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One Funeral and a Challenge


We put the hunt for Keir aside while we held a funeral for my father, the Alpha of the Blue Moon pack.
We held it on the Royal grounds of the castle. Every Alpha across the continent came to pay their respects, some members of other Royal families also came along.
Dads death and how it happened really shook up a lot of the packs when they found out, the others used to pass judgements about our open relationships with witches and other supernatural beings but after what happened a lot of packs decided to follow suit.
Turning to covens for help, some even allowing matings that would’ve previously meant a Wolf being exiled and made rogue.
My family and I sat in the front row shaking hands with everyone who came to pay their respects. Mom looked like a ghost, still grieving her mating bond being broken. Twenty years gone in the blink of an eye, Storm squeezed my hand gently providing silent comfort, I returned the squeeze not even able to comprehend loosing her. Feeling that bond being ripped away suddenly.
A big burly Alpha stood in front of me holding out his hand “My condolences Alpha Axel” he bowed his head as a sign of respect, a wave of nausea ran through me.
Alpha Axel
I was to be the new Alpha
Am I worthy enough?
Am I strong enough?
I smiled tightly and bowed my head in response, I’ll deal with my internal issues later right now I need to focus on getting through this funeral. Once respects to the mourning family had been paid everyone returned to their seats.
Pops stood up to speak as the Alpha King it was his duty to lead the service and introduce the next Alpha for the pack. Me, my heart was racing in my chest. I can’t do this.
“Today we mourn a great loss. Alpha Kol was a magnificent leader, he lead the pack with pride and dignity. He was a good mate and a good father to his children. He touched the lives of many with his kindness, under his leadership the pack house was always welcoming to everyone and anyone who fell on hard times. No one in the pack felt unwelcome or unheard” Pops stood tall, all Alpha’s heads bowed, respect for the Blue Moon King.
“Alpha Kol raised his children to carry on his legacy with pride, to have the same kind heart and love for the pack as he and his family before him had. It is my honor to introduce the newest Alpha of the pack. Kol’s eldest and only son. Axel Saunders”
Applause rang out throughout the congregation, while Pops’ speech had been brief and to the point like he always is I somehow hoped I would have more time. All eyes were on me as I walked past Dads coffin and up the steps. My mouth was dry, my heart threatening to beat out of my chest.
I stood beside Pops and faced everyone, any minute now Pops would open the floor to a challenge. As was tradition, it was unheard of for anyone to challenge the next in line. My palms were sweaty as I stood there, all eyes on me. “As is tradition I shall open the floor momentarily, if anyone has any reason that Axel should not be Alpha let him speak now or forever hold his peace”
My eyes scanned the crowd, Royal wolves sat amongst warriors and commoners. The seconds ticked by in silence for what felt like an eternity.
Pops turned to me clasping my shoulder tightly with his hand but just as he opened his mouth and voice rang out.
“I wish to challenge Axel for Alpha”
Everyone turned to face the voice and my stomach dropped.
Samson Pierce
My childhood bully
Samson had been a pain in my ass since I could walk, a douchebag with a major ego. Always thought he was the best Wolf in town. A common Wolf, he hated me because being Royal meant I got certain privileges that no other wolves got. Although schools had been told not to treat me any differently, some teachers always did.
Everyone looked back at me. My heart beating over time. This time I really think it will come out of my chest.
I have to accept his challenge
I literally have no choice.
It’s tradition, he knows this.
What a fucking asshole.
I squared my shoulders, my eyes watching him stalk slowly towards me. A stupid sneer on his face. He has me right where he wants me. Dick
“How would you like the challenge to end?” I snarled at him, hoping I sounded more fierce than I actually felt. Diego stood up in his seat, his body shaking in fury. Mom grabbed his arm tightly, her eyes watching Samson with a dangerous glare.
His sneer grew bigger as he came to a stop right below me, not breaking eye contact with me. The highest form of challenge.
