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Aldamir the boy elf and his birthday adventure

By jojo All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Fantasy

Chapter 1

There are Elves in fantastic world,and here is a story that takes place in Tulipa land where many elves live.  Elwe an elf and his son Aldamir,a little elf boy live in a octagon cottage with a gothic roof tower. The house is in new Transylvania new greenwood forest.  They love to play their musical instruments like most elves’ favorite kinds,as mandolins,bells,chimes,and Xylosil rock keyboards,which sound like synth electric keyboard and also rock guitar music,depending on the xylosil metal thimbles used,and strings.  After a meal of berries and nuts and vegetable stew ,they also munched a juicy salad.  They began to shed gold and blue glitter flakes  dandruff from their hair and skin.”tinweh,tinweh”they said laughing.  The dandruff fell on some tea cups  and made them float in the air.  “This dandruff happens so often after we eat salad,but some elves don’t have this gift.Thankfully,with it we can fly today or we can teleport  somewhere”said elweh to his son.  So they  went to their elf closet and pit on elf shoes an picked out some elf hats to wear.  There are several kinds of elf hats,some with balls on the end or faux fur,and elf vests to wear.  Their clothes can be quite lovely embroidered and  intricately designed,and come in rich velvets too,embellished with sparkles from glued down glitter flakes.  “now,let us teleport to our farm field allotment fifty miles away from this forest village.its how we elves do it,because  we don’t want to develop any fields in our forest because we must preserve the trees and the shade they provide”said Elweh. “ any wood we need,we just  use bubble glass Bubbleopia,and fast growing type tree wood  with lots of water in it at first called” Faspringoo”a  special tree that gets big within a year”.  So they held hands and thought  were hard for a minute about the place they were thinking of,and with a sniff, and word”callinta!(flash)”poof!  They disappeared in a flash of sparkle light.  Reappearing fifty miles away out upon a green field outside the forest,which is usually the amount of miles in one  hour an elf with this special  power can be limited to go within  one hour.  An elf cottage with a gatekeeper who watches over the fields separate allotments,each owned by a forest elf villager.Hyarmentor is his name and he said”Mai Auray!(good day)you have tomatoes and cabbage,radishes,celery carrots growing here today”.  Thanks Hyarmentor.  We have baskets to stock up. Im wearing my tight hosery pants.Let me bend over”.  A dwarf named Wimbly  was watering fields on a hover barge which sprayed out water from  a pipe,and he was smoking another kind of pipe.  “This is a great retirement job.Did you know my cousin dwarf has hair with strands of blue.The other had pink hair,shes a female dwarf our dwarven fingers all have zigzags and we got large noses,but worst of all,our women dwarves grow facial hair,except I heard,in Azuria land,the water they drink there,makes them not grow any hair on their face,and the men dwarves  look  like young lads. “  “you dwarves are short like hobbits,except the zigzags finger prints,big noses,beards,strands of blue hair for some of you,and rarely have you any curly hair especially not on your feet.Most of us elves and some of us hobbits have not on hair on our face,so we don’t have to shave!” replied  Aldamir the boy elf.  “how is your half elf cousin in New Hobbitonia,in Rainbowia land?”asked Wimbly the dwarf.  “Oh my half elf,hobbit cousin,Dillweh?He is doing fine!he loves it there.  He is so short like hobbits,but he doesnt mind being part of the Small elves tribe,which is different from our original elven taller clans. But smaller elves have been more prevalent over the past few centuries,unlike in ancient Middle earth,where we were all tall. Im pure blood from that descent.Not a human drop of DNA in me,but we elves have chosen to mate with hobbits rather than humans,because humans  are prone to unruly behavior,though if we do marry  humans,we seek out a good one,when there rarely is one to be  found”said Elweh.  Wimbly the dwarf teleported with the two elves  by holding their hand,and they reappeared back to the elf cottage.  They spent a day in the elf village  dancing in circles with  some elves,and  seeing a few elf craftsmen at work  in their huts making lovely arts and crafts.  Since there is so much  crops Elwe brought back,he bartered a a lot of food and bought a nice geometric quilt and a octagon  ornament on a necklace  to buy for Wimbly and Aldamir.  Back to the cottage they came,and all spent the night after dinner.  The next morning,Wimbly  finished his snoring through his big dwarf nose,and his  stocking night cap  looked no different than his day stocking dwarf cap.  