Child Of The Moon

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One fateful night, Kamari and his family are attacked in their home. Kamari's parents tell him to take his sister and flee into the jungle. He and his sister, Zarela, are injured. A beautiful woman appears; little did Kamari know this woman is a Goddess named Ezena. She and her followers rescue Kamari and his sister. For four years, he is trained by Ezena to use powers that lay dormant in him. She tells him he is the Mbita, a child that would help her spread her influence across the world. He joins her on her quest of dominance. Ezena places Kamari as the human conduit of her mission. Kamara will be challenged; by nations, secret organizations and love interests. Will he hold onto himself and his family? Will he become the child of Ezena's prophecy? Or will he forge a new path that no one can predict?

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New Moon

“How could this happen?” These were the thoughts racing through Hali’s head as he and the other elders sat in the council chamber. He knew that they had decided to capture a boy with powers beyond the realm of man. They sent an elite task force to capture him, but they had failed miserably. The task-force they assigned abducted the boy’s father, mother and maimed his sister. Could they really be surprised that this boy came back for revenge?

The elders could hear metal scraping the floor and thuds hitting the walls. The putrid smell of flesh filled the room. The less noise they heard the more nervous they became. Some of the elders talked of running. Where could they go? Who would take the risk? As the elders of the room bickered, Muhammed, Captain of the Guard, approached the elders.

“Elders me and my sergeants have decided we shall check the corridor to the chamber.”

The captain and his sergeants moved to the door; they stacked up on the door and swiftly moved out. The elders waited in silence. A few minutes passed and they heard the slow tapping of feet. A knock came at the door. The elders froze in fear. The elders began to pray, curse or cry, except Hali. He was prepared to take responsibility for his actions. The door opened and the head of captain Muhammed flew across the room onto the table.

A tall man entered the room. The elders tried to move, but they could not because their ankles were frozen to the floor. The figure was the child they had feared. He had mocha brown skin, black curly hair and dark brown eyes. He elegantly walked into the room and sat in chair at the end closest to the door. He calmly placed his hands on the table and looked at each of them.

“Good evening elders, I’m sorry for the mess,” he smiled.

“Wait a minute, please give us a chance to explain” one elder said nervously.

“I already understand the situation elder, your services are no longer needed” the man said with a warm smile.

The elders began to scream and shout.

“Please die with dignity, it would be a shame for me to explain you died like cowards," the man mused.

The ice on the elders’ legs began to slowly move up their bodies freezing everything on them. The elders began to shake and their eyes began to bulge.

Before the ice had completely frozen the elders, the elder Hali spoke,

“Please forgive me child, the abduction of your parents is our fault but it was not our goal. We just wanted to capture you to keep you from the Mother of Darkness.”

The boy stopped the ice from completely encapsulating Hali.

“You may have some purpose yet,” said the man.

The man unfroze Hali from the ice. Hali was shaking from the subzero temperature experience. The man touched him with his glowing silver hands. Hali felt instantly warmer. The man turned to Hali and handed him a scroll.

“I want you to write down my message to Khinara.” Hali took the quill and dipped it into ink. “My name is Kamari Sevon Ramello. I am the first son of Seti and Alphonso Ramello. I was born on the Winter Solstice and I am a son of Ezena. I tell you this, to issue a promise and a warning. I will make Khinara my kingdom. Those who stand by me will be rewarded, those who oppose me will end like the elders of Angula. Sincerely, the Child of the Moon.”

Hali finished writing and rolled up the scroll. He sealed it and put it in a leather case. “Take this to the Arch-elders of Minala”, Kamari said while turning toward Hali. “Don’t worry about a carriage, I will send you there myself,” Kamari said with a sly grin. His hands and eyes turned silver as he grasped Hali’s body. His body disappeared; Kamari exited the room and went to the Balcony of the temple. There a woman enveloped in shadow and three people in midnight blue armor stood.

Kamari approached the woman enveloped in shadow.

“Ezena, I have successfully dealt with the city guard and the elders of Angula, also I teleported elder Hali to Minala to deliver my proclamation,” he bowed.

“Good work my son, I am pleased with your performance,” Ezena said with her cold but honey voice.

Ezena is the Winter Goddess, the Mother of Darkness, the Queen of Death. She is feared across the world of Agera, especially by the people of Khinara. Ezena’s form as a human is a female with rich midnight blue skin, smooth silver hair and purple eyes. She doesn’t wear clothes because she is covered in shadows. The three people next to her are Linette, Damian and Shala. Linette is a seventy five year old woman who looks like she is in her twenties. This is due to Ezena’s ability to manipulate time. She is the leader of the cult that worships only Ezena out of the five Goddess’. She has smooth beige skin, wavy brown hair and hazel brown eyes. Her figure is lean and muscular. She emanates elegance, beauty and power. Shala is twenty five. She has clear dark brown skin, with kinky black hair and dark brown eyes. She has a curvaceous figure that definitely attracts attention. Her role is being the strategist and supervisor of the ‘Band of Night’; that is the name of their cult. Shala overseers all operations that involve the organization. If Linette is the soul, then Shala is the mind. That said, the body is Damian. He is a forty year old man with blonde tipped hair and high-yellow skin. You can see his age and experience with his wrinkles and coarse skin. He is a kind man but one would hate to be his enemy. He leads the cult’s special task force known as the ‘Phantoms’. Few outside of this group know of its existence in the world of Agera. Kamari thanked Ezena for her praise and asked to be excused.

