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Dragon Fire


We can be our own dragons as well as our own heroes- and sometimes we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves...

I shook the ice from my hair, brushing the misty snow off of my clothes. How long was I in there?
I peaked over my shoulders, the dragon was asleep in the corner, it’s hot heavy breath filling the dungeon with every exhale.

Do I have to kill it?

I quietly snuck around the rock I had been hiding behind, it looked peaceful while it was sleeping. Even though it could kill me in one go if it really wanted too.
I almost felt sorry for it, how long had it been down here?

It had chains around its feet, judging by the dent in its legs it looked like the chains had been there a while, it’s scales looked grey and unhealthy not the dark black they should be. Did Keir really send me in here to kill this beast?

I looked around the dungeon, again like I seemed to have been doing for days trying to find a way out. Apart from blasting a hole in the wall but who knows what kind of drama that would bring.

“I’d really like to just go home now” I muttered to myself, the dragon stirred in the corner as my voice echoed around the walls. Great, here we go again.

It raised itself up suddenly letting out a deafening roar, each one of its heads facing me it’s beady eyes watching my every move.

“Look I really don’t wanna have to kill you buddy so if you could just fuck off and let me think ok?” I barked at it, rubbing my temples, I heard a rumble from the corner and looked just in time to jump out of the way of the flames. All three heads shooting fire at me, I jumped up towards a rock sticking out higher up on the wall hoping to buy myself some time.

My eyes adjusted better to the darkness up here I was able to see things clearer now that I was up higher, I looked up at the ceiling trying to make out where the faint light was coming from. How exactly did he get the freaking dragon in here?

I looked down at it, feeling nothing but pity for it. Had it been raised in captivity? Does it even know what fresh air smells like? Hell I’d be angry too if I’d been locked in here my whole life.

“I’m gonna get you outta here buddy I promise” I looked down at it, I know dragons can’t talk, but the way it snapped it’s jaws in response made me hope it had at least understood me somehow.

Extracting my claws I climbed further up the wall trying to get closer to this light, I climbed to the ceiling and I swear I almost fell down with joy.
It was a door, a gigantic trap door. I punched and rattled it trying to open it but it was chained from the outside. So that’s how he got it in here.

I looked back down it was easily a twenty foot drop “Imma risk it” I muttered releasing my grip on the wall I fell back, hoping I’d be able to slow myself down before I landed and broke something.

I waved my hands about trying to slow some of the air whooshing past me. I landed with a softer thump than I anticipated. I stood up straight staring at the dragon while it reared up on its hind legs, chains clinking ready to strike again.

“WAIT!” I roared at it “I’m going to set you free!” My sentence got cut off as it tried to barbecue me again “oh come on dude cut me some slack here I’m trying to do the right thing!” I dove towards the chains on its legs, quickly muttering incantations to open them.

The fell to the ground with a heavy clink, jaws snapped in my direction as the dragon spun around trying to snatch me with its mouths.

“ENOUGH!” My Alpha aura stopped it in its tracks momentarily, it looked at me stunned. Slowly I raised a hand reaching for one of its snouts “I don’t want to hurt you, I want to set you free”

Admittedly I saw a lot of myself in this creature, trapped somewhere it didn’t want to be. Forced to do something it wasn’t sure it wanted to do. Just wanting to be free, I looked back up at the door and again at the three heads looking down on me.

“Now I need you to cooperate with me please” why was I talking to a dragon like it can understand me “I am going to climb onto your back and you are going to fly us out of here. Through there”

It’s eyes followed my hand as I pointed up, it snapped its jaws again rustling its large leathery wings. I took that as a sign to mean yes so hesitantly I climbed onto its back hoping it wouldn’t change its mind. Or that it hadn’t tricked me into getting closer so it could eat me.

I slid onto the space between its wings, my legs stretched to the max just to be able to sit on its back “well this is gonna hurt tomorrow” I muttered wrapping my arms around one of its necks so I had something to hold onto.

It shuffled around on its feet and for a moment I thought my plan had backfired before it took off at lightening speed towards the ceiling it burst through the trapdoors splintering them in the process.

“WOOHOO” I shouted out breathing fresh air for the first time in days, the dragon fumbled slightly as it stretched out its wings for the first time in probably years.

I was hit with a wave of emotion like I could cry at any second, as the dragon flew us to freedom it let out a roar of delight. It’s long black wings flapping in the wind.

We did a couple of loops of the castle, Keir looked furious as he ran out onto the grounds, I flipped him the finger before the dragon flew away.

I didn’t even care what direction we were going in, I was just happy I’d gotten free.
After flying above a forest for several miles, we landed on a large mountain. I gingerly climbed off the dragon and looked up at it.

“Thanks for not killing me” I laughed, it snapped its jaws at me before stretching its wings out and taking off again. “So long friend safe travels” I whispered watching it fly away into the distance becoming smaller with each swoop of its large wings.

I looked around at the forest beneath me, I needed to find a way home but there were hunters everywhere. If I wanted to slip under the radar I’d need to shift and find my way home in Wolf form and hope I didn’t run into any rogues on my way.

I hadn’t been banished from my pack like they had, I’d just been taken. Either way I didn’t fancy having to fight them especially if I was out numbered, I just needed to get home in one piece.

I shifted through my clothes, ripping them to shreds it’s not like I’d need them anyways.

I took off into the forest, hoping I wouldn’t run into any humans. Yeah we might look like regular wolves from a distance but if you got closer you’d see our eyes were different and we were a damn sight bigger than regular wolves. My black fur would make me stand out as would my blue eyes.

I sniffed the air trying to find something that would smell familiar, I headed south hoping I was going in the right direction. It’s either going to bring me home or it’ll bring me right back to Keir.

Guess there was only one way to find out...
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