Well  they greeted himn with”Mai Cuivaurey(Good awakening).”  Wimbly danced a dwarven  pow wow  and dribbled some blue juice on his beard.”ah a tastey elven breakfast!Pancakes,nuts,exotic fruits,whipped cream,sugar from the  candy cane  trees,  Ooh yum,ice cream fruit,and candy cookie tree nuts.any bacon?”asked Wimbly.  “we have veal,but we haven’t any bacon””why no bacon?You wont get a heartattack,you elevs are immortal”  “well,were not quite immortal.I will explain to you soon the reasons”said Elweh.  Aldamir was cutting his long hair and  it caused him later that day to feel weak  because he tried to lift a heavy pole in the yard but he felt too weak.”told you not to cut your hair  ,longhair is what helps us  elves stay stronger. Also helps with magnifying our vision and our extra points on our ears are for better hearing,especially we can pick up perfect musical harmonies in nature” said Elweh.  “  Same  for dwarves with not cutting our beards.  How do you say”where’s the bathroom”in Elvish?asked Wimbly the dwarf.”  Its’Yasse- Ay nen rambi.’ Is how you say it”said Aldamir”at least in our Tulipian  elvish Quenya dialect”.  “Ta na vanima!(That is pretty!)said Aldamir looking at Wimbly’s heart shapes on his boxer shorts.  “Hantalyeh(thankyou).whats those words on that rug say?”asked Wimbly.  “It is written”MArmando Mellon’ as in ‘welcome friend’. By the way  wimbly, I would”Nye-ay melnyev lembilis ar nen fana,ar pelli,ar tia” said Aldamir.  “Huh?”.  “aldamir said he wants cake,and milk,cookies and tea”today is his birthday”.” A toast to Aldamir in Elvish,  Lyanna Enviyatar!  And in my dwarvish,  Mazu Ta,za ta!”  Wimbly sat down  on the llama carpet  under the skylight,to write a letter  in dwarven runes. Then he sealed it in an envelope,but as he licked,it stuck to his beard.”wheres the nearest mailbox?”  he said.  “Im the nearest mailbox in this village of the forest,with my unique teleporting power,which not all elves have,so they picked me  to deliver mail  whenever its needed,im nicknamed  the Eldar Tintullinta”said Elweh.  Chapter 2,  well,after  Elweh  teleported off about 100 miles to Tulipia’s capitol city,Amberion,  for 10 minutes,then he returned home and it was time  for  Aldamir’s birthday party under an oak tree and terebinth tree.”Most elves  have these two  special kinds of  trees in their gardens  remembering the  legend of Cuivienen lake,in ancient Middle earth.No one knows if the legends are true as chronicled by a human named Tolkien,but we have other accounts  too of  our race of Elves having  appeared somewhere  by a lake long ago.  “Orta Ore-ay yesta aure-ay(Heart Lift day)”said  elwe to his son who blew seventy candles  flames on his big vanilla cake.  “But he looks only twelve years old!”said Wimbly.”  Well so do many humans in  Zarka land,because of the waters there reversed their ages,but we elves simply age much slower.  Aldamir’s gifts were  new toe curved shoes,(vinya  talcollo),undumuina(underwear),nen nissima(cologne),tuptoh(hat).  “ah,a hat  with its pointed top for relaxation energy!it enhances my aura and chakras as we call it(Calamaicollo Peloncala)!which is like a swirling aura at times”said Aldamir.  “I will get you the Elvapresa  Elven singing hat  for Christmas”said Elweh.”Hantalye!  Its shaped kind of like a tall hair pompadour  with side burns.That will help me sing  better”said Aldamir.  “im glad he  didn’t ask for a hover sail,or hover mobile.the hover ore is rare around here,but its something my dwarf  friends love to search for,as it’s a precious commodity to smith for.the stuff is like no other metal!Its hovers!”said wimbly.  I have a piece in my pocket.  He dropped it and  it is a  small ball of metal  that hovered over the floor.  Elweh’s wife walked over,with her beautiful gothic dress,with lace  intricacies.”Vanimaina”welcome home” elweh said.  “She loves me to buy her  gorgeous elven fashions,many of which have touches of gothic  and much lace and velvet”said elweh”it’s a  popular elven  fashion style,even for men,just as much  so aslarger elven villages, the Elves have  homes shaped like that cake  ,with  three round tops”said Elweh.  “we even go as far as making some of our homes shaped like big cookies or other desserts,because of our obsession with sweets and sugar!”said aldamir.  “we love  sugar and lace!Anything that sparkles as well.  All is an Elvish art”said Vanamaina.  “sweet you are,my good elves!  Your men  up to age  300 are nicknamed  Twinks,by us dwarves and  humans.  Rightly so,you are sweet as twinkies,and your ladies  are named  Sugar babes,and Sparklers “said  wimbly the dwarf.  They all invited fellow elven villagers to the birthday party and  even some intelligent bears,who are able to telepathically communicate with elves and they  know how to be peaceful with them  but still quite hungry,so this party had plenty to eat,but the elves told them to eat slowly and not make such a mess. One bear was eating so fast and got cake frosting all over his face. Wimbly had frosting on his beard.  