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The Elvin Prince

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A child comes into his powers, Magical life forms, war, friendship and demons, but who is the enemy? Royal blood and power, lives lost new friendships A story of a love so strong that even death could not keep them apart, of Elvin warriors, a Royal Prince, and demonic life forms. Including mystical powers set and living in the mist of humanity. Of two children born of Royal blood and with the help of The Demon Queen grow o become warriors in their own right distained to save humanity or die trying.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter One.

Love knows no boundaries.

The Elvin Prince.


Alex was human although to look upon him there we no immediate noticeable difference and he was known for his courage and love, and was very much a likable character, in addition he was also loved for his charity gifts, community support and involvement; and was also a multi Billionaire, and who headed up both his family and a highly respectable research facility, plus numerous other companies?

However, what very few knew or even understood, Alex was not regarded as human, and from a realm in time, where Tolkien wrote of the middle earth, and elvish warriors who fought a great battle against an evil force, and united with the humans to overcome and destroy the forces coming against them.

Alex Adam’s was in fact an Elvin Prince whose human wife and soul mate had been kidnapped beaten, tortured and killed. Prince Alexandra had vowed revenge, not just for his beloved wife, but also for the spells cast upon his family and blood line, and for this reason, he sought to find not only a cure; but also his beloved wife in whom he knew that one day and within the process of time her soul, her essence of life would be reincarnated.

It is now 2021, when Kelly Armstrong is returned to earth, unknown to her she also possessed the long lost soul of Prince Alexandra’s wife, yet who in her own write has become a formidable force for good, and is soon to unite with the person who has been trying to sacrifice her as a gift offering to remove the spell against his families blood line, not knowing or realising the person he intended to kill, not only carries his child, but is also the reincarnation of his lost wife.

Deep within the past and when time had a different meaning, the residence of Dorchester Dorset UK, practiced openly a craft, known in today’s world as Wicca, and among the intermarried locals was a child born to the wife of a local publican, and given up for a sacrificial offering.

Kelly had become apprentice to a small female demon type creature, who by appearance gave the impression of appearing as a small human woman, and only just over four feet high, frail and elderly.

To the amazement of many who had tried to belittle and abuse her, they found themselves facing an entity who could rip the very soul from their bodies, as simply as we humans breathe. Her powers far outreached the Demon court council and she was regarded as their Queen.

Kelly was five years old when her father sacrificed her in payment for services given. Kelly was led away in bondage, and enslaved to the Queen, and brought up to learn to serve in spell preparations, potions, and lay line jumping, also in the collection of debts, and blood casting.

By the age of Fourteen, Kelly was adept at a level higher than the Magus in ritual magic, and by the age of twenty, Kelly was a trusted valued practitioner, and having since trained her own apprentices, and she was given to return to earth, on condition of availability and to be on call.

Having lived through the ages Kelly now found herself returning into the year 2021. In earth years, she was thousands of years old, yet within the Demon Realm, she had only lived there for some 16 Demonic years.

Amused Kelly sat quietly during an interview which the Queen had asked her to attend. “So Kelly tell me, why do you feel that you could benefit us here in Access Controlled Insurance?” enquired Graham Smith the owner of the world’s largest insurance company. He had seen Kelly by chance and decided to interview her personally.

Kelly looked at the older man before her and smiled as she knew he was finding it incredibly difficult to take his eyes away from her chest, and to look at her face.

Quietly and drawing in a breath of air, silently she cast a spell and compelled him to look into her eyes. As Kelly later walked away from the building, she had been offered a job, full pay, Health and medical insurance, a company vehicle of her choice, and entitled to work hours to suit.

Smiling to herself, Kelly thought, “That dickhead, was a pig headed sexist, and looked upon women as objects to abuse.” She laughed, “I own him, he is mine”.

“Kelly, Kelly hold on a moment”. Shouted James McCray, “You forgot your coat” as he handed over Kelly’s jacket, he grinned, “I have no idea what you did, but you are the first person ever to have got the better of that beast.”

Kelly looked into James eyes, viewing his soul and seeing a gentle humorous person, who was kind, gentle and, “O my” she thought. So, you’re into Goth and you’re a Dom.”

Blinking her eyes, Kelly looked again, she was amazed to realise that he wore a mask, which covered his socially acceptable side. Understanding that his employer of whom she now owned, had made his life sheer hell, and humiliated all whom he had so desired to embarrass.

“James thank you, that was kind of you,” said Kelly. “I understand this is kind of different, but would you like to come for a celebratory drink?”

That night Kelly sat in a restaurant talking with James, and truly enjoying his company.

“So, James, I know you do not make this public knowledge, but I am given to understand you have rather special interest” James almost coughed up the drink, which he had just consumed, and had to wipe his face.

“O, it is usually I who kind of introduce this subject, may I enquire in who it was that told you?” Kelly grinned, “O I just have my ways of obtaining certain information.”

Taking a drink of scotch and coke, Kelly looked deeply into his eyes, as James saw for the first time deeply into her soul. He could see a beautiful child, who was been led away by an older looking lady, yet he somehow knew she was far from human. It had been no more than mere seconds, when he kind of, and in part knew the person before him.

