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Axel is next in line to be Alpha. Storm is a Wandering Witch. When they meet their world's collide, their souls entwining as one. Mated for life. Axel is in training to become the next Alpha ready to lead his pack when his father steps down. Son of Princess Gianna and Alpha Kol he has a lot to live up too. His family is legendary among his pack. Storm is a wanderer, travelling from coven to coven she seeks refuge until it is no longer given turning to the Wolf Hierachry for help with her gifts she finds more than she bargained for. Together their souls bind as one, they embark on a fight for their lives. Question is can they save each other?

Fantasy / Action
Sarah Allen
4.8 12 reviews
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Until they meet a Wolf son all dogs think they're Alpha's remember that.

There are wolves that lead sheep and then there are wolves that lead wolves which leader will you be son?

Respect is not demanded Axel it is earned! Do not think that just because you are a Royal Alpha you automatically get respect you have to earn it son.

Don't lower your expectations to fit in with the rest of the world Axel you were born to stand out.

Remember the code of the wolf: protect your pack; show no fear; respect the elders; teach the young; lead your companions; survive each day; hunt your enemies; howl to a new tomorrow; explore the unknown; adapt to the environment; demonstrate no weakness; never back down; and leave your mark.

"Mr. Sanders! I do believe I asked you a question!" I blinked at my college professor "uhm sorry sir I wasn't paying attention" he scowled at me but thankfully he moved on I sighed in my seat pulling my phone out of my pocket checking my messages

Reign: don't forget what today is Axel call mom she always struggles on this day x

I jumped up from my chair "excuse me Mr. Sanders class is not dismissed where do you think you're going?"

"My mom needs me" I grumbled walking out, how could I forget the date? This day haunted us all I'm the oldest I'm supposed to be there to protect my family when dad can't and like mom he always falls apart today. Mom finds it harder she always enters death but he's never there she cant summon him it hurts too much he was too small there would be nothing to summon back just a baby.

A baby.

When I was 10 and my sister Reign was 8, Mom and Dad told us mom was pregnant again.

I was used to being a big brother but Reign was overjoyed she would get to be an older sister admittedly I got excited when they said it was a boy I'd have someone else to tag team Reign with.

Everything went really well and then mom went to hospital and everyone spoke in hushed voices around us but I knew something was wrong. The baby had died a day or so before mom went in she still had to deliver him, I had only turned 11 yet I felt the door to death creep up on me.

I knew mom needed me even though she would never ask me I was young and she had promised I could enter death only when I was ready and yet I couldn't let her do it alone so I went with her.

They had called him Dante Jason Sanders she placed him in a basket that floated on the river she didn't say anything but we sat there for a while watching him drift away. His soul moving on to the other side it was my first time in death and last I hadn't entered since, I wasn't afraid of it anymore but I just couldn't face it.

Death is a part of life and Mom always said death is what you make of it but every time I reached out for the doorway, I remembered the little basket floating along the river and stopped myself. We buried him a couple of days later, Dad buried himself in work it was the only way he could cope with the loss of his youngest pup.

For a while it looked like my parents would split but they pulled through like they always did. Wolves mate for life if they had separated it would have been worse than the grief they were experiencing.

I pulled into the driveway of my childhood home, a mansion style house, I walked in the door and headed for moms sanctuary on the top floor I felt death before I walked in gripping the door I saw her lying on the bed with the snow cloud over her Reign was sitting beside the bed.

"How long has she been in there?" I asked her "a couple of hours he would've been 11 this year Axel" I sighed he would have shifted we would have seen his wolf maybe he would have had powers like the rest of us. Would he have been able to feel death like I could? Would he have been a tracker like Reign? Questions we never got the answers too.

I crouched down on the floor getting myself into a comfortable position "what are you doing?" I reached out feeling the cold wash over me "I'm going to her" I passed over just as Reign nodded at me.

I stood up facing the same little river I had seen 11 years previous I guess this was his version of death mom sat cross legged on the bank I sat beside her "hey mom you ok?" She smiled gently "of course sweet face of course. I just miss him silly as it sounds"

"Its not silly mom we all miss him, is dad at the office?"

She chuckled wiping away tears "you know it sweet face but he'll be home later for dinner" her hand grasped mine.

"I am so proud of you and your sister Axel you have both grown up to be such magnificent wolves and I know you will make a mighty leader when your time comes. Your father and I love you both very much don't ever forget that ok sweet face?" I squeezed her hand "I know mom we both know and we love you and dad too. You wanna stay here a while longer?"

She shook her head standing up wiping her face "no sweetie I think its time I go now are you alright?" I clutched her shoulder "I'm ok mom I came to see how you were Reign is waiting for us on the other side" she cupped my face in her hands "you father and I truly were blessed when we had you both. Come on let's go you can help me with dinner"

We walked back towards the archway crossing back over into life I shook the snow out of my dark hair watching mom sit up dusting herself off.

That's the second time I've entered death.

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