He gave aldamir a gift,it was a white  glowing rock.”Its milkzum rock,very rare in these parts,but  I have heard there are many  mines  and mountains of it  in Zarka land,and it glows in the dark,making the room  light up like glowing white milk”he said.  Aldamir thanked him,and  then joined in a  circle dance with fellow elves,Ornendil and  Feantur and Calien and kementari a pretty  elven girl.  Flowers began to blossom in the garden.  The joy stocking  caps  which many elves wear help their auras feel joy!The elves auras were glowing  in swirling colorful lights and even the rocks were dancing  somewhat,because they had auras  activated too by the elven music.  Aldamir sprinkled some gold  dust on his piece of vanilla cake and  with thought power,it hovered in the air into his mouth.  Wimbly the dwarf could see with his thermal  detecting  vision,a turkey moving through the forest.”these dwarven  thermal heat  eyes come in handy  for us dwarves in the  dark caves.but not all of us have this ability. Certainly,which is why many of us prize Geltonium glow jelly and  Milkzum glow aldamir, how old are you?”asked  Wimbly.”im seventy but I only look about 12.  We elves stay  kids for 100 years,and then we stay  what you would call in human  terms,’teen’  looking  for another 200 years.but hobbits,they stay kids for 30 years,and then teen looking for up to age 60.But if you wanna know if were immortal.You know its major depression by choosing to leave this  form and life,or a serious wound ,such as in battle,which only ends elves physical life”said aldamir.  “But then,grief is not just our grief,which can end  an elf’s life,but its if  an  elf is a bad evil person,such as a bully,would it be a grief to the other elves and to God,and thus that would end  his or he r life,if they grieve others and so that though energy  keeps only good elves alive.  Looking back on the legend of feanor the elf,he was rebellious,but his life was spared for a long time to serve a purpose to about age 200 something.  Many elves who do wrongly,are prewarned  through  elf prophets,and the bad behavior can cause them to get skin rashes and  weakness,and even be shrunk smaller than the  one foot fairies,to about  5 inches,and sent into exile and slavery.  Only good elves mainly exist among our race as it is with the  Fantastic world fairies. “  interesting ,How else could you die if not by grief or a big wound”asked Wimbly.  “We cant drown in water,unless we  chose to by grief,and we cant  any other way  because our aura  has a forcefield,its called the  ‘ Calamaicollo Matir’,and  it constantly  regenerates and  most of the time,is a forcefield against  most types of steel,and rocks,and  allows them to pass through us without harm,but Goblin steel could pass through  the forcefields  at one time,which is why elves were slain in Middle earth.”  “tell me about the tall pointy hats”said  Wimbly.  “The legendary Gandalf and many wizards taught us that their  pointy hats act as a pyramid to enhance  and draw aura energies from  good energy  in the environment.  Theres also  elvish hats for  meditation  energy,and  relaxation energy,or energy  itself “said  elweh.  “I have to wear my pointy hat a lot  or else I get depressed  or an itchy rash”said Ornendil,an elf.  A human friend of Aldamir’s  came  and  handed aldamir a birthday gift,it was some  human styled shirt and pants  from Amberion city.  Aldamir wore it and then suddenly,all his clothes disappeared off him except his tightey whities. His star shaped nippled shined in the light.  “happens every time!  Whenever I put on human styled fashions,they disappear!  Happens with all elves,an enchantment  to keep elves  from  looking dressed as humans.  Aldamir  painted a glitter star  on the left cheekbones of the party guests.  “A  star  on  the  chee k  is an elf custom of honor and friendship”said Aldamir,  "Whenever a human has  a small  sun spot on their cheek bone,it was a sign to elves  of goodness.  Such was Duchess Jo bear,she has a sun spot on her cheek and  elves love her  very much.  Her  beautiful forest,the Fernberry  duchy is  an area  of  Quendemar land."  The Elves at the party with elwe and  aldamir  started to jump in a ballet dance high and slow motion over the tree tops and then slowly  back down upon the grass.  "wow,you elves have mastered slow motion jumping power"said wimbly the dwarf.  They held his hand and  practiced and laughed  with joy from tree top to tree top!  Then finally resting under some rock cliffs on a hill.  Suddenly a rock came rolling down  coming right towards them!  But it bounced away because of a forcefield  around  the elves'auras.  