move fast. He scanned the darkened intersection, and miraculously, they were still alone. He put the motor home in drive and pulled up behind the red Oldsmobile. He leapt from the driver’s seat, before it was fully in park, and rushed toward the car. He pulled open the driver’s side door and found Norma Jean passed out across the front seat. It looked like she had fallen across the seat prior to the car hitting the tree, so she didn’t appear to be injured.

Mark grabbed the girl by one of her ankle and dragged her from the car. He hoisted her up onto one of his broad shoulders, and rushed back to the motor home. He tossed her on to couch that ran alongside the driver’s side of the motor home, before jumping back into the driver’s seat. He took a good look around to make sure that no one had seen what he had just pulled off, and when he was satisfied they he had yet to be discovered, he shifted the motor home into drive and sped off into the night.

He knew that the normal amount of sedative that his mother had been prescribed, would keep her out for several hours, so Mark estimated that he had at least four to five hours before the young girl would start to come around. He also knew that he couldn’t chance her waking up early. He made it to the highway, and started to head north. Back toward Michigan. Back toward his comfort zone. As soon as he passed over the state line, he pulled into the first rest stop. Mark sat there for a few minutes in complete silence, while he still held a tight grip on the steering wheel. He could hear Norma Jean’s breathing. It was slower than his. He took a deep breath of anticipation, before getting up and closing the curtain right behind the driver’s seat, cutting off the outside world to the inner area of the motor home. He sat down next to the unconscious young girl, and watched her sleep for several minutes. She looked so peaceful, he thought. The poor girl no idea what horrors awaited her.

Mark reached out and grabbed one of her firm little breasts. From there he moved his hand downward and began to rub her right between her legs. When he was satisfied that she was still truly knocked out, he picked her up and carried her into the back bedroom. He took out the utility knife and cut off all of her clothes, so that he could take in the full view of his prize. He had out done himself this time, he thought. He placed a piece of duct tape over her mouth and then zip tied her hands behind her back, and her ankles together, before rolling her over onto her stomach. “Just a little taste before we get home,” he said taking off his clothes.

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