Grinning, he reached forward his hand and gently caressed Kelly’s face. “So, you are to be my soul mate, and enjoy role playing”. Kelly grinned and spoke,

“I hardly think we are true soul mates, at least not in the way I understand the meaning, however…, yes, I enjoy games, and not so gentle at that, but then I am aware of your preferences, and you will soon discover mine.”

Alex walked into his office, as soon as he had approached the building, he had known the wards had been breached and that a demonic force had wiped away all of his defences.

“What is going on?” enquired Alex. Alice Rowland looked at her boss and friend,

“Alex I truly am unsure, if I was to hazard a guess, then I would say there is a non-human paranormal involvement.”

Alex squinted, “Ghosts are you saying we were visited by a ghost?”

Alice smiled as she understood his nature and that even though he was upset by this intrusion, he was teasing her.

“Not a ghost sir, more a demonic influence, and one which walked through all of our wards, and had free rein to do as it pleased.”

Alex blinked, “What we need is a break, and time to think over the circumstance, and if anything is missing, also to discuss how to upgrade the wards so this intrusion can never happen again.”

Kelly Armstrong handed the file over to her mother, “I have carried out your order and obtained the information you requested.”

As the demon Queen took delivery of the file, she placed it upon a table, and lifted an arm and stretched gently to Kelly’s hair.

“My child I have grown to love you, and as you are aware, I have never had an apprentice who has matched my power, especially from a human.”

She paused a few seconds, and stroked Kelly’s hair,

“As of this day I officially withdraw my hold upon you, and from this moment you are to be recognised as a free agent. I have however left my mark upon your soul, to warn all demons from trying to acquire your soul or magical abilities. The moment any such power or life force attempts to summon upon you, or to draw upon your powers, I will be instantly aware, and shall obliterate any dissention.”

The Queen lifted her hand to that of Kelly’s and gently held her hand, “My child, be warned the Hittite remnants are still functional and worship many of the higher cast of demons, but not even ten of them could come even close to my abilities and blood line. You emulate a true reflection of me and emit a radiance stronger than your mid-day sun.”

The Queen stood back and looked over the child before her, “My child, to me you are still only a child, yet I understand in human terms you are an adult, your whole aura glows with a vibrant power, and emits a blue and white light, and when you become angry, it reflects the very true white of the highest possible level.”

The Queen reached across and gently kissed her on the head, “Go my child, keep to your faith as I taught you, and follow your heart, and you are a wonderful daughter who I am proud to love.”

Kelly was in shock, as she had not expected this gift of freedom, but before she could respond the Queen continued talking.

“I guess you are wondering as to the contents of this file?”

“Yes mamma, you have shown me love and always watched over Me.” replied Kelly.

“My beautiful child, I have been following Alex, he is not of this world, nor is he human as you understand.”

Kelly’s eyes looked in interest.

“He is from a very ancient race of Elvin Warrior’s, actually of the highest nature and blood line known to the Elvin society. I know you will find this difficult to understand, but one day you will carry his child, and he will, or should I say was your husband and true soulmate, many thousands of years past.”

Kelly had been standing, but was now seated, this was something she had not been prepared for.

“You were killed my child, by an invading force, he in turn has awaited your return for over 17 thousand years, twice since you have been reincarnated, however until now he was unaware of your return, and when I became conscious of your rebirth. I set it up so I could take over your care and training, and with an aim to equip you to one day reunite your souls.”

Kelly looked towards her mother, and her Queen,

“May I enquire mamma if he is aware of my return yet?”

The Queen laughed, “Yes my child, however up until you passed through his wards, you were unaware to him, and before long he will use his gift of sight and see the remnants of an aura which he will instantly recognise.”

Kelly held her breath still in shock, and then exhaled. But before she could speak, the Queen continued talking.

“Yes, child he is equal to a black rose level 37, the highest possible rank and power reachable, and is almost equal to that of my abilities. However, you will need to unite your gifts and powers to defeat the evil forces which are too soon come against you.”

Kelly was aware people in the human world, looked upon all demons as evil, this was far from the truth, like in all walks in life, there were good and bad, the demon Queen however was from a life form not of fallen angels, but of an angelic type life force, known for their wisdom and knowledge. The Queen was herself over thirty thousand demon years in age, and from a direct blood line that once served their creator and God within its own dimension and time line.

Alice Rowland had recast the wards, and Alex looked them over.

“That is better even I would find these difficult to circumvent, if they had not been conditioned to accept me and allow me through,”

Alice blushed, she was very confident in her abilities and had been by his side for thousands upon thousands of years. It was a monogamous arrangement, and very much platonic,

“I had thought the security we had, to have been more than sufficient, now however, it will take a formidable force to break through these aversions.” Replied Alice.

Alex had viewed the wards using his sight, and it had angered him, as he felt someone had used the essence of his ex-wife and had somehow managed to fool the wards in allowing her past. It simply had not occurred to him that his wife had been reincarnated.

It was now many thousands of years since her death, and he felt his beloved wife had passed on, and was no longer able to return, as he had not been aware of her two previous reincarnations.

“I have made a mental note of the essence, it had a hint of demonic influence attached, when I find the intruder they will be captured, and when the time is right, be used as a sacrificial offering to have this blood curse removed.” He had spoken his thoughts aloud.

Alice understood his anger and agreed whosoever had intruded and stolen from them and deserved such treatment.

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