Another rock came down and turned to dust powder.  Elwe  focused his  elf magnification eyesight  over the forest .  This  ability is an elf power that sees far range objects  very close,just  as Legolas the elf prince has too.  Aldamir and Wimbly and  elweh and the other elf friends ballet slow motion leaped over to where they had beheld  smoke in the  distance.  There they found the happy elf bakery  shape like a big round cake,with three layers atop,and it was seemingly having a lot of smoke arising out of its chimneys.  "Oh its the happy elf bakery  called Tintillese-ay.looks like they overcooked some thing!"  The small cooking fire was put out  by a group of elves within  who have the magic elf ability,which some elves have, to extinguish  fires,through special smoke emiting out of their palms.  This makes  many elves  throughout Fantastic world  ,valued as fire fighters,besides  postal deliverers  for teleportation powers.  To be continued....  2.          2  At the big bakery  of the  smaller half hobbit,half Tolkien tall Elves,they were using their super speedy fingers to bake some sweets and and sell them for free since the  production was fast  labor and efficient.  Elves can also spin weave and spin yarn superfast!  this  fast labor makes things affordable,even free a lot of the times.  So much  elf  sugar cotton candy trees  grew on the  plantations and it is plentiful,so that even the elves in the north pole of Fantastic world,in Snowlandia,also grow pink cotton candy trees  near the great Pink desert,close to Snowlandia. They then teleport to the pink tree plantations to retrieve the  pink  and  baby blue sugar and then return to their  towns.  Here,it is similar,and the large ,but peaceful spiders nibbled on the pink cottoncandy trees and licked the sugar the  striped sugar cane stems and the top of these short trees have a bushy cotton candy fluffiness. The spiders became sugar addicts!  Most of the  large spiders  rolled over and passed out from too much sugar.  Wimbly the dwarf  was eating some of the cotton candy of the tree inside the bakery gardens in an inner courtyard ,while some Elves cracked open the striped candy cane part,and the sugar poured.  Rooms in the bakery factory  had cinnamon rolls,jellly donuts,and many different candy rooms.  Wimbly,as some dwarves, have magnetic hands,and he climbed up the walls while elves  were baking their donuts and filling jelly and cream in them.  Wimbly was so excited and he leaped from the wall into a room full of jelly beans!  he swam in them and had so much fun.Then they headed to the chocolate coolant room,and whip cream  room,where it is stirred in a big pot.  A special blue coolant jelly in glass boxes  kept the whip cream and milk cool within the top half of the boxes of glass.  this blue jell is what comes from underground  in  subter annea rivers of gorgeous  colorful jelly rivers and  the blue  is used for coolant of foods and drinks. it even freezes if a lot is  brought together.  This  jelly called Geltonium has been a favorite of dwarves,used to light up their underground caves.  Its simply put in glass bulbs to light up the rooms!  Orange  geltonium  will heat up if stirred in a pot with some types of sparkle crystals within the jelly.  The  Dwarves  discover a lot of Geltonium(second best thing to  Dwarven Mithril silver) and they barter  Geltonium with humans and elves in return for food,since not much grows under the land,except  Zazpav fungi,which is a good dwarf granola bar.  Wimbly  held to Aldamir,"you feel so warm in this cold blue geltonium room"he said.  "Thats how elves stay warm in Snowlandia.We have a natural body heat  that adjusts to cold temperatures,Good body heat,same for some hobbits,explains those rosy cheeks"said Aldamir.  3  Wimbly and  the elves from the birthday party  finally left the bakery factory and walked through a small elf  village nearby.  It has  gothic victorian houses with scale shingles,and so much ornamentation.  There were also some cake shaped houses and cookie shaped with glitter sparkles painted all about them.  The paint seemed to glow and be glossy wood.  "Alot of the homes are  painted with geltonium  mixture paint,and the walls are not all wood,but have brownish red paint from  brown paint  on glass bubbleopian flexiglass walls"said  Elweh.  "we elves love  gothic  fashions,sometimes we do wear  pretty make up with stars on us,but  because we already are so pretty,the make up is only for special days."said aldamir.  The  elves have admired what we call second empire victorian house architecture,but the wealthier elves  have  intermixed it with italianate sometimes,and  gothic.  "We love these cupolas and  pinnacle egg shaped towers,ever since the days of our  ancestor Elves days in Middle earth"said Elweh,"the towers  such as in our stories chronicled by the human jrr tolkien,and our own bards,told of the lovely towers in middle earth and Tol Eressea island.  