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Old Enemies


The Devil whispered in my ear “you’re not strong enough to withstand the storm”
Today I whispered in the Devil’s ear “I am the Storm”

Once the portal had closed I got to work opening series of portals all over the continent leaving trails everywhere except to where the others actually went.
Truth be told I did know who was behind this, I just didn’t want to admit that I’m the one who taught him everything he knows.
Funny that isn’t it? How people take what they want from you then chuck it in your face when you won’t give in to their demands of more.

“Oooooh Storm! Come out come out and plaaaaayyy!!”

His eerie voice rang through the house making my bones shudder, he shielded his original intentions from me which is why I showed him so much but then he couldn’t hide it much longer. He couldn’t contain the evil coursing through his veins before long it spilled out around about the time I refused him. Refused him of both marriage and counsel, he wanted to be the most powerful. He wanted the throne and would stop at nothing until he got it, the Blood Moon Pack has no princesses in line to the throne only princes so he had no chances of marrying in.
So he sets his sights on the next best pack: Blue Moon.

I dodged an energy surge that soared past me blowing out the back wall in the process, quickly I opened a portal to the forest outside and leapt through it. Landing quickly I sprinted as fast as I could in the opposite direction breathing heavily, I heard it before it hit me. Supercharged blast landing just at my feet knocked me into the air and forced me 20ft sideways.
I landed with a heavy thud at the feet of the man who scared me more than the devil himself.


“well well Storm looks like we meet again. Tell me has Hell indeed frozen over? I do believe that is what you told me would need to happen to come face to face again! Boys? Anyone? No?” he looked around at his followers, each one looking more dumb than the last as they grinned eerily in my direction like I was meat and they were due their dinner.


Foul brutes

I stood up tall sticking my chin out, hoping my quickened heart rate hasn’t been detected.

“What do you want Keir? I told you I would never help you to slaughter millions!” I sounded more confident than I felt, here I stood only 5ft away from the evil monster that slaughtered my parents and left me an orphan.

He smirked “If you want your precious mate to survive to see sunrise you might want to reconsider your decision” my heart sank.

Do they know?

Are they at the castle?

Is this all he has or is there more?

I stood up tall squaring my shoulders “you forget Keir... I am the one who taught you everything you know, but let me ask you this... Do you really think I taught you everything that I know?”

The smirk fell off his face and a brief flash of panic dashed across it, I raised my hands into the air ripping up the ground around him I entwined him with vines, pulling them tight he struggled against their grip. I held them there with my right hand, with my left hand I created a blaring circle of fire separating us from his rouge pack of wolves.

“You know usually when the student surpasses the master its because they’re on the same level but clearly you think so highly of yourself you decided that you didn’t need to learn anymore” he wriggled in the grip of the vines his magic fighting against my own. I pulled them tighter using the anger of what he did to my parents, how he ripped my family away from me and now he threatened my new family, my new found happiness. I felt my eyes burn bright as I set the vines alight, his scream rang out through the forest, his pack of brutes grew restless some trying to burst through the fire.

“You think you’re stronger than me? The Great Keir?” he grunted his magic forcing the flames away from his skin, I pushed back harder, he let another scream escape his lips.

“I don’t think I am Keir. I know I am and let me tell you this, you ever threaten me or the royal bloodline again and I will finish you myself. This is your final warning Keir!”

One of his rouges burst through the flames knocking me over, the momentary break in concentration freed Keir from my holds. He seized the opportunity to break free, I scrambled to my feet whipping up a portal I fell through it just as Keir shot an energy surge at me.


The portal shutting cut him off, I landed with a thud in the King’s study. “Storm? Is everything ok? You’re bleeding! Who was that shouting?”

I looked up at everyone standing over me, Axel reached down and helped me up “We don’t have much time, they’ve crossed the boarder lines. They’ll be here soon”

God help us

Keir will destroy us all

And yet... I wish he was the worst to come...

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