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Finally Alone


Forget about Prince Charming, Go for the Wolf.
He can see you better, hear you better and eat you better.
Finally after a long day, we are alone. Storm turned around as I clicked the door shut behind me, she smiled shyly her cheeks flushing a rosy pink colour.
“Hey you” I spoke softly crossing the room closing the gap between us, “hey” she whispered back she inhaled deeply as I wrapped my hands around her waist pulling her close burying my nose in her neck I breathed in her scent allowing it to consume me.
She smells like Peonies
I kissed along her neckline nibbling slightly, she shivered under my touch her fingers starting to dig into my back, I smirked against her skin running my tongue along the spot where I would mark her. She let out a soft giggle.
I gently guided her back towards the bed, kissing along her neck making my way down to her chest my fingers clutching at her hips.
I want her forever, I want her belly full of my pups. I nestled between her legs leaning my head down I took a nipple in my mouth sucking softly, she moaned groggily "Axel" damn my name on her luscious lips makes me hard kissing down her body biting her gently leaving a small mark on her I buried my face between her thighs breathing her in I want a taste properly.
I licked gently teasing her, she stiffened her thighs around my head her hands in my hair I licked again opening her with my tongue drinking her sweet juices like honey my thumb rubbing her bud, her soft moans urging me on I licked and sucked until she came around me, drinking in all her juices, I kissed back up her body before meeting her mouth with my own her tongue running across my lips tasting herself on me.
Before long we fully stripped and I buried myself in her moaning together as I entered, I paused for a second letting her adjust to me before thrusting her nails dug into my bedsheets her legs wrapped around my waist her back arched and I felt her getting tighter.
Knowing she was close I reached between us rubbing her sweet bud again with my thumb she arched again underneath me, her head buried in the pillow as she rocked her orgasm her eyelids fluttering, just moments later I reached my own my head soaring through the stars I lay beside her panting.

"Marry me" I blurted at her she looked at me dazed leaning up on her elbow her eyes narrowed "what?" Mirroring her position "marry me" I repeated myself she bit her lip glancing around her, my heart was pounding is this what she wanted I want her forever but would she want me?
My palms were starting to sweat and my throat was dry I swallowed trying to summon some salvia to moisten it. She looked back at me some emotion in her eyes I couldn't place for a split second they switched to her magic ones before going back to her normal midnight blue.
"yes" she breathed and I let out the breath I didnt know I was holding "you scared me there for a second" I kissed her "why?" I stroked the hair from her face "because I want you forever, I want my ring on your finger my pup in your belly. I love you and I want you. I just thought maybe you didn't want me"

"I want you forever too" the smile almost broke my face "come on let’s try and get some sleep eh? It’s been a long few days” we snuggled down under the blankets, she rested her head on my chest.
“Do you think we’ll be able to beat Keir?” She whispered, I stared up at the ceiling my mind replaying what had happened while I was kidnapped.
“I’m not sure” I answered honestly. Truth be told I wasn’t, he ripped my father’s Wolf from his body shredding his soul in the process. He did it effortlessly who knows what else he could be capable of!
I dread the thought
“What will happen with Reign? Will she get into trouble for killing that Wolf?” Storm was looking up at me intently now her eyes full of concern and wonder. I rubbed her arm gently meeting her gaze with my own.
“No Samson invoked an old tradition one that our pack doesn’t use anymore but is customary in others. A fight to the death when you challenge the rightful Alpha for the spot. Reign did what she had to do the pack knows this, they understand it. Sure his parents will be upset and grieve the loss of their firstborn and many other wolves will grieve him too I’m sure but Reign tried to get him to submit and he wouldn’t. So she finished the job, if anything making that call will earn her more respect”
“How so?”
“Well Reign is the first female Alpha in history, it’s traditionally a males job to be Alpha to protect the pack and the Luna to be female. To stay home a bare pups”
“So she broke a glass ceiling then?”
“A what?”
“A glass ceiling, doing something no woman has ever done before her while paving the way for others to follow”
“Yeah I guess you’re right she did. There will be old fashioned wolves who will choose not to listen to her but I’m sure Uncle Diego and Pops will have plenty to say about that. It will take some time for Reign to fully have the respect of the males of the pack. Yes they will respect her because she is Royalty and now an Alpha but they will doubt her as well”
Storm stared up at the ceiling lost in thought at what we had just discussed. The Wolf world is strange to her you can tell, just like the in depths part of the witch world are lost on me too.
I couldn’t help but wonder what our pups would be like, would they be able to do magic? What would their gifts be? Would they have any?
I kissed her gently on the temple “get some sleep my love, big day tomorrow”
She rolled onto her side nestling herself down under the blankets so they reached her chin, she let out a tired sigh.

“I love you Axel”
“I love you too Storm”

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