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Chosen One


Madness as you know is like gravity, all it takes is a little push...

I just stood and stared my brain not wanting to believe what I had just heard...

What the fuck?

Chosen one?

For what?

My stomach did a somersault and I gulped... I’m not getting out of here anytime soon am I? My heart started racing, I frantically looked around trying to find something, anything that would help me to escape.



“What do you mean chosen one? Chosen for what?” I barked at him my eyes still darting around the room, he let out a cackling laugh that made my hairs stand up “Well someone told me that Alpha born wolves are the strongest of the bunch, and you well you’re not just any Alpha born wolf you are also Royalty. So I am very interested to see how you do. I must admit I am a little disappointed it took you so long to break free of the chains but I digress. Shall we?”

He waved towards a door behind me and against my better judgement I followed him, the place was dingy but well lit and it had a strange stench that I couldn’t quite put my finger on but it was potent enough to make me scrunch up my nose in disgust.

“What the hell is this place?” I muttered to myself following behind Keir, What am I doing? Have I gone insane? Why am I following this man to what is quite possibly my death? He ripped my father’s soul from his body separating wolf and human. What makes me think he won’t do the same to me?

Storm said he wants the throne

My heart ached at the thought of Storm being without me, I missed her desperately. I needed to get back to her, to know that she’s ok and that she’s safe. How do I get away from looney tunes though? He led me down a dark corridor, judging by the growing chill, the wetness on the walls we were heading further underground. I gulped, only five minutes ago I was close to fresh air and now because I’m such a dingbat I’m voluntarily following a mad man into his underground dungeon.

I can hear my family screaming at me about my stupidity from here

Uncle Diego will have a field day about this one when he finds out what I’ve done, he’ll mock me for the rest of our lives, and rightly so. I rolled my eyes still following Keir further into the depths of the darkness feeling the cold more with every step we took.

“You know I find it fascinating how easily manipulated people can be-” I hummed in agreement with Keir not really listening to what he was saying, the walls had started to have mold on them. Are we near water?

Or under water?

I shuddered at the thought, water had always been my greatest fear amongst other things, I felt the color drain from my face as I realised the extent of the danger I could be in.

“- you know if you tell people exactly what they want to hear they will almost always hesitate in carrying out their original plan. I however do not operate that way but I did hear a fascinating fact the other day. Shall I tell you?” He paused briefly glancing over his shoulder, I feigned mild curiosity hoping my heart hammering in my chest was only loud to my ears and not his.

We rounded one last corner coming face to face with a solid wooden door he turned on me, keeping my expression somewhat calm I waited expectantly “Every litter of pups always has at least one runt. This one is the biggest nuisance always needing to be helped, always needing to be saved. Do you know why I decided to take you Axel?”

“Because I’m the runt I’d imagine? Or so you would like me to believe I’m sure” I offered to him holding an expression of slight entertainment on my face. He smiled slightly “Oh no Axel you are quite in fact the runt of the litter. With you out of the way it means your family will be a little too preoccupied to realize that I am coming because they will be too busy trying to find you and by the time they do find you. Well you will be dead of course and I will have taken over the throne in their absence. Masterpiece isn’t it?” He trailed off absentmindedly pointing to a rotting painting on the moldy wall.

Without saying another word he opened the wooden door, shoved me into the room and slammed it behind me “HEY LET ME OUT!” I slammed my fists into the door as hard as I could but to no avail. Keir opened to small slot along the top enough to only show a face “I am excited to see how you break yourself out of this one Axel. I do hope you can do it before you die though otherwise I will be fiercely disappointed in you. Happy surviving”

He slammed the slot shut, his manic laughter fading off into the distance, the hairs on the back of my neck instantly stood up. I wasn’t alone in this room.

What the hell is behind me?

I felt eyes boring into the back of me and I didn’t need to turn around to know they weren’t friendly. I turned around very slowly so as not to make any sudden movements.

This is some real hunger games shit right here

I let my eyes adjust to the darkness slowly I started from the ground and slowly raised my eyes, breathing very slow and concentrated. I strained my ears to listen past the blood rushing around my body and try and hear what this thing was before I laid eyes on it. It took a few seconds but I finally heard it a low and menacing grumbling deep in a chest, my eyes were finally high enough to look into the eyes of whatever was finally going to kill me and that’s when I saw it.

Golden eyes, wild and dangerous staring at me with a starved hunger like I was dinner ready to be served, but that wasn’t what almost made me pass out in fear.

There wasn’t just one set of eyes.


There were three...

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