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The fact that we had no idea what Keir was planning next did concern me but I did enjoy the time with Axel just us.

I got to see more of him, his goofy side. His jokes that he would laugh at for hours while exclaiming how funny he is wiping the tears of laughter out of his eyes. It was nice seeing him in a setting where he didn't have to be serious all of the time and without his family breathing down our necks or accusing me of something I hadn't even done.

We left the island and I took us to mainland Europe where we spent a few weeks travelling to the different cities and countries, I liked being able to show him the world. Watching his face light up as he tried different foods and embraced different cultures, we stayed away from witches and werewolves. We weren't any of those things we were just a young couple seeing the world and being in love.

We kissed under the Eiffel tower, we ran through the poppy fields in Holland. We rode bikes through the streets of Amsterdam, we sat in gondolas through the streets of Venice. It was a blissful time and I didn't want it to end but it had too.

Eventually everything must come to an end at some point.

"Are you ready to go home?" he smiled at me as he clasped my hand tightly we had spent our last night back in Paris the most romantic city in Europe. It was the perfect end to a perfect trip.

"Not really but we have to go home at some point right?" I laughed as he stroked my hand. He kissed me softly as I opened a portal behind us that would take us home.

In a matter of seconds we were standing in his family's castle. My chest felt heavy being back here not really sure what we were walking back into, it had been a couple of months since we had left and Reign had taken over the pack in our absence.

Diego came down the stairs as we placed our bags on the floor "Hey you guys are back! How was your trip?" He hugged us both tightly. "It was good thanks what's been happening here?" Axel asked, I almost smacked him for asking when I saw Diego's expression change to one of slight murder. Uh oh clearly this wasn't good then.

"Reign's been having some difficulty getting the pack into line what with her being female and all that but she's dealing with it"

Axel nodded silently, I squeezed his hand tightly he still felt guilty about not stepping up when needed but Reign had chosen her path.

"Hey don't stress she wanted this she knew what she was getting herself in for" Diego clapped Axel's shoulder shaking him slightly, he wrapped his arm around him and lead him towards the dining hall. "Come on tell me everything about your trip where did you go? What did you see?"

I followed along behind them, clearly we had come back to some drama but that was nothing new. I quickly sent a message to Reign saying we were back and I couldn't wait to catch up with her when she was free.

So much had changed in the few months we were gone, it seemed like all of the troubles and dramas we had left had been forgotten as everyone embraced us warmly and welcomed us back.

We sat for lunch and told them stories of our travels, I blushed deeply when they asked about sex and should they be expected pups anytime soon. Werewolves always spoke so openly about sex I'm not sure I could ever really get used to it.

The disappointment at the lack of new arrivals only lasted for a moment before the conversation switched to Reign and how she was settling it. Despite everything that had happened it felt good to be back although no one mentioned the black cloud that seemed to be permanently hanging over us this past year.

Keir and where he had disappeared too.

Most importantly what he was planning and when exactly he would strike again.

Because no doubt he would.

It was as inevitable as the sun setting each day.

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