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The Elvin Prince

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Chapter Two.

Kelly became aware that a succubus was operating in the upper town area, and possibly praying upon the middle to upper class. Even the demons hated the succubus, as the humans tended to class all demons in that group category, and which caused wars, and eventually unnecessary deaths.

As Kelly entered the upper town district her demon tuned senses led her directly to where the succubus family were living, to her surprise it was only a normal mother and daughter unit, she had expected an older and lower-class demon to be residing there and been responsible for the murders.

As the child opened the door, Kelly caught her in a demonic gaze and within seconds had understood what had happened. The mother on sensing her child’s anguish came to her side ready to defend her daughter.

Kelly raised a hand, and instantly as the demon looked into her soul, she backed away in horror at the warning mark left there by the Queen. Bowing to a knee, she lowered her head.

“Please we have not threatened you, do not banish or harm us.” Stated the mother.

She had gripped her daughters’ hand and gently pulled her to her side and placed an arm around her waist in paternal protection.

“Arise you have no need to bow before me, I have seen through your daughters eyes, what has been happening, as far as I am concerned this human deserved such a death, as any person abusing children the way he treated your child is unforgivable. But that said, I must warn you these humans have CCTV and will be aware you entered his home.”

She paused and focused her demonic gaze onto the mother’s eyes, and in doing so passing on relevant information and reading her thoughts and memories at the same time. “I can see you are honouring the demonic accord, and only taking a small essence from each paying victim. As long as you continue with that then the demonic council will not harm you.” Having been a debt enforcer for the demon Queen, even the demonic council would not stand in her way.

It was also acceptable in the eyes of the demonic council to allow the succubus a measured unit of every soul from those who paid and craved to have company with such creatures, more so for those who had such desires for children. Kelly left the family with her blessings and made her way to the insurance office to talk with James.

James McCray was responsible for certain life policies, and due to the nature of this death, his boss Graham Smith had tried to default on the policy.

“If I get my way, I will argue it was an act of God, to have died in such a way.” James had taken as much abuse as he could from this bombastic deprived evil man.

“Are you saying God skinned him alive, and then murdered him, and then stole his credit cards, cash and jewellery?”

Graham looked at James, “Who the hell do you think you are to tell me what I can and cannot do. This is my company not yours, and if I say I shall not pay out, then I will find a way out of my contracted agreement.”

James could see he had pushed the evil boss too far, but the deceased man had an ex-wife and two young daughters, and that insurance was willed to his daughters for their future education or investment.

“No… I cannot agree, you took his monthly payments and that policy has been active for over twenty years.” Graham’s eyes widened in rage, “Right if that is how you feel, I have no further need for you, or your services, and do not expect any pay, you are incompetent and are from this point fired.”

Unknown to Graham, Kelly had become aware of the death and had entered into the office both unheard or observed by Graham or James. “Good morning sir, did I hear correctly, that you just offered Mr McCray a rise, and that you are retiring because of health issues?”

James blinked, he had been truly angered himself by Grahams attitude and response, but instantly upon seeing as well as been in Kelly’s presence he became mesmerised and calmed and watched in amazement as Graham became like putty in her hands.

“O Kelly, I… I had not seen you enter, yes… yes I was just telling James here that he has become like a son to me, and… and I need to retire, so he can take over the running of the business, It could not be in better hands.”

Kelly smiled kissing Graham on the forehead, “Why Graham you stud, how thoughtful of you, and to think how we shall miss you, while you retire and go to live in China as a missionary, how noble of you.”

James blinked and could not believe in what he was just witnessing, let alone understand how this was happening.

As Graham left his old office, Kelly smiled and called out to Graham, “Sir, O have you forgot something?” Graham stopped and turned around. “Have I, I am unsure as to what it is.” He said. “O yes Sir, you were just going to phone your solicitor and have everything legally drawn up to ensure no one could try and take your beloved James business away from him, he will protect it and ensure it is safe, but you need to do it now.”

As she emphasised the now, even James could feel the compulsion, and her gaze was not even directed at him.

Graham signed the various documents as brought to him by his solicitor’s legal department, and as the thirty plus staff stood before him, he looked up,

“That is now legal, as from that signature, James here is officially your new boss, and as a parting gift, Kelly here who by the way, I promoted to Deputy CEO, suggested I was so pleased with your performance, that I gave you all a parting gift. So, in your next wage packet, there will be a $2,000 bonus.”

At that he wiped his brow, and walked away, leaving the office staff in stunned silence, he had treated them all abysmally in the past, and they were bewildered, by this change of attitude.

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