"He is going to be with his sister. She is the last of his family. Without her, he would not have made it this far," Ezena said. Ezena and her three Lieutenants discussed more matters.

“He seems to be doing well with his powers," Linette said.

They all nodded in agreement. “I want to ask you all a question,” Ezena said with a serious face. “Are you scared of the Moonlight?” The three phantoms were perplexed by the question but Shala seemed to pick up on the meaning of the question.

“I would be lying if I said I was not but as long as she’s alive I think we will be fine,” Shala said with a concerned look on her face. Damian let out a small grunt in agreement. Ezena laughed at their mood.

“I have been waiting for my child of the moon, the days of darkness are upon us.” The three phantoms were used to Ezena’s presence but they still were shaken by her foretelling. This was the first time they had ever seen Ezena smile.

Kamari led his sister to the Balcony. It was a calm, cool night in Angula. It reminded them of the nights they had before the murders of their parents. It was important for Kamari, however;because his sister, Zarela, was blinded during the murder of their parents from shrapnel. At night when the moon was out, he had learned from Ezena the ability to give Zarela vision through the moon. He was hoping to master it so that she could see at all times.

“Can you see it?” Kamari asked as he led his sister to the edge of the balcony.

“Yes brother, I can see the city in all its glory. Do you remember that workshop across from the bank?”

“Of course, that’s were father use to work,” Kamari quipped as he moved Zarela along the balcony.

“Sis, I made the men who murdered mom and dad pay.”

“Good brother, I am glad that you avenged them.”

“Brother, I think you should be careful of Ezena and her cult; I know they have taken care of us these last four years, but I feel that she did not do it for charity.”

“I will sister, I know she did it to use the power she gave me. Without this power though, you and I wouldn’t be alive now.”

“If you didn’t have that power mom and dad wouldn’t be dead.” Kamari recoiled from his sister. Those words had cut deep to his heart. He had felt responsible for the situation after learning of his powers. He didn’t think, however; that his sister would blame him for their deaths. Was she wrong though?

“Kamari, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that,” She came over to him and hugged him. He was hurt by her words but he loved her too much to be callous.

Zarela felt remorse over the situation. She knew that she was wrong in her statement. Her brother had carried her more than 10 miles that fateful night four years ago. After some time watching the city, Kamari took his sister back inside. He took her to the room of one of the elders and helped her into the bed. After leaving her, he headed to the elder council chamber to meet Ezena. He knocked and entered the room. Ezena was sitting in the chair facing the door. Kamari entered and sat down. He leaned back slightly in his chair and relaxed.

“Kamari, you have done well today. I hope your success continues. I think we should push onto the next phase of our plans.”

“I believe you are correct, I think it would be prudent for us to take the three remaining cities within the next month.”

“My child we have already moved our forces into the next two cities. The only one you will have to take is the capital, Minala.”

“Understood.” Kamari said as he rubbed his chin. “We will strike the capital a week from today.” Kamari and Ezena talked some more about future plans and the state of their campaign. An hour or so later, he excused himself and went to bed. Ezena wrapped herself in shadows and disappeared.


A week went by in the blink of an eye. The Band of Night had taken the cities of Isha and Jama. The cities attempted to resist the invading force but were no match for the power of the twelve phantoms. Each of the phantoms has powers related to Ezena. Six of the twelve have ice manipulation. Another three have darkness manipulation. The last three have illusion manipulation. The twelve phantoms are masters of their powers. Each was handpicked by Ezena herself. They combined their powers to take the two cities. They used illusions to make Isha’s army appear as a foreign army to the city of Jama’s army. This caused the two armies to do battle. They did not realize what had been done till the battle had been brought to a stalemate.

The illusion had taken its toll on the combined hundred thousand soldiers. They had been reduced to less than thirty thousand. These remnants tried to regroup in a grassland between the two cities. The remaining thirty thousand were immersed in darkness and the masters of darkness used animated shadows, dark energy blasts and dark forms to crush the remnants. The assault by those three phantoms killed twenty thousand of the thirty thousand soldiers. The last ten thousand were killed by the masters of ice. They wiped them out by ice storm or with barrages of ice shards. None survived the battle, the two cities fell and the news would strike fear into the hearts of Khinarans.

Minala would raise up an army of fifty thousand to prepare for its final stand. The Band of Night would become a household name after the capture of Isha and Jama. Kamari, Ezena and the Phantoms moved toward the capital at the end of the week. They set up camp forty miles west of Minala, they were mustering their forces for the final assault. Shala had one of the grunts send a messenger. Needless to say, he never returned. Kamari rose up in front of his forces, a mixture of disgruntled Khinarans and the Band of Night. “Today the Elders control Khinara, Tomorrow we will control Khinara.” The troops let out a roar. They were ready for battle.

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