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For those of us climbing to the top of the food chain, there can be no mercy. There is but one rule; Hunt or be Hunted...

My paws thudded against the soft ground as I raced through the forest. I just hoped I was heading the right direction and not further towards trouble.

Why do I always seem to get myself into trouble?

My senses were on overload, the fresh air, the freedom. I’d no idea how long I had been locked up for but I couldn’t wait to get back home, bury myself in my mate and call it a day.

A snapping twig to my left caught my attention, I picked up the pace. I wasn’t stupid I had figured I wouldn’t be the only creature running loose in the forest, I’d just hoped I wouldn’t bump into any of them that’s all.

A whistling past my ear made me change direction, clawing up the ground I quickly started running to the left. Heading further off of my course, a loud bang followed by the whistling sound again had me running to the right.

I chanced a look over my shoulder, my heart about to beat out of my chest. Four men running my direction all of them holding guns. Great


They were either ordinary people completely oblivious to what I was and just thought I’d make a nice rug or they were werewolf hunters and knew exactly what I was. I jumped over a fallen tree landing harshly my claws digging into the ground I quickly headed back south again.

Running at max capacity I thought my lungs would cave in, I couldn’t afford to stop and rest who knows how far behind me they were.

I hoped and prayed to the Goddess that I was heading in the right direction and not just running into more trouble.

Like right back into the hands of Keir.

A tree fell in front of me blocking my path making me skid to a halt, I turned back around to where I had come from and spotted the men catching up to me breathless. Either they were inhumanly fast or I wasn’t running fast enough.

“Well well would you look at this mighty animal” one of them proclaimed his eyes lighting up.
The others stood beside him their shifty hands on their guns ready to draw at a moments notice.

I growled at them and they took a panicked step back, wide eyed and terrified. In a matter of seconds they had regained themselves and I found myself facing down the barrels of several guns.

“Well I reckon this one is a bit wild and needs to be put down” hunter one sneered
“How about we capture it, I’m sure we can tame the beast” hunter two clutched his gun gingerly.

I howled in pain as one of them got trigger happy and shot at me, the bullet grazing along my side. They stalked closer to me, I let out a warning growl but they ignored it.

“Must be a fully grown male he’s massive. I’ve never see a werewolf this size”

I snapped my jaws as one hunter got too close, rat bastards, I just barely missed his hand he snapped it back too quickly.

“I say we tranquillise it and bring it back with us, see what we’re working with”

A twig snapping in the distance distracted them long enough for me to lunge forward. I clawed one hunter leaving large gashes across his abdomen. I turned on the others before they could shoot at me I lunged knocking their guns out of their hands.

A large black Wolf leapt over the fallen tree trunk coming to a stop just in front of me, it was followed by a white Wolf and a blonde one. Storm landed from the sky, glancing over her shoulder to look at me smiling slightly.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see my family, the large black Wolf was drooling at the mouth. Didn’t take a genius to guess it was Diego, he always loved a good hunt.

Together we all released bone chilling howls up to the sky, Storm put her hands over her ears. The remaining hunter went white in the face seeing his friends ripped to shreds and very clearly outnumbered by wolves.

He stumbled backwards trying to make an escape but Diego wasn’t having it. In a second he was on the hunter having clawed into him, his screams faded away as Diego took his life quickly.

Storm reached out to stroke my head “let’s go home Axel”

Storm climbed onto my back clutching chunks of my fur to hold herself steady. Together we took off running, heading south we ran for about five miles before we got to the Royal convoy waiting for us.

“So good to see you back your majesties!” General Paul called out to us, handing our spare sets of clothes we shifted back to our human bodies and dressed quickly.

Mom gave me a tight hug tears streaming down her face, Diego clapped my shoulder as he climbed into one of the cars. Reign squeezed my hand tightly “it’s good to have you back big bro”

I climbed into a car settling in beside Storm I pulled her close inhaling her sweet scent. She nestled in close just allowing me to take her all in, not saying a word we sat in silence the whole way back to the castle.

We still needed to figure out how to defeat Keir but that could wait for another day. I was just happy to be back with my family and my mate.

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