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The battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and the enemies




The fog rolled in around our feet, I looked over at Dad wide eyed but he was calm and ready “Remi! Get all the woman and children to the basement! You and Ron keep them safe, grab a couple of warriors to help you” He barked at one of his warriors who nodded and immediately jumped into action.


That’s the rogues, their howls are bone chilling, I looked around in what felt like panic. Shaking with fear I tried to find a member of my family to calm myself but everyone was running around leading the women and children away and getting into formation awaiting their orders. I looked back up on the hill and there she was... Storm. Her eyes glowing midnight blue, purple rays flowing around her hands she lifted herself into the air and floats down to us.

She makes me calm

I smile feeling waves of relief washing over me “Since when can she fly?” Milly mumbled standing by my shoulder, I shook my head “Who knows” “Guess we don’t really know much about her do we?” She muttered.

I’m just glad she’s here, she lands gently and strides over with confidence far beyond her years... How does she do it?

“I can buy you guys some time to prepare but I won’t be able to hold a forcefield that long” She’s talking to Dad, he’s looking around wheels turning in his head thinking. The wolves howl again but this time it sounded closer, Dad clenches his jaw tightly his eyes beginning to glow red... He’s summoning the berserker... We’ve heard stories but have never seen it.

“Do it” The power flowing off of Dad’s voice makes even my hairs stand up, Storm nodded her hands working furiously to summon enough magic. She lets it grow between her hands before clapping and releasing it, the ground shakes as the force field bursts up into the air moving quickly to meet itself in the middle creating a dome. This one shone brighter than her last one, clearly requiring more power to keep it up.

I stood in between Mom and Dad, Reign on the other side of Mom. Diego and Liv stood alongside us with Milly, Alex and Matt. The Royal family and the Alpha stood in front to protect the others. The pack’s best warriors behind us and so on down the line. Three hundred wolves ready to fight who knows how many rogues and a mad man just to protect their home.

“Dad? Dad I’m scared” I whispered hoping no one else had heard me, he glanced my way “So am I son. So am I, but this is our home” He looked me in the eye “And we will fight to the death if we need too to protect it” I clenched my jaw nodding, Mom grabbed my hand “Whatever happens Sweet face, don’t let the feeling of death overwhelm you. Remember death is what you make of it”

We stared out into the distance waiting, Storm panting heavily trying to hold the forcefield up. The trees rustled as the wolves piled out into the clearing drooling at the mouth ready for a fight. Rogue wolves are a different kind of wild, not tied to any one pack, no loyalties, no one to control them. They can do what they want whenever they want, that’s what makes them dangerous.

Behind the wolves a man appeared, he certainly looked mad he needed no introduction. This must be Keir. He sniffed the air his white eyes gleaming.


A growl rumbled low in my chest, Dad placed a hand on my arm “Easy” he warned, taking a step forward “We do not wish to fight you, but we will. You are trespassing and you are not welcome here!” He called out but Keir just laughed an eerie hollow laugh, the rogues growled viciously and began pacing clearly bored with waiting.

“I can’t hold it much longer” Storm whispered, sweat dripping down her brow. Dad glanced in her direction before turning to Diego. They exchanged an unspoken conversation before turning to the pack our mind link buzzed. Preparing everyone for what was about to happen. Defensive stances at the ready, Diego and Dad faced the front again “Drop it”

With a flash of light big enough to blast the rogues back towards the trees about five feet the force field dropped and with it so did Storm, I ran over to catch her “I’m fine, I’m fine I’ll be ok I recover quickly” She insisted. “Well I really hope you do because it looks like the mad man is cooking something” Reign pointed over at Keir, he was levitating in the air his eyes a dark black.

“KILL THEM ALL” He boomed, the rogues leapt to their feet taking off at a sprint towards us.

The Royal line charged forward with everyone shifting mid air bar Grams who shot beams of magic from her hands before long there was over four hundred wolves snarling and snapping at each other.

“We should get you somewhere safe” I helped Storm to her feet, my heart racing my eyes wide at the scene unfolding before me.

Mom’s white wolf a standing out amongst all the others. Pops and Diego’s big black wolves towering over all the others the power in their swing enough to claw a wolf in half, Dad’s Berserker wolf ripping through the rogues like they were nothing. The warriors sticking close to the pack house to stop any breakaways from getting in.

Death is everywhere, I can feel it like an illness creping in slow at first before it becomes overwhelming. My chest feels tight I can’t breathe, I watch helplessly as a Rogue wolf makes a beeline straight for Reign while she is occupied with another, her blonde fur covered in blood. I open my mouth to shout out but no sound comes out I’m frozen. I’m useless, helpless.

The rogue howls out in pain as Storm wraps it in magic, it rises into the air shaking wildly before going limp his neck snapped, he falls to the ground with a lifeless thud. I look at her wide eyed “Axel you gotta pull it together your family needs you” before I could even respond she ran off getting lost in the crowd of wolves. She’s heading straight for Keir.

Ok Axel she’s right pull yourself together


Shift into your wolf

No use your magic

Oh hell! Do something!

Taking a deep breath I strode towards the battle I know exactly what I will do I will prove them wrong and take him down myself, I stopped in my tracks.... But Storm almost died last time she took him on and she’s a full blooded witch. She barely escaped with her life!

A sharp pain shoots up my side as I am thrown into the air, a Rogue wolf went straight for me. Man they really wanna wipe out the bloodline don’t they? I stood up breathing heavily as the Rogue swung around ready for another strike making a run at me I waved my hands levitating it into the air ahead of me. I twisted my hand snapping its neck. It dropped down with a thud just laying there lifeless. I gulped as I felt her soul move into death and fade away.

A pain filled howl rang out across the clearing, followed by bones cracking “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” I spun around quickly running towards it, that was Mom’s voice. She huddled on the ground her eyes looking up tears streaming down her face. I skidded to a halt beside her “No” I whispered.

Everyone had stopped, everything had frozen we couldn’t look anywhere else. Keir’s cackle laughter snapped us out of our daydream. Mom glowed she was shaking so much “You give me back my husband or I will kill you” She growled her body preparing to shift again.

“Keir! Let them go! It’s me you want!” Storm walked ahead of us her hands up in surrender but Kier just laughed “Foolish child, why would I want you? No I want power, and with itsy bitsy Alpha out of the way I will have it”

Before anyone could do anything Keir scrunched his hands into fists, raising Dad into the air, He began to shake violently but he was unconscious. Grams shot magic at him but it reflected off of Keir hitting her knocking her out, she flew backwards landing harshly. Pops growled making a run for Keir but he flicked a finger sending Pops flying away, he snapped his fingers sending Diego the other way.

He’s removing his biggest threats

The strongest wolves

Fire burst from Storm’s hands engulfing him but he just laughed it off, flicking it back at her.

Dad shook violently in the air, Keir smirked dangerously “You know I learned to do this wonderful trick. Do you want to see? It’s quite effective” before we could answer he pulled his hands apart.

Mom screamed as Keir separated Dad from his wolf, a bright white light glowed above Dad briefly before disappearing and I fell to the ground crippled with the pain. Mom screamed out as she felt it too.

Dad’s body dropped to the ground his sandy wolf landing beside him, I was blinded by the pain, Moms screams ringing in my ears.

“Now why don’t we make this interesting?” Keir smirked, I saw red my wolf burst through my skin I lunged at him. He held his hand up and stopped me.

“KEIR NO!” Storm shouted, my eyes were wild I wriggled in his hold floating off of the ground.

“I’ll just keep little princey shall I? Hmmm yes I think I will”

Everything went black...

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