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Blissful Harmony


The island was beautiful, almost as beautiful as my mate. The first few days that we were here we made love on every surface in the house.

I had missed feeling her body beneath mine, her legs wrapped around my waist as I thrusted into her. The noises that she made as she reached her climax, how she always clenched me so tightly and made me see stars with every thrust.

Once we were done fucking each other into oblivion we would explore the island and eat the wonderful food. Once we were done with that we would go back to the cottage and fuck some more, We had been on the island for a couple of weeks.

Storm lay naked beside me her chest raising and lowering slowly. We had been up quite late- you guessed it- fucking. I couldn't keep my cock out of her, something about being away from all of my family's bullshit had reignited the passion in our mating bond.

She stirred in her sleep gently and stretched deeply "morning handsome" she hushed out, I leaned in to give her a deep kiss "Good morning beautiful, What shall we do today?"

She rolled over still stretching "Well we have explored pretty much all of the island so how about we hop somewhere else?" her eyes were sparkling with endless possibilities of adventure.

"Where were you thinking?" I stroked her hair gently, she looked thoughtful "We could go somewhere on the continent?"

I stroked her cheek "That sounds wonderful" I leaned in for a deep kiss rolling her onto her back as I climbed on top of her "What're we gonna do about Keir?" she asked between kisses. I looked at her "You really wanna ask about him now?" I smirked she wiggled slightly sitting up on her elbows. She looked at me sternly before responding. Oh boy here we go.

"Well don't you think it's a bit strange that he's just disappeared and no one has heard anything from him? Aren't you worried that he's planning something catastrophic?"

I raised my eyebrows at her leaning back and kneeling I looked down at her before rubbing my hands over my face. Clearly sex wasn't happening now "Well yeah but I'm also enjoying our time together. This whole situation has everyone so fucked up in the head I'm kind of happy he's disappeared for a while" I shrugged moving to stand up from the bed. She sat up fully- watching me as I dressed.

"I get that Axel I really do but aren't you worried? He could be planning something dangerous or he could already be doing something. I don't know but this whole thing is just really bothering me we've no leads on where he might be" I cupped her chin in my fingers and kissed her deeply to hush her rambling. She had curled herself up tucking her knees to her chest, she looked so cute when she rambled. So unsure of what the future might hold, She wasn't the only one I was unsure too but I didn't want her to sense my worry. She didn't need to worry herself anymore than she already was.

"We don't need to panic Storm. Whatever he's planning I'm sure we can deal with it when the time comes until then why don't we just enjoy our time together?" her midnight eyes met mine swirling with an emotion I couldn't quite place "Hey it's gonna be ok, ok?"

She nodded biting her lip slightly, I let out the rumble building in my chest pushing her back onto the bed. She giggled wrapping her legs around me "It's gonna be ok Storm I'm not gonna let anything happen to you I promise"

She brushed my hair out of my eyes "That sweet but it's not me I'm worried about" I chuckled softly planting kisses on her neck. She wiggled underneath me and I cursed that I had put clothes on.

Trust her to be concerned about everyone else but herself. She could probably take down Keir by herself if she wanted too she's that powerful but I didn't want her facing him alone. She didn't need to face him alone not when she had me, and she would always have me. Forever.

Truth be told the fact that we hadn't heard from him did concern me but I didn't want her to see my concerns. We were finally getting time to ourselves, to deepen our bond, to be a young couple in love without the impending doom of our respective races hanging over us. Just a young mated couple, travelling the world and having endless amounts of sex.

Her breathing got heavier as my hands wandered across her body drinking it in, I broke us apart to quickly remove my clothes before reconnecting us again. My mouth leaving a trail of kisses along her skin, her legs tightened around me and her back arched as I wandered down her.

Our eyes met and I smiled, I'd move the world for this woman. I'd kill anyone who tried to hurt her with my bare hands and I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy it too. Something about her just woke the animal in me, I kissed my way back up her body burying my nose in the crook of her neck I inhaled her scent deeply as I buried myself to the hilt inside of her. Her moan like music to my ears as I moved inside her, I could feel her tightening around me with every thrust.

I closed my eyes and saw nothing but her and stars.

Oh yeah I could happily do this for the rest of my life.

Fuck anything else, I just want to be buried balls deep in her forever.

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