Bandhan - a pure bond

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Its an two shot story based on real incidents. This story will show the bond of brother and sister. Some bond are cherished lifelong, its best of them BANDHAN - A PURE BOND... This will show a relation of brother and sister.. A pure bond of their heart and soul.. They are like usual bro sis but still special... They fought, they sought out... They do mastiii together.. A heart touching and lovable bond... What are brothers... A perosn who irritates their sis alot and loves her infinity.. A tear in her eyes, they will be ready to kill that person.. They can't see their sis sad and hurt.. When they hurt her, they hurt themselves too... Protect their sisters from all bad and evils... Sisters.... Irritates their mastiii(fun) with them...and love them beyond anything... Pull hairs and beat them..fight with them.. Without fighting with bro, day seems incomplete... But can't see them hurt.. Saves them from papa(dad) scolding and their gfs .. Well, in short both are incomplete without each other. World is incomplete without them.. In bandhan, you will see such an amazing bond.. She cries, he cries.. She is hurt, then he is more hurt.. And when they are hurt because of each other, they are sad and quiet. They just want each other hsppiness. A pure bond.

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Chapter 1

Sanika -A cute, adorable and a carefree girl.. she is bubbly, chirping and mastikhor.. caring and understanding too.. she is an all rounder.. good at studies, sportsperson, plays guitar and keyboard, singer... a good dancer too.she is a sumedhian and a big chocolate lover.and headgirl of her school.. JAY IS HER BFF.


Jay and khushi met through her... sanika and khushi know each other through wattpad.. they are exactly same.. twin sisters.. they call each other TWINIE... their bond is also very special.. Jay met khushi through sanika.. they first time talked on instagram... and after that, their bond grew stronger and stronger.. always share everything with each other.. and if try to hide too, other understands by the way of talk only.. they stay very far from eachother but their hearts are always near.. their bond is very strong and pure.. both happiness and sorrow affect them.. can't see each other hurt.

when asked whats your best moments -- they say whenever we talk is best.. our sweet arguments, our sharing and caring talks. our teasing talks.


Our first talk :-

Jay p.o.v.

Sanika - hey..

Khushi - who are you?

Sanika - i am jay.. Lucky charm friend

Khushi - lucky charm??

Sanika - sanika.. Your twinie

Khushi - ohh.. Hii jay.. I am khushi..How are you??

Sanika ( jay) - i m good.. What about you??

Jay talked from sanika's account.

Khushi - all goodie good.. And say something about yourself...

Sanika - I am in 9th class.. I love to play guitar.. I am sportsperson too.. Basketball and cricket is my favourite.. Music and dance is love for me... And specially i love to trouble lucky charm. πŸ˜€

Khushi - wow.. I am a guitarist and singer too.. You are exactly like me.. Our bonding will be good.. Jayu bhai urff bhaiya ji 😊

When she called me bhai, i felt very happy and special... Bestest moment 😊

Sanika -- yesh behna 😊( sis)

Khushi - Behna sounds soo sweet and good 😊

After that, we almost talked daily.. Share our day.. I told her about my love. She is happy to know about it.. We promised to share eeverything..


Life can never be easy and same.. There will be different phases.. Ups and downs.. Happy and sad moments.. They too faced some ups and downs and grew more stronger and closer πŸ’–.

We talk daily and share our day.. Mastii and teasing.. Fun and care.. But from few days, i started feeling something is wrong like she is hiding something.. She was sounding so low from last 3-4 days.. I asked but she didn't tell.. Our group too felt changes in her.. We all asked but she didn't tell.

. Then i again asked..

Sanika - hii behna..kaisi h?? ( how are you)

Khushi - i m fine.. you say bhaiya ji??

Sanika - i m not fine.. πŸ˜”

Khushi - kya hua?? Tell me jayu ( what happened).

Sanika - u don't know what happened.. When my behna is sad and upset, how can i be fine.. and she isnt sharing too.

Khushi - aree its nothing like that i m fine...

Sanika - ok fine dont say πŸ˜”.. Mai hu hi kon, jo u will share with me..( I am no one, why will you share with me)

( there he hit the right point.. Till then, their bond is strong enough.. Khushi world has very special place for jay.. She can't take his hurt..neither do he. )

Khushi - yaar jayu.. you know how much important you are for me.. Never again say that plshhh...

Sanika - and you know na we promised to share everything.. Toh say na behna.

Khushi - Actually me and my best friend had an arguement or you can say fight.. We are not talking.. She isn't understanding.. I m saying for her good only.. For her happiness.. But she isnt listening And understanding.. So my mood was off from last few days...

Sanika - Aree behna.. She will understand, just give time.. She will know that you are saying for her good only with time.

Khushi - but what if she get hurt.. I can't see her hurt. πŸ˜”

Sanika - Like i can't see you hurt aNd sad.. And she won't be hurt as you are there to protect her from every bad 😊

Khushi - yesh i will protect her.. And thnxx bhaiya ji for making me understand and making me feel better..😊 you are best bhaiya ji.. Love u bahutttt srrraaa πŸ’–

Sanika - and you know na how much i hate that THANK U word.. Take it back or else..

Khushi - chill bhaiya ji πŸ˜€.. I take it back..

Sanika - thats like my good behna πŸ’–..

After this incident, they become more closer.. Hurting each other is not for them.. Always try to make each other smile.. 😊


Another happy moment

Sanika id - hii behna.. Wass up?

Khushi - hii jayu.. All good.. U say?

Sanika - i m good too.. But

Khushi - but???

Sanika - your twinie is teasing me with that sweetie name πŸ˜‘

Khushi - ohh your potential gf πŸ˜‚

Sanika - behna u too πŸ˜•.. She is not my gf wf.

Khushi - sweetie ki jaan urfff jay πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sanika - Behna plshh no naa.. She is so irritating.. I am not any jaan waan πŸ˜•

Khushi - Alle how to... You are sweetie ki jaan urfff baby urfff sweet heart πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Their teasing session is always fun to see.. So sweet and pleasing.. Lighting up mood.. So good.they both are adorable.

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