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Dead men tell no tales


Now he recognized himself as a dead man, it became important to stay alive as long as possible...

I've officially lost it, surely I'm hallucinating? Dragons do not exist, and yet there was one with three heads staring at me like I was his dinner...

I flattened myself against the wall moving ever so slowly along it out of reach from the dragon that was following my movement with its eyes. All six of them.

How in the hell am I gonna get out of this one? Funny enough we never covered escaping from a three headed dragon in my lessons growing up. It rumbled and snarled causing me to jump and slip on a rock landing on my ass with a heavy thud.

My head snapped up quickly as it rose to a towering height, it's belly glowing a deep orange, Shit! I dove out of the way just seconds before fire flew out of its mouth.

Oh yeah

I'm definitely gonna die today!

Of all the places and all the things I could’ve been doing right now I had to be locked in a dungeon with a dragon. A fucking dragon!

I crawled behind a big rock hoping it would be enough cover to allow me a chance to think. I don’t even know how to get out of this, I could hear it sniffing around behind me. The sound of chains dragging on the ground.


That’s it!

Maybe if I could convince it that I’m here to help it, it would spare me right? Yeah Axel cause dragons can talk.

I rolled my eyes internally cursing myself for being so stupid. I put my head in my hands trying to drown out the noise of impending death and doom behind me. Think Axel think

Storm said she can see archways into different planes so maybe if I go into death she might be able to find me? If anyone knows how to take down a dragon surely she would.

I nodded at my own genius searching around for something to put runes on, I can’t conjure forcefields but Grams taught me how to put wards up to protect my body when I’m in death.

I crawled ever so quietly into a dark corner further away from the three headed beast that wants to barbecue and eat me. Grabbing four small sized stones and mixture of flat and bumpy I placed them around me in a circle muttering incantations until runes shone brightly on them.

I settled into a cross legged seated position, taking a calming breath and reaching out for the border between life and death. If the dragon gets me while I’m in there I know I won’t survive.

I looked around the forest clearing, the mixture of greens and the bright colours of the flowers at the base of the tall trees a stream running alongside the flat grass. In the middle of the clearing stood a bench with a blonde haired man sitting on it looking out across the stream sitting peacefully enjoying the sun.

“Dad?” I stood at the end of the bench, he turned to face me “Hello son”

I sank onto the bench not believing my eyes “what? How? Keir he-“

“He did a number on me that’s for sure” Dad chuckled looking out across the water again “is your Mom ok?”

I shook my head “I don’t know Keir took me just after he killed you. I’ve been trapped in his weird castle ever since. I actually came here to find Storm” my voice trailed off.

“If anyone can beat him you can Son. You’re an Alpha now. The pack and our family needs you” I felt dad’s eyes on me, I hung my head “Dad I don’t think I’ll make a good Alpha. I can’t even get past this dragon”

“A dragon? Huh I didn’t even know they existed”

“Trust me neither did I until I came face to face with a three headed one. That’s why I came here looking for Storm I thought maybe she could help me” I stared out across the water again, noticing movement in the trees on the other side. No one else is supposed to be here.

“He’s been following me a while that creature. He probably thinks I can help him escape” Dad offered up without me asking, my heart did a hopeful somersault.

If Dad’s sitting here it means Mom can bring him back and we can be a family again. “I can’t go back Axel. If I were I wouldn’t return to my body the way I’m truely meant to be. Keir he destroyed my body by splitting it in half. Separating my Wolf from myself. It is time that I go. The pack will be in good hands with you son”

“I don’t think I can Dad. I don’t think I’ll be a good Alpha. Maybe one of the others can? I’m sorry Dad I know you want me too but I just don’t think I can”

“Everyone has a calling in their life son, something they were created to do with the deepest fibres of their being. Something that makes days so easy it’s as effortless as breathing. Would I love for you to take over the pack? Absolutely you are the first born. The heir so to speak but the pack is not the only thing you are heir to my son. You have another side to you, I would and always will support you no matter what you choose”

I breathed a sigh of relief, internally thankful that my parents had always been respectful of our individual decisions in what we chose to do with our lives. Although this moment with Dad was wonderfully peaceful, death loomed over me in the real world and I needed to be sure I had a body to go back too. I glanced over my shoulder looking at the archway back into life.

“Any ideas on how to beat a dragon?” I laughed to hide my nerves, Dad looked thoughtfully out into the distance.

“You may be a Wolf Axel but you are also a witches grandson. Don’t ever forget who you are. You, Reign and your cousins are part of a special breed of wolves. That in itself makes you exceptional. Your mother and grandmother are very gifted witches as are your uncles. They are also wolves and yet they never lost sight of who they are. Your mother was destined for greatness but it was her witch side that saved thirty lives twenty years ago, not her Wolf.”

I nodded so the only way out of this was to be a witch, I had spent so long trying to balance both, trying to use both abilities at the same time and yet I always failed “how to do I find the balance between both worlds?”

“You embrace them both, being a witch might be easier sure, but there are times where being a Wolf is better. Your strength, your speed, your senses that all comes from being a Wolf. But your power and your abilities the reason we can meet now.” He waved his hand around the clearing “That is being a witch. Trust that you know what you need to do in any given situation and learn from the mistakes you make”

He clapped his hand onto my shoulder “I’ll miss these talks Dad” I smiled at him, he smiled back “I know son but this is where we must say goodbye. Pass my love onto your sister and my beautiful mate”

I wiped away the tears building in my eyes “it’s ok to cry son. Allow your feelings to fuel who you are as a person. Don’t hide them away because you think they make you weak they don’t. They show your strength in times where others might stumble. If we weren’t meant to feel the goddess never would have granted us feelings”

He stood up and I followed suit. We embraced in a final hug before he clasped my shoulders “do me proud son. Whatever path you choose. Protect your sister and your family. Have lots of pups with your mate and don’t ever let anyone tell you who you are”

With that he turned and walked into the distance slowly fading away. I squared my shoulders turning to face the archway back into life. A new found confidence.

I know exactly what I need to do.

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