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Travel, as much as you can. As far as you can. As long as you can. Life's not meant to be lived in one place.

The bond between us is weakening, I can sense it.

She's used magic that made us question the level of trust bestowed onto her and yet I feel like I don't know her as well as I should.

At this point into our mating and bind we should be an unstoppable force, we should know every inch of each other and yet I get the sense that she's ready to leave at the first chance she gets. Maybe it's just because she's a wanderer? She's not exactly a normal witch maybe that's what is confusing me.

I watched her from a distance as she and Reign spoke with my family, it bothered me that we always had to include them in every little thing but I guess it was a sign of respect.

I mean we were a close family but sometimes it just got old that Pops had to know and had to have his final say on everything. That's why I decided to step out of the meeting, to be honest I've just had enough with it all. Often times I think about just packing my things and leaving everything behind and starting again but that would mean going Rogue and that is never good.

I sighed heavily still watching my sister and mate, allowing the sun to warm my face and the breeze to blow around my shoulders. I think we need to get away for a while, get away from my family and their overbearingness as much as I love them it's becoming stifling. They have good intentions of that I am sure but I need to be away from them for a while.

A long while

I watched Storm make her way towards me, her shoulders slumped and heavy. They attacked her while I was taken, they abused and insulted her. They threw her in the cells when they didn't understand her power. How much more will she take from them before she snaps? She kept her eyes on the ground only speaking in response to whatever Reign was saying.

That's it. We're leaving. Now.

I stood up and walked briskly meeting Storm and Reign halfway "Pack your bags" I barked at her a little too harshly, she looked up at me hurt clear in her eyes "What? Why?" her voice was barely a whisper.

"Because we're leaving" I ignored Reign's shocked expression as I marched past them towards my family.

"I've had enough of your bullshit all of you" I exploded at them coming to a stop in front of them, I didn't give them time to interrupt as I ranted "You attacked her and you abused her while she just tried to help. You threw her in the cells when she killed the men who murdered her family as if you wouldn't do the same if you came face to face with Keir. How much more do you expect her to tolerate from you?"

"But sweetie" mom began to interrupt me "ENOUGH" I bellowed at them "We are leaving and we will come back when we want to not when you want us too and don't even think about stopping us" I pointed a finger at them my face wild with rage. They stood in silence not really sure what to say probably.

I'd never spoken like this before in my life, I was always laid back and always went with whatever but something in me snapped and I couldn't take it anymore. I'd never left the boarders of my pack before Keir kidnapped me, maybe that's why my mate is a wanderer because I need to wander and actually put some miles onto my soul.

Mom opened her mouth to speak I shot her a glare and she shut her mouth just nodding instead. Without saying another word I turned on my heels and stomped back up to our home where Storm was packing her things.

Once I made it back to the house she was standing sheepishly in the entranceway with one solitary suitcase by her feet, she smiled nervously as I approached her. Grabbing her face I planted a claiming kiss onto her lips, she clutched my wrists in her hands as she leaned into the kiss. "I'm sorry about everything" I hushed out after we broke apart resting my forehead on hers "Me too" she replied.

We stood like this for a moment before I separated us rushing to our room to pack some things. In a matter of minutes I was back downstairs where she was still waiting patiently for me. "So where do you want to go first?" she asked with a shy grin.

I shrugged my shoulders "Not really sure. How about you decide first?" I smiled back at her.

With a loud crack a portal popped open behind us, very similar to the one we first leaped through as Keir attacked my parents home many many months ago.

We held hands tightly as we grabbed our suitcases and made our way through the portal it shutting quickly behind us.

I had no idea how long we would stay away from the pack for, truth be told I didn't really care either. Was I considered a rogue now?

Or was I just travelling the world? This pack was still mine it was still my home. Still my family, I just needed a break. To connect with my mate properly without my actual family butting their noses in every five seconds.

The thought of travelling the world with Storm seeing the life she once lived before we met excited me, maybe if I'm lucky I'll learn some new magic myself on my travels.

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