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Friendly Welcome


When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.

Considering only 24 hours ago I was a total stranger I have to say the welcome I have received from this family has been overwhelming. Frieda and Raphael gave me a room in their castle they said I am welcome to stay as long as I wish, I am a wanderer I never stay in one place too long but now I have found my pair I do not wish to leave. He is next in line to be Alpha he cannot leave, so I will have to stay and find a way to ease my itching feet I hear they have training grounds here I will find that.

I wandered through the grounds until I came across Milly she was mid training with a warrior I stood to the side watching her move she is definitely a skilled fighter that’s for sure I couldn’t help but cheer when she knocked the warrior down in a chokehold making him tap out she looked over at me panting and I was suddenly nervous remembering what I had done to her the day before “hey did you settle in ok?” She came to a stop in front of me her hands on her hips her chest rising and falling rapidly “am yeah I did thank you. I’m sorry about yesterday by the way”
She shrugged grabbing some water “don’t worry about it, reckon I’d go all bad bitch too if I had found my mate”
“You haven’t found him yet?” I shuffled my feet glancing up at her, she was a little bit taller than me, she was petite in build but had a ferocious look about her she can hold her own in a fight that I had just seen. Her raven dark hair was pulled into a ponytail, her eyes a striking blue she really was a beautiful wolf “I’ll find him someday for now I am focused on my training. I want to be the best warrior. Like my father was” her chest swelled out.

I nodded biting my lip I gazed out onto the grounds “you want some help?” She smiled at me “you know how to fight?” I smirked at her shrugging off my robe “I know how to fight alright” her eyes lit up and she nodded “alright gypsie let’s go!”
I followed her out into the center this should be fun if she is telekinetic I plan on testing that we squared up against each other sizing the other one up. I felt the air shift around me she waved her arms but I caught her mid wave throwing my arms up in front of me she froze I pulled my left arm back punching it forward she flew backwards about 10ft landing on the ground with a hard thump. She stood up shrugging her shoulders “so that’s how you wanna play huh?” I smirked and dug my feet further into the ground bracing myself for her next attack.

She took off running aiming straight at me she threw her arm through the air I blocked her movement swinging my arms through the air in a circle I pulled my hands back forcing the air towards her I reversed her magic back on her knocking her backwards “aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!”


She lay still for a few moments before lifting her head “That was awesome! Can you teach me that?” I helped her up off of the ground smiling “of course I can, that’s what wanderers do we exchange magic tips”
“That was seriously cool what did you do?” She brushed herself off “I reversed your magic back onto you, you got back want you sent out it’s a good defense mechanism but it’s a very difficult skill to learn it will take a lot of time and practice” I handed her a bottle of water grabbing one of my own, she nodded taking a sip

“oh I am so ready to learn! That will come in handy when I go on missions”
“You go on missions a lot?”
“Yeah sometimes, Dad thinks it will help me he said he used to do them a lot when he was my age. He’s the Iron Soldier you know? I don't know much he never really told me I only know from some of the stories I’d heard during my travels” she sat down patting the ground beside her I sunk down crossing my legs “I heard he was ruthless and unforgiving that’s a big legacy to live up to are you sure you can?” I watched her movements as she thought of her answer “yeah I guess so I mean he did what he had to do to protect his family he was angry before he met Mom she really changed him. She’s so kind and patient the total opposite to Dad but they work you know? Kind of like Aunt Gia and Uncle Kol she calms the berserker streak in him”

I let out a low whistle “wow talk about a lot of strong Alphas in one family” she chuckled softly “you’ve no idea! You saw Dad and my brother last night! Tip of the iceberg!”
Reign came skipping along plopping down in front of us, I saw a young boy follow close behind her he stayed at a distance but close enough that he could jump into action if needs be “who’s he?” I lifted my chin in the direction of the boy Reign rolled her eyes scoffing. Guess I touched a nerve “he’s one of Dads pack warriors sent to keep an eye on me because of this apparent threat looming with the rogues”
Milly whistled “shit that means Dad is gonna get the same idea” I looked from one girl to the other before clearing my throat “Surely you guys can defend yourselves? Is your family always this protective?”

“For as long as we can remember” Reign nodded “apparently Pops had Uncle Diego track Moms every move when they were growing up”
“Yeah, plus when they got called to the coast to deal with a rogue attack years ago Aunty Gia ended up stuck in limbo for months. Ever since then there wasn’t really a rogue attack since people were afraid of Gia”
“Why were they afraid of her? How did she end up in limbo?” I sat up straighter, funny enough I hadn’t heard this story on my travels.

Reign lay down on the grass catching some sun “Mom brought over thirty wolves back from the dead in one swoop, because of the effort it took and my crazy grand aunt she ended up in limbo for months so Uncle Diego and Dad went off the rails on a hunt to get her back. They were pretty ruthless so I guess people were more afraid once they knew what the Royal bloodline was capable of” she shrugged flicking her sunglasses on.

I sat open mouthed staring at them, I knew the Royal family was powerful beyond compare but bringing so many wolves back from the dead to their original bodies? That’s power that is unheard of even amongst us wanderers. It’s no wonder the Council of Elders feared Gianna and wanted her dead.
Milly nudged me “don't worry Storm you’ll fit right in” I smiled tightly looking across the gardens feeling the warmth on my skin.

It’s weird you know? A couple of months ago I lost my family to a savage wolf attack now I have been accepted by a family of wolves simply because one of their own is my Pair or Mate as they call it.
Its nice I feel like I belong somewhere.

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