“To the death” he stated, silence rang throughout the room. No one daring to breathe.
No one ever challenged to the death, it was submission only. Although it had been done in the past it hadn’t happened in over a hundred years because good wolves often loose their lives. Good warriors wasted because they couldn’t contain their egos.
And yet, Samson believed he could challenge me to the death and win. Meaning he would take out a Royal Wolf.
If he’s willing to kill a Royal to become Alpha then exactly how dangerous is he?
He can’t win. There’s no way an Alpha should be that murderous, not in our pack it’s not how we do things. Diego being the exception because he always acted on the King’s orders.
I stared Samson down, you could hear a pin drop in the room.
“So be it” I growled, he smiled from ear to ear. I motioned for him to lead the way.
He stalked down the center of the room heading outside to the grounds. I followed behind him, Mom grabbed my arm as I past her “you don’t have to do this Axel. We can have him stand down. Diego!” She looked to Uncle Diego desperately.
He went to step ahead of me, I shook my head for him to stop “Dad would have never backed down from a challenge Mom and neither will I”
She stifled a sob, I tried not to let it affect me too much as I followed Samson outside.
Soon everyone from the funeral was standing around forming a large circle in which we would fight.
I sized him up, he was broad shouldered and bulky. Meaning his Wolf will be massive. He had anger issues his entire life, meaning he could probably kill me with one swipe.
Good thing I’m part witch
Diego stood in the center acting as referee “how do you wanna do this?” He barked at Samson.
“Wolf form only, not witchy business. Half breed” he snarled the last two words and my blood boiled. So that’s why he challenged me. He thinks I’m a dirty half breed.
“Choose your second. Asshole” I snarled back, his eyes flashed dangerously at my insult.
“My brother Sawyer” I watched as his brother stepped forward looking just as big and dumb as Samson “and you?”
I stood up straight, my mind racing, I needed a decent fighter. I couldn’t ask Diego he was referee. The only other one I could ask was Milly. The rest of my cousins were out of town on a mission. I made eye contact with Milly and she nodded squaring her shoulders.
I turned back to Samson and opened my mouth to speak.
“I will be his second” Reign stepped forward, I stared at her.
“Have you lost your mind? Are you trying to give Mom a heart attack?” I hissed at her glancing over at Mom who had gone white at this point. Grams was clutching her tightly.
“Trust me this dickhead has had his beating coming for a while” She cracked her neck, rolling her shoulders she stared Samson down with a murderous venom.
I grabbed her elbow forcing her to look at me.
“Reign I can’t be Alpha it’s not my calling but I can’t let Samson win either” I tried to hide the panic in my voice whispering to her so quietly I doubt she even heard me.
Samson can’t win. I have to win. I have to be Alpha.
I have no choice. I’m the first born.
“Are you ladies done talking?” Samson shouted, Sawyer sneered clenching his fists.
“Challengers step forward” Diego shouted
“Reign!” I exclaimed gripping her elbow so tightly I threatened to break it. She stared deep into my eyes
“Axel and Reign step forward” Diego shouted, I swallowed the panic rising in my chest. I have to do this. I can do this. I am an Alpha Wolf. I will win.
Silently we stepped forward meeting the two mountain trolls in the center. Each one looking as dumb as the other.
“Shake hands” Diego ordered, I gripped Samson’s tightly showing him my hidden strength. Sawyer tried to break Reign’s but the loud crack and his wince told me she broke his. I saw fear briefly flash in their eyes. Realising Royal wolves are different.
We walked back to the edge of the circle the people had made.
“Axel are you sure?” Reign stared at me, I just nodded silently.
She looked over at Samson beginning his circle “drop and roll a couple of punches in. Before you shift, I’ll finish him off”
My mouth fell open “Reign if you finish him it means you will be considered Alpha. There’s never been a female Alpha ever!”
She stared at the two wolves challenging us “I know. Just do it”

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