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When the soul is ready, its mate will appear.

I shuffled on my feet ignoring everyone else in the room my attention focused solely on her, her soul screams to me like it knows it knows she belongs to me and I to her. She called me her pair I don't know what that means but that's what came out of her mouth.

Grams had summoned the entire family for what we didn't know but I no longer care I need her, I need to know her name, to hold her, keep her safe.

She has a strong presence about her she is a leader or she will be, my cousins Matt and Alex walked into the room their attention straight away on her that makes me angry I step closer blocking her from them "mine" I growl menacingly they take a step back and nod.

I turn to face her no one has spoken but she just looks at me amused her gaze shifts over my shoulder and her aura ignites blinding us all I look to where she is looking and see Milly clutching her head her eyes shut tight like she is in pain she drops to her knees nodding.

No one moves to stop her because they cant she has demanded the control of the room and she has it "okay okay" Milly gasps out before she is released from whatever hold she was under she kneels on the floor panting.

"What the fuck was that?" Uncle Diego rubs his head "you are no ordinary wanderer" Grams mumbles I shuffle my feet again "mine" my gaze is on her and she returns it that makes me happy my soul is dancing.

"Hi" she blushed twirling her fingers I shuffle again "Hi" my voice breaks into a croak. "Mother? Why don't you introduce us to my Sons mate?" Mom takes her seat at the table Dad sits beside her looking over at the girl who has now sat back down her eyes a whirlwind. A calm before a storm.

"I can introduce myself thank you Gianna. My name is Storm it is a pleasure to meet you and I am a Wandering Witch but we are better known as Nomads or Gypsies" she holds her hand out across the table I cant help but laugh at my mother's shocked expression as she returned the handshake.

"A wandering witch? There are a lot of strong witches and wolves in this room how did you manage to control us all like that and why?" Dad spoke up, Storm tilted her head at him the light reflecting off of her hair has me in a trance I can smell her scent from here, lotus blossom.

"Because he is my pair" she nodded her head at me I sat up straighter "what is a pair?" She looked at me my question clearly amused her "let me put this in wolf terms, you are my mate. We wanderers we call them pairs we pair for life like wolves do and without our pair we die. Like wolves do. I controlled the room for the same reason you snapped at those two when they walked in, I claimed what was mine that was of course before she told me that you are cousins. For that I apologize for any discomfort I may have inflicted upon you all. I do not however regret it" she sat back in her chair matter of factly.

"No bullshit. No nonsense. I like you" Diego slammed his hand on the table she smiled appreciatively at him.

"Why are you here?" Mom questioned her "Covens wont accept wanderers anymore since the rouge wolf attack a few months back which claimed the lives of my parents, I barely escaped with mine" my heart began to race at the thought if she hadn't have survived I would have gone my whole life not having found my mate the goddess she only grants us one.

Eventually I would have descended into madness before possibly taking my own life to end it all. She looked at me smiling knowingly I smiled back at her itching to be close to bury my nose in her neck to memorize her scent.

"The wolves were from the Blood Moon pack which is why I called you all here. Chances are if these wolves are in fact rogue then King Kozan does not know about it. Frieda believes this is a challenge of power for my throne" Pops spoke up rubbing his head, he was trying to remain calm we could all sense it.

Diego let out a growl "let them come the Iron Soldier has been in a slumber long enough" dad cracked his knuckles "reckon I could wake up the Berserker for one more fight"

Storm sat in silence surveying the room before her gaze landed on my Mom "that is not the only reason I came here actually. I had originally come to ask for your help Gianna" she paused taking a breath before continuing "I can see the doorways to the realms but I cannot enter no one has been able to show me how I am the only wanderer to posses such a gift I heard through a story from a pack on the coast that you can enter death freely without harm to yourself. I came to ask you to help me as you are the only known being who possess such a similar gift"

Stunned silence fell on the room before Grams smiled "well now it makes sense why you mated to Axel" we all looked at her, Storm raised an eyebrow in question "begging your pardon my Queen but I don't see how that relates to my needing help?"

Everyone chuckled softly before Grams spoke up "Axel also possesses the ability to walk into death freely, he is the only one of my grandchildren who can. Reign and Alex are trackers like my son Diego. Matt and Milly are telekinetic like my twins Levi and Lucas" Grams points around the room to each person as she speaks they wave slightly when they are called.

Storm's mouth forms a soft 'O' and I smile "I haven't gone into death much but I'm sure Mom and I can help you?" Mom nods along with me "you seem like a powerful witch I'm interested in seeing what you are capable of"

"Alright enough for today let us gather outside and eat. I do believe these two souls need to get acquainted boys help Raphael start up the pit outside girls with me to the kitchen" Grams waves her hands and we all fall into motion following our orders.

I lead Storm outside "so uh hi" she laughs the sound is magical "hi I guess I'm uhm sorry about your cousin I guess I just got a bit uhm possessive?" She bit her lip looking up at me.

Now that I see her standing I see her body under her large cloak, she is short probably about 5ft compared to my towering 6ft 5" but she is curvy and strong. She catches me looking at her and blushes I swallow hard "it's ok Milly needs to be taken down a peg or two sometimes" I shrug she takes a step closer and I breathe in her scent.

"I've never heard of wolves and witches mating. How does it work?" I can see her eyes better now the most magnificent midnight blue her ears have a slight point barely noticeable "I don't actually know but the goddess granted you to me for a reason plus my Pops is mated to my Grams and she's a witch" she nods leaning in closer to me our breaths mixing in the night air her hand touches my chest I wrap my arm around her waist pulling her into me leaning down our lips brush gently off of each others.

"HOW HARD IS IT TO LIGHT A GODDAM FIRE PIT?" my Uncle's shouts snap us out of our trance and we jump apart blushing. I run my hand through my hair laughing softly she giggles twirling her hair on a finger.







"We uh better break that up" I point over to the fire pit as snarls break out between Diego and Alex.

We walked over to the pit watching them circle each other Aunt Liv walks out of the castle towards us rolling her eyes "seriously? What is it now?"

"HE gave me cheek because I told him to light the firepit" Diego pointed his finger at Alex whose eyes went wide "and HE threatened to ground me because I pointed out that if he didn't breathe down my neck I could get it done!" They both pointed at each other looking like toddlers in trouble Liv rubbed her temples mumbling something like "damn trackers"

Storm cleared her throat "it's ok I got it" everyone had joined us at the pit and watched her.

She swirled her hands in the air in a circular motion flames building from her fingertips growing into a ball she bounced it from palm to palm letting it grow bigger once it had reached medium sized she threw it into the pit igniting the wood into a roaring fire the heat washed over us instantly "now that was impressive" Milly pointed out we all settled into our seats while Mom and Grams cooked the food Aunt Liv dished it out.

I sat beside Storm feeling her warmth radiate off of her. She is no ordinary witch and I cant wait to get to know her better.

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