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Currently being rewritten. Updates will happen far and in between until April of 2020. Noctus always felt that he was destined for greatness. But, not in this way. Follow Noctus as he tries to fit in this new world all the while trying not to think of the one he had abandoned.

Fantasy / Adventure
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A Noctine Start

Chapter 1: A Noctine Start

Standing in front of this year’s Arachno Fest I felt no excitement as I would have previously felt standing here. Before we- that is to say me and my friend Swinard - had been here for fun but now... now we need funds for our old sensei who is very close to death unless we earned some funds for him. The poor old man took two orphans in, one of whom was a bandit (me) and the other Swinard the son of one of the Imperial Knights. Once upon a time, I had a dream, to make my sensei proud and make him proud... I’m getting side-tracked here anyway, currently, I and Swinard were in a deep argument, according to Swinard we need to spend as much time as possible with the old guy but honestly, I don’t want to believe that he would die anytime soon and so we were here.

“Noctus we need to go back, Sensei himself gave up on his life, why don’t you?” Swinard asked me in a defeated manner “Besides, the disease he is inflicted with..... it’s incurable.”

“Money can help us achieve anything... right?” I asked him, my voice sounded pathetic to even myself.

“Also, I feel a small chill down my spine when I think about this Festival. I really don’t want to enter this” Swinard said his white trench coat billowed as he turned away “I’m going back to Sensei, I’m sorry my friend” and so that asshole left.

I can do this alone, I don’t need him or anybody else, turning this into a chant I went to the registry tent. The tent was queer as it was a bright shade of yellow which made it look frighteningly like the sun and a flag at the top which was as stiff as a stone as if even the wind couldn’t move it, and so I entered this queer thing and eventually found a plump man who was searching into his registry looking over the bets the surrounding villagers placed into his registry and when he heard my entrance he looked up.

“Welcome sir, I am the owner of this tent Miki and I welcome you to try out in the Arachno Fest.” The talking broiler chicken said to me.

“I’d like to enter the competition” I answered in a cold indifferent tone which seemed enough to make him freeze up.

“Your name kind sir,” he asked me.

“Noctus” I answered.

“No last name sir?” he asked again

“None” I answered him curtly, to be honest, this constant questioning was getting on my nerves.

“Noctus- Portal Number 98. Go knock yourself out sir. 50% of your drops are owned by us and of course, we will give you just compensation.” this guy was slowly but surely getting on my nerves, just sign here sir.” I snatched the quill from him and dipped into an inkpot and signed at the bottom and after I signed it, I all but ran from there.

“I’ll be rooting for you sir!!!!” didn’t this guy know when to give up. Eventually, I reach the portal area, here there were a lot of people from different kingdoms, ranging from The Ignis to The Evangels, once again we see a splendid example of money bringing different people together. Currently, there is an ongoing war between The Arangai and The Twisters but half of them have teamed up here for a better shot at winning. Now tell me Swinard whether money can solve problems or not? Anyway, I passed by a lot of portals from 38-76 but I couldn’t find my designated portal anywhere.

“You there, you have been chosen to act as a member in my party come here and be quick about it.” a voice shouted out from behind me, and as usual I just walked away without glancing back.

“Look here, Reaper. Look at me!!!!!“Reaper? I swear I heard it being used somewhere else before.

“Fine then I challenge you to a battle stupid mongrel!!!!!!!!!” the voice shouted again, whoever the Reaper is he must be awesome, the guy must be awesome if he can manage to get asked to be in a party this quickly.. right? The next thing I know the owner of the voice ran up to me and hit me with the flat end of his sword.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked him and in reply, he swung his sword harder at me and I thrust my sword upwards to meet his sword. My sword, Nothos was a pitch-black blade with a small hole at the handle which held my Dagger Delta. Both of our swords clashed and created noise, taking the chance at his flinch I took out Delta and stabbed him, due to his inexperience I won but not without an injury. As he fell he thrust his sword at my stomach which cut me, but luckily it wasn’t too deep and I managed to stand up without acknowledging it. My opponent was- surprisingly- a small boy of 12 years old, he was 4 years younger than me, so he must be some royals son.

“Kid you owe me, big time. In exchange for me sparing your life, your family now owes a single favor to me.” saying this I left the kid and his..... party? and went towards the portal I needed to find. Now, where was it again? Ah finally, there it is. Thanking the (non-existent) Coffee Gods I leaped into the portal.

The travel through the portal was, as always, cold. This is because, of the Europian Winds. The Winds originate from the undiscovered realm of Europia (Even I don't know how the scholars know about it, as far as I am aware it is just a theory).

As I contemplated such things, I felt myself being squeezed. The feeling grew slowly until it enveloped my entire body. At some point, I even began to feel pain with everything else, and I began to scream until I slowly lost my consciousness. As I slowly lost my consciousness I saw the color red blending in with black and searing the symbol Delta into my mind

Now, there were three simple rules to portal traveling, and I had just broken one of them by bringing the Symbol Delta with me. I had no clue such a rule existed, but I feel that if I were given a chance to go back and do that moment differently, I would do it all over again.

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