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Storms Rolling in


In the midst of storms and darkness, there's a strength greater than your own...

In the midst of everything that is happening, I am still very much aware that there is a crazed madman on the loose planning to take over the world with enough dark magic to level it. And yet all the wolves care about is a female in the Alpha position, something I will never understand.

People's lives are at stake here

As I sit on one of the many hills in the castle grounds, I think about everything that has happened since my parents died. When I first came here I was just a scared wanderer looking for a place to lay low after the attack on the Blood Moon pack I wasn't sure I could trust wolves again.

Yet here I am mated to one, willing to go into battle to protect them because they're my family now. Life has changed so much for me in a matter of months, I went from being an orphan to having a family. So why do I feel like this particular storm is only picking up speed?

Keir is evil sure, but is he the only driving force behind this? Will there be others? Will this ever end?

As witch you hope to be able to heal, teach and protect but lately I feel like all I'm doing is attempting to protect but not really getting anywhere with it. I couldn't even keep the Alpha of the pack alive.

Axel's father

I stared off into the distance watching the sun set behind the mountains feeling the chill as the wind bustled around me, I should really head back to the castle as it's getting dark. I just wanted to spend more time outside in nature, as a witch it's good for us to be in the elements from time to time to use nature to recharge our souls so our magic is stronger.

Standing to my feet I wandered towards the forest heading towards the boarder allowing my eyes to lead the way through the darkness. The guards on patrol nodded their heads to me as I walked past.

As I walked through the forest I got this eerie feeling like something was out there, something dangerous. Yet the Blue Moon pack was heavily guarded by some of the best warriors so there was no real danger here, at least there shouldn't be.

After walking a couple of miles I came to a stop at a stream, bending down to place my hand in the water and enjoy the coolness of the rushing water, a snapping twig to my right caught my attention.

My heart beat quickly as I stood up and stared out into the darkness "Hello?" my voice came out as a croak giving away my rising fear and building heart rate.

So stupid!

Why did you wander out here alone?

I snuck quietly towards where the sound came from ducking into the shadows, I masked my scent and reflected the light away from me blending into the trees and bushes so as not to be seen.

I walked further my ears straining to hear anything, not that I could hear much with human ears and not wolf ones. I was about to turn back thinking it was an animal when something made me stop in my tracks my eyes widening in shock.


The same ones that wiped out my parents, at least the group that did some of them might be different but some looked familiar. They sat around a camp fire, laughing and joking. Some skinning rabbits which were clearly going to be food.

They laughed and joked over the fire, making my stomach turn. These vile creatures just living like they haven't a care in the world.

I should kill them where they sit

A rustling and snapping of twigs behind me made me spin around, a foul smell wafting up my nostrils. I stepped deeper into the bushes in the hopes I wouldn't be noticed. The rogue walking past me was gigantic nothing short of a mountain of a man, he walked up to the group thankfully walking right past me. I let out a small sigh of relief and gazed cautiously towards the make shift camp.

I have to warn the others

They're too close to the boarder in a matter of hours they could be on us.

I turned around and took off at a run back to the castle, my heart threatening to burst out of my chest as I ran as fast as I could.

I fell at the feet of the boarder guards, panting heavily, gasping for air.

"Ma'am? Ma'am? Are you alright?" one of the guards reached down for me, I waved his hand away breathing heavily.

"Rogues" I panted "Rogues two miles south of here" I pointed behind me wildly my eyes threatening to come out of my head.

The guards helped me to my feet "Mind link the Prince and let him know. We need to be prepared for an attack I will help her back to the castle" one of the guards barked at the others leading me across the castle grounds.

Just as we got to the doors Axel burst through them "Storm are you alright? Thank you Roland" he took me from the guards arms who nodded silently.

"Rogues" I panted again my heart still beating wildly, Diego met us in the entrance, barking orders at wolves as they raced around.









"Storm how many of them were there?" Diego took a firm grip of my shoulders, shaking me slightly to get my attention. I blinked at him my mind still reeling.

Get a grip Storm!

"There were at least twenty" my voice came out as a croak, the faces of the rouges who slaughtered my parents still dancing in my mind, making my blood boil with fury.

"Ok you head to the bunkers with the women and children" Diego let me go but I shook my head.

"No I want to fight these rogues they killed my parents. I want my revenge" I stared Diego down, Reign shook her head coming to a stop beside Diego.

"No Storm we need you to protect the women and children in case there are more or any get past us" I glared at her furiously "They murdered my parents Reign they slaughtered them like animals"

"I understand Storm"

"Do you?"

"Yes Storm I do but I am commanding you to stay here with the women and children"

"Commanding me? Who do you think you are? I am not a Wolf you can bark orders at I am a witch and these beasts slaughtered my parents. I am going and I dare you to try and stop me"

I took a step towards her my eyes dancing with electric fury, she gulped slightly but nodded reluctantly "Fine but you let us take charge understood?"

"The ones who killed my parents are mine" I demanded, she rolled her eyes but nodded.

I squared my shoulders, not making eye contact with Axel. I needed to do this, to avenge my parents death. They deserve this, I intend to do to these rogues what they did to my parents.

A slow painful death, merciless.

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