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Lost Souls


Lost is not a place, it is a soul in paralysis... waiting to feel moved...

Frieda and Gianna came rushing out to Reign who was panting on the ground. I hastily took a few steps back holding my hands up afraid Gianna would lash out again “I didn’t do anything I swear she just dropped and started thrashing I tried to help her I’m so sorry” tears streamed down my face as I moved backwards.

Frieda leaned over Reign, checking for any injuries and making sure she was ok. Gianna looked at me, sorrow on her face. I couldn’t wait to see what abuse she hurled at me so I ran away as fast as my feet could carry me back to the castle. I could hear them shouting out for me but my legs kept moving.

I ran into a room breathless my lungs screaming out for air, I jumped when I heard Gianna come in behind me “it seems I owe you an apology” she spoke softly, holding her hands up in mock defeat.

I watched her movements, tensed and ready for her next attack, she continued to speak “I apologise for what I inflicted on you during my heartbroken rage. I have no excuses, what I did to you was unforgivable. I should have grieved with you not blame you for my grief. I won’t blame you if you decide not to forgive”

She turned to leave the room “wait” I called out “I can’t imagine the pain of loosing your mate, must have felt like you were being torn in two. To also loose your son, I’m surprised your still standing surely that would be enough to drive even the strongest mind insane?”

She smiled softly “it’s been an emotional roller coaster that’s for sure” I nodded looking across the room at the paintings on the wall. Taking in all the intricate details, there were several self portraits I’m assuming by the one of Raphael they were portraits of the previous King’s.

“What happened to Reign?” I peaked at her sideways hoping I hadn’t made her angry, she sighed heavily her fingers absentmindedly playing with the hem of her blouse “I gave her my White Wolf and the power and strength that comes with it. I am just an ordinary Wolf now”

My mouth fell open “you mean you’re not a witch anymore?” She laughed slightly “I’m still a witch I can still do simple spells, walk into death but I don’t have the same power behind my magic I once had”

I was at a loss for words, to give up the strongest parts of yourself just so your children could survive. No doubt she was a powerful Wolf and leader but it takes real strength to be a mother and sacrifice everything for your children.

I wiped a tear from my eye, remembering how my own mother had pushed me out of the way, taking on all of Keir’s power. Just so I could live.

“You could die” I pointed out, her eyes looked sad “without my mate I will die soon anyway. I need to go knowing my children will be safe. Axel will have you but Reign is not mated she needs more power. More strength” she took hurried steps towards me her hands clasping mine tightly “I am a lost soul aching to find my new home with my mate, my husband. Storm I need you to promise me that whatever happens, you will help my children stay safe. Teach them”

She didn’t need to finish her sentence I knew what she was asking, teach them everything I know. I shuddered internally at the thought, it was my teachings that got us into this mess in the first place but I nodded nonetheless at her request.

She released a heavy breath, she must have been holding it while I was thinking. Now we just needed to get Axel back, she needs her family reunited before she can truely know peace.

“You know Keir any ideas on how to track him down? Our guards said they lost the scent about ten miles north of the borders” she had a point I did know him, or at least I used too. That doesn’t mean I would know where he had taken Axel but I did have an idea.

“Follow me” I walked out of the room back out onto the grounds heading towards Diego and Reign, Gianna following along behind me. I marched towards them, this was a long shot there was no guarantee that it would even work but we had to try something.

“Gia” Diego barked “have you lost your damn mind? You could have died!” Everyone flinched at his words, Reign looked like she would burst into tears at minute.

I cleared my throat “not to interrupt this very emotional moment but there is still the matter of finding Axel, now it’s a long shot but I’ve had an idea”

All eyes were on me now, feeling slightly uncomfortable I shuffled on my feet, squaring my shoulders I took a deep breath calming my nerves. Chances were I was going to piss several people off in the process. They were severely protective of each other.

“We need to do a locator tracking spell, now seeing as all of you are his family we could use your blood which will have the strongest tie to him. Then I think Diego and Reign need to lead the way to find him.” Mouths opened to argue my logic, I held my hand up to silence them hoping they wouldn’t kill me for doing so.

“They are two of the best trackers this pack has, at this point there is literally no point in denying it. It is what it is, Axel is in trouble and we don’t know what is happening to him we cannot waste anymore time”

Everyone looked at Frieda as the only other full witch in the group, she stared straight into my eyes, almost to the very depths of my soul. Checking my intentions, the magic I am talking about requires an extremely skilled witch. Blood magic is a whole other level of magic, it requires almost full covens of lower witches to complete.

“Storm is right it is the only way, this Keir we are facing is more powerful than anything I have seen for a few decades. Axel needs us, he’s not strong enough to fight Keir off alone. Gather what you need, Storm and I will perform the spell and we will leave at sundown tonight” everyone bustled into movement not even questioning her orders.

She motioned for me to follow her, we hurried towards her sanctuary where she would have the ingredients needed to perform the spell.

“Blood magic is dark magic who exactly do you know about it?” She bustled around the room grabbing herbs and pots of liquid “it is my job as wanderer to know about all kinds of magic. Just because I know about it doesn’t mean I practice it” I assured her.

She nodded her hands throwing the ingredients into a bowl in the centre of a circle of candles, pouring a vile of blood on top of a map, I didn’t dare ask who’s it was, lighting candles with a snap of her fingers she reached her hands out for mine.

“Welcome to the family Storm, follow my lead”

Her eyes rolled back in her head as she began chanting, I felt the magic beginning to drain out of me as I changed along with her. I watched as the blood pooled and began to move north on the map. Leading us to Axel.

The candles flickered, the windows opened with a gush of wind. Frieda opened her eyes looking at the map she smiled.

“We found him”
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