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The Aftermath


The silence in the common room was eerie, the warriors had begun clean up after the battle but you could hear a pin drop in here. Everyone sat in silence, Gianna sat in the corner a blanket wrapped her shoulders staring off into the distance her eyes bloodshot from crying and empty.

“The scent disappeared just as fast as we picked it up, wherever they’ve gone its far from here. I’m sorry your majesty” The King nodded to the guard his attention solely on his daughter. The guard dismissed himself leaving us all alone in the room closing the door with a soft clack.

Raphael cleared his throat “Well today has been rough but we will get through it-” “-Shut up” “- we just need to pull ourselves together and devise a plan to get Axel back-” “-I said shut up”

Raphael seemed oblivious to Gianna in the corner of if he wasn’t he was doing a good job at pretending he didn’t “Gianna darling I understand your pain but your son is missing”

"SHUT UP" the power from her roar knocked us all backwards “you don’t get to stand there and pretend that nothing has happened! My mate is dead and it’s all your fault” I looked up at Gianna while she spat her words at me “you, you led them here. You let them kill my mate and take my son and now you sit there pretending to grieve? WHERE ARE YOUR TEARS? WHY WON’T YOU CRY FOR MY SON? MY MATE IS DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU STUPID BITCH!” she lunged at me and I just barely dived out of the way. I spun around to look at her, her eyes shone bright blue like she was fighting her wolf in shifting.

“I lost everything because of you. WHY DID YOU COME HERE?”

“I- I- I Uh I” I struggled to get any form of a sentence out, she growled a low and menacing growl if I didn’t say something she was heading straight for my throat “I came to warn you about the Blood Moon Pack”

“You mean the pack that is actually fine? Turns out that psychopath was after you not the throne. He wants you, and if it means getting my son back he can have you” She sneered at me, I didn’t need a mirror to know my face had gone white.

“Gianna darling, Kol would not have wanted this, we need to hold it together right now to find Axel” Frieda approached Gianna slowly her hands out in front of her gently reaching out, I nodded my head frantically hoping her mother would knock some sense into her.

No such luck she let out such a growl the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, her fingers turning into claws she lunged at me again. I scrambled out of the way it didn’t take a genius to figure out if I went up against the White Wolf I wasn’t coming out alive, she’ll march me straight through to death herself if it gives her peace of mind.

“Gia listen to me I know you’re distraught but killing the only witch strong enough to take this nut bag down isn’t the wisest idea right now” Diego barked at her from across the room, I’m growing concerned that the King hasn’t even attempted to calm her down.

I knew Keir was crazy but I didn’t think he was this crazy “Gianna listen to me please, he wants you to believe he is here for me but I promise you he’s not if he really wanted me he could’ve taken me just after he slaughtered my parents! I was injured so badly I couldn’t even move properly! He wants you all to turn on me, then he will use Axel to get to you that’s why he took him. He’s- He’s going to hurt him, change him and then send him back and he’ll get in that way. We need to get to Axel.... NOW!”

“I don’t think you are in any position to be making demands Miss Storm” Raphael threatened from the corner, I gulped trying to remove the lump building in my throat, Reign and Milly glared at me whispering frantically to each other. Milly drew her sword and stalked over pointing the tip under my chin her eyes dancing with fury “If you are lying. If my cousin dies because of you, I will remove your head from your shoulders myself. One of us has already died because of you”

“I tried to save him” I whispered a single tear falling down my cheek.


Gianna took a swing at me again this time making contact her claws swiping across my chest drawing blood, I winced but bit my lip to stop from crying out. She got down into my face “You don’t get to cry. You don’t get to pretend that you tried to save my mate. You stood by and did nothing while that bastard ripped my mate in half and took my son! If anything happens to Axel I am holding you personally responsible do you hear me? You!” I nodded my head tears flowing thick and fast this time.

She stood up straight and turned her back on me, I looked around the room trying to find comfort somewhere but all I saw was a family of angry wolves ready to rip me apart and a witch who looked like she would curse me into oblivion. I looked back down at the ground, if Axel were here this wouldn’t have happened he wouldn’t have let them... Would he?

I cursed myself for even allowing this to happen I should’ve known Keir would’ve grown more powerful by other means, I should’ve known once I found out his plan that he would turn to the dark arts. Forbidden magic always comes with a price... Clearly his price was his sanity. I scoffed internally he was always insane what am I talking about? Only an already mad man would turn to the dark arts to get what he wants.

I let the blood from my gashes ooze out dripping onto my clothes and the floor I didn’t dare ask if I could clean myself up or make a healing solution. At this point I didn’t want to draw attention to myself at all. If Gianna wanted me dead I would be dead by now... Is she waiting until we get Axel back? Would she be so cruel as to put her son through what she’s been through?

I felt fingers tenderly working herbs into my chest, I came back from my daydream refocusing my eyes I looked right at Freida, her eyes were gentle and compassionate... Almost apologetic. “Disgusting behavior” She muttered, I winced as the herbs stung “I’m sorry” I whispered not able to stop the tears from falling. She cupped my face gently “Not you darling.... YOU!” She turned on Gianna her face full of fury.


The entire room looked on in shock as the once always calm Freida lost it at her only daughter, Gianna opened her mouth and closed it again swallowing. It was very clear to see that Freida never usually shouts let alone call her child selfish or a bitch.

“Freida darling is this necessary Gianna has suffered a great loss” Raphael tried to reason with her but she silenced him with a look, he nodded retreating back into the corner. Everyone just stared at the floor. Gianna finally worked up the courage to speak “She did nothing while he stole Axel and killed Kol”

Freida shook her head “No Gianna she did everything she could while you sat and wailed on the ground like a little child. Do not project your own guilt onto someone else and I can assure if Kol were here now he would be disgustingly disappointed at how you treated a child. As am I” She turned on her heel and stormed out of the room slamming the door behind her making us all jump.

“I’m 20” I whispered not sure if anyone heard me, I slowly got to my feet wincing slightly from the pain across my chest, I dismissed myself leaving them alone with their thoughts. Freida’s words hanging in the air.

Do I blame Gianna for lashing out at me? No not really, truth be told if the roles were reversed I’d probably have done the same thing. I walked outside sitting on the steps to the pack house I stared off into the distance at the spot where Axel got taken from me. My pairing, it’s never easy when a wolf and a witch mate. Two worlds coming together, neither one knows much about the other only the basics that they get told growing up, and yet we were paired together.

But we never sealed it, we never had a chance really, He never marked me like wolves do. So I don’t have that joint connection with him, I can’t feel him like others could their mate. Is he ok? Is he even alive?

I shook my head... No Keir will keep him alive until he’s overthrown the throne... He will need Axel to get back in.

“Oh Axel where are you?” my eyes glowed purple trying to find signatures, old remnants of a portal a freaking door... something.

“Storm?” I jumped at Reign’s voice behind me wincing again at the pain in my chest. I looked up at her as she went to sit beside me “Yes?” my voice came out a bit harsher than I had intended. She sat beside me her small frame folding in on itself “Do you think he’s ok?” her voice was barely a whisper “I hope so” I replied.

We both looked out into the distance my eyes still searching for something.... anything...

“We will find you Axel” the wind carried my voice off into the distance.

I just hope it reaches him... Wherever he is.

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