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Storms Aplenty


Storms make trees take deeper roots

“You know you’re actually a pretty strong witch” Mom gasped as she clambered up from the ground I smirked on the sidelines watching my mother take on my mate Storm smiled sweat covering her brow “oh you haven’t seen anything yet watch this” she swirled her hands around a purple haze floating around them twining around her fingers she clapped her hands together and a purple force field erupted from the ground running up towards the sky until it met in the middle creating a dome around our home.

“holy shit” Mom shielded her eyes with her hand looking up “I can do a force field but nothing that strong” Storm shrugged her shoulders “sure you can you’re a powerful witch you just need practice” she lowered the force field, I thought the witches in my family were strong but we clearly don’t have a dent compared to Storm.

When she came back the other night she was shaken, it made me nervous. A big threat is clearly looming and I’m not entirely sure we can beat it. All of us kids are still green compared to our parents and they still talk about their last big fight with tears in their eyes, what happened to Mom really shook them who knows what they’ll do if that was to happen again.

We’d all been training non stop ever since Storm told us they were coming, whoever they are, they’re coming for the throne, Pops isn’t as young anymore, would he still be able to fight them off? Could Grams hold them?

“Storm?” she turned to face me “I think maybe we should call a meeting with everyone so we know what we’re actually up against?”

She looks nervous

What is she not telling us?

What are we facing here?

She slowly nodded biting her lip she looked away. The wind caught her hair blowing it across her face, we don’t know each other long, but she is my mate, I will always protect her or at least die trying. Mom took a few steps closer gently clasping Storm’s arm “We do need to know what we’re going up against Storm. My entire family is at risk here, whoever or whatever this is... We need to defeat it, together”

“Ok, I’ll tell you guys, but you’re not gonna like it. Better call everyone this is gonna be big” She wandered off towards the main building of the castle, I looked at Mom she just shrugged her shoulders and set off following Storm back to the building.

We all gathered in Pops’ study, seated around his long table we all looked at Storm expectantly. She shuffled nervously in her seat.

Why is she so nervous?

Does she think we will loose?

Does she not think we are strong enough?

“When I was travelling with my parents, we stayed with some witches in Blood Moon pack territory, we found most pack’s to be welcoming to wandering witches like us because most of the time we came with new spells and medicine that their covens hadn’t heard of yet” She shuffled again nervously, playing with her hair she wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone.

“but this pack they had their troubles with the witches, some kind of turf war, apparently the wolves came along and claimed a lot of land that originally belonged to the witches. They drove them out of the town towards the river where they built camps and set up homes there, this happened hundreds of years ago but that hatred still runs deep. There were some witches that would help the wolves but that was usually because a wolf had mated with them so they felt obligated to help. It was for love” she readjusted herself in her seat “this usually caused trouble between the two parties, the witches believed that the wolves were tricking their young girls into being with them under false pretenses claiming that they had mated with them. The council of elders urged the young witches to resist to fight against whatever supernatural force they were feeling. They feared the wolves getting more power than what they already had”

Grams let out a scoffed which caught our attention, Mom gave a sly smirk “The council of Elders aren’t so popular here-”

“- They tend to fear a lot of things and then throw their power around making demands because they are oh so important, never mind the barbaric nature of their actions, everything they do goes against the laws of nature-” Grams cut across Mom rolling her eyes fixing her dress angrily, Mom smiled gently clutching Gram’s hand squeezing it tenderly “The council of Elders is still a sensitive subject around here”

Storm smiled finally looking up from her hair she looked around the room for the first time “there was one witch or warlock if you want to get technical who believed that if he gained enough power he would be able to over throw the throne and be able to control the wolves to do his bidding. His name is Keir and he is who attacked your home last night”

“So you’re telling me? that one witch managed to practically paralyze all of us last night?” Diego looked disgusted with himself. Matt and Alex let out low whistles, Milly growled in annoyance.

Storm nodded “Yes and he would have done much worse if we hadn’t of gotten away-” “- how did you get away? I’m assuming you fought him alone?” Grams stared at Storm intently almost like she already knew the answer, Reign’s eyes darted from Gram’s to Storm. She looked nervous again now that all eyes were back on her, her mouth opened and closed like a gapping fish fresh out of water gasping for air.

She sat up straight a fresh determination on her face but it didn’t quite reach her eyes “I got away because... because I taught him everything he knows” she looked down playing with her robes, shame on her expression “I didn’t know what he was going to use the magic for, I thought he just wanted to learn more like the others. To help the Elders in healing and keeping the Coven safe. If I’d have known his real intentions I never would have taught him so much”

Grams reached across the table gently clutching Storm’s hand “we all make mistakes darling, I did the same thing many years ago with my sister. Then before the children were born she trapped Gianna in limbo and almost tore us apart in the process. The thing is you learn from it and tell us how we can make him go away”

“that’s the thing, I don’t know how to make him go away. It almost took everything I had to fight him last night, he’s gotten so much stronger. I am not the only wanderer he has come in contact with”

Pops was pinching the bridge of his nose, deep in thought. In the corner my Uncles Levi and Lucas were whispering frantically to each other. Reign wiggled in her seat, Milly looked like she was about to murder someone “so we’re just going to sit here and what? Let some mad man come along and take over our pack? take our home? Hell no! Come on! We’re meant to be the Royal Wolves! We’re meant to be the strongest, we’re meant to led by example! If we run away hiding just because we’re scared what kind of message does that send to our pack? How is Uncle Kol and Axel meant to lead a pack that doesn’t have faith in its royal family?” She stood up pounding her fists onto the table “I say we gather the pack together, get them pumped and ready for battle, anyone who is willing and able to fight. We get our best trackers out there to find this son of a bitch and we take him down. We are the Blue Moon pack and I suggest we start acting like that actually means something to us!”

Uncle Diego beamed with pride, letting out an ear splitting roar he stood up “LET’S KILL THIS SON OF A BITCH” everyone followed him out of the room, heading towards the pack house. Storm smiled tightly following behind without saying a word, she left the room leaving only me and my parents here.

“How are you doing sweetface?” Mom spoke gently softness in her eyes, I shrugged looking out the window. Dad clasped my shoulder “War isn’t for the faint hearted son, how you handle it shows the pack what you’ll do to protect them. It is our job as Alpha. They look up to us to keep them safe, to lead them, to protect them at all costs, and you are next in line. This will be one of many fights to protect our people, you’re not just an Alpha to be, you are Royalty. Because of this there will always be people who will want to challenge you and the pack, stand tall, keep your head high and don’t ever back down” He patted my shoulder shaking me gently, I smiled tightly at him. Together we left for the pack house.

The journey was a silent one, truth be told I didn’t even know if I really had what it took to be Alpha. I wasn’t a leader, I was a kid. A Prince, I scoffed rolling my eyes to myself, that’s exactly how the pack will see me, a precious little Prince. I’ve never been to guard training, or warrior training, or any training actually.

Instead I spent all of my free time with my grandmother learning ancient spells and practicing. Was I a wolf or a witch? Yeah I can shift and yeah I have all the skills of a wolf but was I really connected to it? Could I trust myself to do the right thing? I haven’t been to the pack house since I was a kid! I knew who dad’s Beta was but that’s because he’s my best friends dad!

We got out of the car and there he stood on the steps to the pack house Beta Jordan, he nodded to us “Welcome back Alpha, Luna, Prince” we nodded in response following him into the house.

Whatever happens, I just have to do my best. Storms were on their way and I laughed at the irony... My mate is called Storm and here we are preparing for a big one to protect our pack, for the first time since before I was born.

It’s almost like it followed her here.... Wait...

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