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A New Beginning

A fresh start isn't a new beginning, it's a new mindset...
In the aftermath of Reign's challenge with Samson it's been eventful to say the least, many of his friends and family have challenged our authority as a family even calling our Pops' ruling into question.
Claims of us being barbaric and a family too comfortable with murder have been wafting around the pack all week, most of it is just rumbles so we let it slide. While the females are overjoyed that finally someone has stepped up and said I can do it too, the males have had plenty to say and a lot of it not nice things.
Arlo and I have been in many a fight with the males of the pack to protect Reign's honor and yet they still continue to question her abilities despite the fact that she was a well known and respected warrior and tracker before the challenge.
"Axel you really need to stop fighting the wolves of the pack, it's not exactly good damage control right now. We as a family are meant to rise above the rumors not add fuel to them" I winced as Mom tended to my wounds, rubbing disinfectant on a cut above my eyebrow
"Couldn't help it he called me weak" I mumbled remembering how Christian Dean called me weak for backing out of the challenge.
"Well maybe he deserved it then" Mom rumbled, I nodded in agreement wincing again as she dabbed my cuts some more.
"I don't want to be Alpha Mom I never did I only wanted it because Dad wanted it. We all know Reign would do a better job, she's a warrior and a tracker. I'm just a wolf that's more witch. That's where I'm comfortable" I huffed crossing my arms.
The whole argument was stupid forcing someone to be Alpha is not going to help, how is someone supposed to lead well when they never wanted the position in the first place?
How can someone set an example and care for others when their heart isn't in it?
Reign wanted it so she stepped up and I let her. Big deal. Everyone just needs to get over it. I've got bigger fish to fry right now than listening to people's pity parties about how wrong it is that a woman is in leadership.
Leave the pack then.
"At the end of the day Reign has the support of the King, people will come around eventually but not everyone is ok with change Axel. They will need time, and you and Arlo fighting every wolf who has an issue is not helping. We need you to lay low and focus on Keir. Let Reign handle the pack, it is her job now" Mom looked at me sternly, I rolled my eyes but nodded reluctantly.
She did have a point, I know she did but it still doesn't change the fact that these wolves are backwards. How is it that we live in modern day times and yet people are so backwards?
I got up from my seat and left the room, hoping to find Reign I wandered through the house. She wasn't home so I headed to the pack house hoping to find her there.
I climbed up the steps and headed for Dad's office, she'll be in there now reminded of him everyday. A lump rose in my throat as I walked through the doors to find my sister sitting on the other side of the desk buried in paperwork instead of my Dad.
"Hey Sis, how're you doing?"
She looked up from her piles of paper and smiled "Hey I'm doing ok just putting out more fires than I ever thought I would have but it's alright I'll get there eventually" She shrugged her shoulders standing up to give me a hug.
"It's weird being here without Dad eh?" We both sank into the chairs opposite his desk looking at his empty one, she nodded sniffling back a tear.
"Yeah it is but you know what he would've been proud of us either way Axel. He would've wanted you to be happy regardless of what you chose"
We sat in silence for a few minutes just taking it all in before a commotion outside caught our attention, we rose from our chairs turning to face the doors.
"Excuse me sir you cannot go in there!"
The doors burst open and there stood a man wild in the eyes panting heavily, I stepped slightly in front of Reign my fists clenched, Rita the secretary appeared behind him breathless and red in the face "Alpha Reign I'm so sorry he just burst past me-"
"It's fine Rita I will see him"
"You" he growled stepping into the office, I growled in warning but Reign stepped out from behind me staring down this man who dared to meet her gaze and challenge her "You don't deserve to be called Alpha you little slut"
Her eyes narrowed but she smirked jutting her chin out daring him to continue "I will take great satisfaction in proving you wrong asshole"
His snarl echoed through the room "You think you're worthy of us? You think the pack should follow you? You're a woman! WOMEN CAN'T LEAD. WOMEN CAN'T WIN. THEY WILL ALWAYS BE OUTSMARTED AND OUTMUS"
He lunged at her, flying through the air heading straight for her. In a flash she grabbed his throat and redirected him into a bookcase which smashed when he hit it.
"Really? Because I think I did? I won fair and square and whether you like it or not I am the Alpha of this pack and will remain so until my last breath. If you don't like it you are more than welcome to go Rogue. I will take great pleasure in hunting you down"
"Oh so that's how it will be is it? We were once a peaceful pack but you and your family have decided to make it violent by killing an innocent wolf"
"He was far from innocent" I snarled clenching my fists, my rage dancing in my chest ready for a release at this gorilla of a man.
"He invoked the old tradition not me, he invoked an old tradition where he knew one of us was going to die. So either way whether I had won or not the pack's new Alpha would still have blood on their hands. Your issue is not the age old tradition it is the fact that I won and he lost" Reign stepped closer to him as he raised from the floor her eyes dancing with fury, the air crackling with the pent up magic oozing from her pores.
He shifted on his feet his fists still clenched tightly, his teeth grinding together.
"If you don't like how I run things fine, get out I won't be sorry to see you go but don't you dare burst into my office and challenge me because I am the Alpha and next time I will kill you. Now GET OUT"
She threw her hand towards the door blowing up half the office in her wake causing him and I to jump. He looked at her wide eyed before nodding in submission and leaving.
She squared her shoulders back and took a calming breath before facing me, I smirked at her "You didn't mean to do that did you?"
"No but it really added that extra touch don't you think?" she laughed looking around at the mess "I'll be here a while cleaning this up, Wanna help?" she peeked at me hopefully.
I sighed "No not really but I will"
Together we set about cleaning up the office and throwing away the broken things to be replaced, I had no doubt that Reign would be an amazing leader but seeing how she handled that wild wolf gave me confidence that she won't always need her big brother to fight her battles.
And that makes me a little sad I guess
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