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Family Conference


I’ve seen wolves fight but only packs fighting rogues I’ve never seen a challenge for dominance or Alpha. Watching Axel and Reign had my heart racing, the world I am a part of now is vastly different from what I have witnessed growing up.

Sure these things still happened but it was rare a wandering witch would be present to see it. We never usually stayed in one place for very long.

Come to think of it, this is the longest I have stayed in any place at any given time. I had begun to feel itchy feet, soon it would be time to decide if I leave or stay.

Would Axel come with me?
Would he still be obligated to stay here now that he isn’t Alpha?
Can wandering witches even settle down?

Once again we met in the usual family room for a conference, seems all this family does is have meetings.

I was so proud of Reign how she stepped up, didn’t think she had it in her honestly, she’s a good fighter and one of the best trackers after Diego of course but a leader? An Alpha?

She’s broken a glass ceiling amongst the wolves, in the packs entire history there has never been a female in that position.

As everyone piled into the room it soon became crowded, a couple of wolves from the leaders circle had come along and the Beta Jordan was there with his son Arlo who’s Axels best friend.

Axel slipped into a seat beside me, I reached out and squeezed his hand “you ok?” I whispered leaning into him.

“Better now I’m with you” he whispered back planting a soft kiss on my lips.

My heart skipped a beat at his touch, we hadn’t had a chance to be alone since we had became mates. There was always something, it feels like a lifetime ago when we first met, when we had a brief quiet moment before his uncle and cousin started arguing about a fire.

I gazed at him drinking him all in, how his crystal blue eyes sparkled under his dark black hair, how he got dimples on his cheeks when he laughed. How his brow creased when he frowned or was deep in thought.

I love this man so much

I would do anything for him

We needed to be alone and soon, I couldn’t wait anymore I needed to feel him in every way.

He squeezed my hand sensing my excitement “we’ll be alone soon I promise” he whispered. Good

“What a day ladies and gentlemen what a day” the chatter hushed as soon as King Raphael entered the room and took his seat.

“Sir sit please” he waved at the vacant chairs around the table, some sat some remained standing “May I just say how very proud I am of my grandchildren today?”

A murmur of agreement went around the room, Axel sat up straighter in his chair and Reign blushed slightly but held her chin up high.

“Now Reign dear are you sure this is what you want? Being an Alpha is no easy feat especially for you being the first female one. There will be pushback from many traditionalist members of the pack. Pierce’s father being one of many I’m sure” Raphael peered down the table at Reign, he was a big burly man, his reputation being that of a savage man but yet when it came to his family he was soft and gentle.

I still wouldn’t cross him though

Reign sat up straight staring down the table determined “yes I’m sure. I wouldn’t have jumped in otherwise. I know what is expected of me, I can do this”

My chest swelled with pride for my friend, so much has happened to this family in such a short time and yet they never backed down. Always did what was expected of them, what they needed to do. They were always there for each other even in times of darkness and anguish.

Raphael turned his attention to Axel “and you Axel? Do you wish to be Reign’s Beta or have you other plans?”

Axel looked at me deep in thought “Actually Sir, I’d like to try my hand with the mages and witches. I think joint forces under the right leadership could really build something”

Frieda clapped excitedly “you will do wonderful darling”

Raphael smiled slightly nodding in agreement with Frieda “Well Reign seeing as you became Alpha only a couple of hours ago I’m assuming you haven’t thought of a Beta yet?” She shook her head “well then, Beta Jordan?”

Jordan stepped forward his hands clasped behind his back like a soldier awaiting his orders “yes your Majesty?”

“For the time being while my family and I clear some things up. For the i’s cross the t’s etc please step in and look after the pack in Reign’s absence until she is officially announced in”

“Yes sir, with honour sir”

“Excellent, well that is all for now. Thank you all for coming. Dismissed”

The room cleared out of everyone who wasn’t family, Gianna leapt up from her seat scooping up Axel and Reign into a bone crushing hug. They squirmed awkwardly “I’m so proud of you both. How did I get blessed with such wonderful children?”

“Mom I can’t breathe” Reign gasped pushing at Gianna’s arms, she reluctantly let them go sitting back down in her seat.

“Just the matter of that headache Keir left to sort out” Raphael rubbed his fingers along his forehead.

“We don’t really want to give him much more time to regroup I dread to think what he is planning and I’m pretty sure he will have vacated his lair that he kept Axel in so who knows where he is or what he’s up to now” I shuddered at the thought, Axel clasped my hand tightly.

“Can’t we used the spell again to find him like you guys found me?” He asked looking at Frieda, she shook her head sadly.

“No darling we cast that spell to find you not Keir, and performing such magic is a slippery slope I made an exception to find my grandson but I can’t condone such magic being performed repeatedly I’m sorry darling”

Axel nodded sinking back into his seat, for the first time in a long time I was stumped.

How were we supposed to find someone when we didn’t even know where to begin looking?

He’s already killed an Alpha and kidnapped a Royal, how much more craziness does he have locked away waiting to be released?

I shuddered again thinking about what he may unleash.

All I knew for certain was we needed to find him, and soon before he hurt anyone else.

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