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Stepping Down


“Listen Gia, I know it’s been rough but the clock is ticking. Reign is one of the best trackers we have if her and I go together we can find Axel and”

“No” my words were cold and sharp, I barely recognised myself in my reflection on the window. My white hair thrown up in a bun because I hadn’t washed for days, my once glacier blue eyes now all red and puffy from crying. My body and soul ached for my mate. My mate who had been brutally ripped away from me. How was I to continue?

“Gia” Diego had been insistent on taking Reign with him on the search for Axel but I couldn’t risk it. I couldn’t risk my youngest baby being taken too.

“I said no Diego find another way. You’re not taking my baby from me. She’s” my voice cracked “she’s all I have left”

“Gianna Axel isn’t dead”

“DON’T YOU DARE SPEAK” I spun around anger cursing through my veins, how my mother could even heal such a monster was beyond me. She stood there with her black hair and her midnight eyes telling me what she thinks she knows about my son. Like she knows better than me.

“ENOUGH! Gianna if you can’t pull your shit together then get the fuck out”

Diego’s words were sharp cutting through the tense air, I watched as that bitch Storm breathed a sign of relief.

Yeah you better be scared of me you bitch.
I’ll rip you apart for murdering my family.

Mom stop blaming everyone. It’s no ones fault what happened and excuse me I can speak for myself I am going with Uncle Diego to find Axel whether you fucking like it or not” Reign flicked her hair over her shoulder crossing her arms.

I felt this rage build up inside of me, my eyes glowed like I was about to shift but I couldn’t feel my Wolf. She was busy grieving the loss of her mate, our mate.

Before I could think straight I stepped towards Reign watching the power of her aura rolling off of her, I raised my hand and for the first time in her life I slapped my daughter across the face. Leaving a handprint on her golden cheek.

The gasp in the room was audible, we all had tempers but we were raised to never lay hands on each other outside of sparring practice. A lesson Kol and I passed onto our kids.

She looked at me with tears in her eyes, I opened my mouth to apologise when


I clutched my jaw, my eyes blinded by the pain. I looked toward where the smack had come from to see Reign shaking her hand her face full of anger but her eyes brimming with tears “Grow the fuck up Gianna” she spat “you’re not the only one grieving”

She stormed out of the room slamming the door behind her. Diego followed her out casting a disappointed look my way before leaving. That’s the first time one of my children has ever used my name. I’ve always been Mom.

Shortly after only my mother and I were left in the room.

I couldn’t look her in the eye, I was too embarrassed by what I had done.
“We understand your pain and suffering darling but we are not your punching bags. Your son needs you. Pull yourself together”

I flinched at her words, she was right I’d been falling apart the last few days. Understandably so, but still no excuse for what I had done. Will Reign ever forgive me?

I’ve never laid a hand on my children, even though there were times they damn near drove me too it.

“I’m falling apart Mom. I can’t stand the idea of loosing any more. We don’t even know for sure that Axel is still alive”

“He will be darling”

“How do you know Mom? Last I checked you weren’t psychic” I sighed heavily “I’m sorry”

“Gianna your children are the best and admittedly often times the worst of you and Kol. Don’t doubt for a second that your son won’t have found a way to stay alive with all of the gifts at his disposal”

Her words were reassuring but not enough to take away the fear of loosing Reign too. “I can’t risk loosing her too. She might be the best tracker but he’s also a lunatic who killed my mate and has my son. How do we know he won’t do it again”

“There is a way, there is one Wolf who could defeat him” she looked at me knowingly, but I just couldn’t summon the strength.

My Wolf and I had bonded so much over the years, her strength and resilience helping to keep the pack and my family safe for just over two decades. And yet I couldn’t bring myself to reach out again.

“I don’t think I’m in any fit state to be going to war mother” I scoffed, she couldn’t argue with me I was a mess. Lashing out at everyone and anyone I could direct my anger towards. Anyone who would sit in silence and take it. Usually Storm, I sighed looking out the window. Watching Storm and Reign practise combinations, admittedly they were both good fighters. I shouldn’t have been so hard on her. She’s lost just as much to this mad man... If not more.

“I wasn’t talking about you, it’s time to hand the mantle over the White Wolf must live on you know this”

“Who would I even give it too? Who could carry such a burden?” Being the White Wolf had so many responsibilities, so much power cursing through your veins. In the wrong hands it would drive someone mad.

My mother stared at me like I should know the answer, when the penny took too long to drop she pointed out the window “she was born with white hair for a reason Gianna! Her Wolf is blonde because only one White Wolf can exist at a time”

“Shouldn’t I discuss it with her first before throwing this huge responsibility on her? I think I’ve been a failure of a parent enough today thank you mother”

“You don’t need too I’ve been telling Reign about her destiny her whole life, she knows a day will come where you hand it over and I think now is the perfect time. Keir thinks you are the White Wolf he will believe he has weakened you by killing your mate maybe even driven you mad. He won’t be expecting Reign”

She was right, of course she was, you don’t get to become High Priestess by living off of a hunch and guesswork.

I closed my eyes summoning my Wolf to the surface, feeling my mothers hands on my shoulder lending her healing powers.

“I, Gianna Gray- Sanders hereby pass my White Wolf onto my daughter Reign. May she guide her and protect her for many years to come”

My bones began to crack as my body started to shift, even with mother’s healing the pain was excruciating. A shrill scream escaped my lips, not long a shriek from outside had followed.

Before I could run to Reign, everything went black...

What have I done?
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