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Gypsy Soul


"She has a Gypsy Soul and a Warrior Spirit. She makes no apologies for her Wild Heart. She leaves normal & regular to explore the outskirts of magical & extraordinary"

I am a Nomad, a Wandering Witch, we don't belong to any single Coven instead we travel from coven to coven learning and teaching. Wandering Witches are stronger than ordinary witches as we aren't anchored to any one place instead our magic is elemental drawing off our surroundings.

I don't blend in with the humans I stand out too much with my midnight blue eyes resembling a dark starry night and slightly pointed ears which hide beneath my shimmering blue black hair. I was born under a full moon out in the open as my parents were travelling, it was a stormy night hence my name and my mother said when I opened my eyes the first thing she thought of was the storm she saw in them.

I am a fighter, a warrior, that makes me a strong wanderer my father was a warrior, my mother was a healer. I speak in past tense as they were slaughtered in a wolf massacre a few months back, now I wander alone having barely escaped with my life. No coven will take in wanderers any more for fear that they will attract the rogues looking for power to over turn the throne.

Rumour has it the Alpha King has grown weak and he is preparing for his Son the Prince to take over but that is not why I travel to them, instead I wish to see his Queen the most powerful sorceress to grace our lands that was before her daughter was born, the half witch half wolf. The white wolf.

Gianna Gray

The stories say she is the only one who can roam freely into death maybe she can help me, I have a gift you see but I cannot use it I don't seem to know how, I can see the archways to other realms I can reach out and touch them and yet I cannot cross.

Mother would say it was because I hadn't found my pairing, like wolves wanderers pair for life entwining their magic fusing together until their soul becomes one. Similar to wolves if a wanderer loses its paired they slowly waste away until they greet death themselves if the madness hasn't driven them to take matters into their own hands before that.

In every coven I searched for my pairing but had no such luck, instead the men they looked down on me because of my eyes, my ears, my hair. I was no ordinary witch of that I was sure but it became increasingly obvious that I was also no ordinary wanderer.

I stick to the shadows keeping the hood of my cloak up as I make my way through the town named Willow Creek according to the sign I passed a couple of miles back I can sense wolves close by but no threats as of yet, I learned a long time ago to mask my scent to avoid detection. I make my way along a forest pathway until a large grey castle looms before me with several cars parked out front, I stumble up the steps before hesitantly knocking on the door an older gentleman opens it looking down on me.

I take a step back tilting my head only slightly so he may see half of my face "I wish to speak to the Queen? I am a Witch, I mean no harm" my voice gives away my nerves, from the stories I have heard over the years unwelcome guests never leave the castle once they have entered, never leave alive that is, the King tends to kill them in a fit of rage thinking they will harm his Queen.

The man simply nods stepping to the side to allow me entry, I breathe out softly crossing the threshold of the doors "follow me please Miss?" He waves his hand towards a stairway "Storm" I mumbled he nods again beginning his ascent I follow him silently keeping my hood up.

We come to a stop outside a large oak door, he raps his knuckles twice before opening "a Miss Storm to see you my Queen" he motions for me to walk in and I do nodding at him he nods in response before leaving clicking the door shut firmly behind him.

I stand with my back to the door looking at the elderly couple before me the man is dark and brooding his frame wide and well built he is certainly fitting of the title of King he looks like he could kill me with one swing of his hand.

She sits beside him her partially grey hair in a bun she looks calm and gentle but there is a fire in her eyes she has seen war and she has fought for her survival perfectly suited to a King let alone the King of wolves.

She smiles at me but it doesn't quite reach her eyes, she is guarded that I respect they don't know me, he is ready to attack when needed to protect his Queen. He may not be a witch but he will fight to the death for her. She is his mate, his pairing.

"Welcome darling Storm is it?" I nod silently before coughing "Yes, Yes thank you" a growl from the man startles me and I let a breath escape my lips "forgive him dear he is just on edge would you mind lowering your hood so we may see you?" I feel a calmness wash over me, my shaking hands reach for my hood and I pull it down letting my hair fall loose around my shoulders.

I tuck some strands behind my ears and raise my eyes to meet hers. She gasps clutching her hands to her mouth "you're a wanderer?" I nod silently darting my gaze to the ground "you have experienced pain my darling?" Her arms are around me now I didn't even hear her move, I nod again accepting her embrace feeling the warmth "my parents were mauled by rogue wolves a couple of months back I had. I had nowhere else, I couldn't think, covens they wont accept wanderers any more" I choked out clutching her close.

She stroked my hair shushing me I felt the calmness wash over me again, she's a healer like my mom was. She leads me to the table seating me between her and the King who looks at me his hardened gaze mixed with a touch of softness "these wolves do you know what pack?" His voice cut through the air and I jumped slightly "I heard mutterings of a Blood Moon but I didn't understand what it meant" he closed his eyes pinching his nose I looked at the Queen scared he might kill me.

She stroked my arm gently keeping me calm "they have crossed the waters? This is a claim for power if members of the Blood Moon Pack have gone rogue this will be a direct attack on you Raphael. We will need to call in the others"

The others?

Who are the others?

"Yes yes you're right Frieda darling as always call Diego and Gianna tell them to get here immediately. All of them this is a family issue the children should be aware as well" he waves his hand his other still pinching his nose.

The children?

All of them?

Great I came to see Gianna and the Queen, Frieda I think he called her looks like I'm meeting the whole family instead. Frieda had made a quick phone call to a Liv? I think that's what she said.

"They will be here momentarily. Now darling why don't you tell us about you?" She sat beside me tucking my hair behind my ear, I shuffled glancing at the King nervously "well uhm my name is Storm my father was a Warrior and my mother was a Healer. They were pairings, it's kind of like uhm wolf mates? They died protecting me from the wolf attack I got injured pretty badly took me a couple of weeks to heal fully but I managed to get away"

"And how did you make it past my guards to my office?" The King was looking at me now I coughed slightly "I ah learned to mask my scent a long time ago so as to avoid detection"

Just as he opened his mouth to respond the office door opened, people started walking through I recognized Gianna from descriptions I had heard over the years yet she was more beautiful in the flesh a girl walked in behind her a younger version of her except her eyes were hazel like her fathers I'm assuming by the blonde man that followed but he didn't have my attention.

The young boy behind them did with dark hair and green eyes that bored into my very soul igniting a flame inside me that screamed out for him I shuffled in my chair itching to stand up, he froze on the spot his gaze holding mine firmly. He shuffled his feet anxiously his jaw clenching and unclenching he opened his mouth just as I opened mine



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