We believe the towers  are lovely because we can see stars,and the landscape of the many trees below,or the sea,or anything in nature.They also work to draw in good land and sky auric energies to enliven our dwellings."said Elweh.  "That explains why many of us Elves live in tree houses,we love heights,amid the tree tops,as if we are birds"said Aldamir.  "very few tree houses can compare to ones in  Mallorn trees!they last over a thousand years and they do exist in Fantastic world too.They are huge and  hold so many  tree houses,we call flets.  Mallorns exist in New Lorien in Valinor where Galadriel the elven queen of legend lives  when she came from Middle earth  long ago!".  "I have heard there is also a rare area of Mallorns in Galadriel's colony land of Virglorien"said Wimbly the dwarf.  Aldamir's painted star on his cheek began to sparkle."My tinwe-ay tita  is begiining to glow!My Peloncala(Aura) is becoming visible.  it is a sign,a great friend is  approaching  nigh unto us soon"said he.  Aldamir was wearing a round medallion tree shape on his necklace.  Many Elves wear special medallions shaped like trees or elf family coat of arms designs.You would be surprised many resemble a cross with arms spread outwards.  "Inya mai eldar(my good elves),Nye-ay colvista orta ore-ay(i feel heart raised)"said Aldamir.  "its so nice you feel happy"said wimbly."Lye-ay nar marmando(you are welcome)"replied Aldamir.  Out to the moors on a foggy expanse with prairie grasses,they came and  Aldamir sprinkled a  few huge rocks with gold glitter.  The rocks floated in the air,directed by thought power!  and a stonehenge like circle of rocks was formed!  "Gold dust ,called Laurie-ay kementinwe-ay  or  Calinta kemen Tintilvi( flashy sparkle fly) is  like how a bee reforms pollen in its stomach to make honey  ,but  some elves like me form it from  dandruff or skin glitter flakes,  several days after eating lettuce"said he.  Aldamir mixed some gold dust in the soil mixed with  wimbly's mithril coins.They multiplied a hundred more!" i had to pray to our God for any increase,and if things multiply,its really from him.this kind of miracle happens sometimes!"  Wimbly was excited,"If only  we could multiply mithril and jewels all the time,we wouldnt have to work.but this  has happened once  or occasionally  i heard in Azuria land by Aule-ay  the guardian Valar spirit. Legends  written by Tolkien,many which are  overly elaborated myths in the very first tales of how Valar formed natural things, say Aule-ay was given privilege to form all dwarves originally in Middle earth,and now,he has given us new homes in Fantastic world,as the other Valar  spirit guardians helped guide elves to Valinor  and  here in new Archenland Tulipia"said Wimbly.  "I would love to revisit Valinor again,tell me more about it my elven father"said Aldamir.  "Valinor to the northeast of Fantastic world,has ornamental rocks like you find on a holiday christmas tree.They glitter in different glitter colors,but its a different non hoverable glitter.  Some berries grow with a light in the night like a christmas tree.The flowers as the  velvety petunias are huge there!  you feel as if youve shrunk  as the smallest elves,the fairies there and  as if youre in one of their beautiful realms. The many huge Broccoli looking trees are there and cauliflower white trees,and Bokchoy looking trees,those forests are so bright and the tree trunks are so thick and smooth.  There are the all year long pink and purple and yellow fluffy leafed trees,but indeed there are some  of these  pink ,purple,yellow trees  in other places of Fantastic world.  Suddenly,Legolas the  legendary elf prince walked up to them  in his green cape hoodie.with him was his son Landolas,who also has long blond platinum hair.  "I have been wandering about New Greenwood forest on my journey down from  Valinor.I come here to reminesce.  For indeed this place truly is a copy in the image of my beloved homeland Greenwood the great of Ancient Middle earth.Here we are in an area of  what would be the northeastern edge of the forest."  They bowed to him and his son."your son is Wood king  Landolas of the forest!We pledge our allegiance to you your Elf majesty"said aldamir."Elweh,look into my eyes and see what you see telepathically"said Legolas.  to be continued....  3.     "Ah legolas,i see in your eyes  the blue sea with seagulls flying in each round white bubble cell that glows with the silver moon tree and golden tree of  day,upon a green hill  floating over the sea .But then,a Tree of life even  much larger,more than any  other  tree that exists, with the shape of a cross,its main arms stretched out,immortal above those two trees.  this same image  alike in each cell!"said elweh.  This that you see,is deep in every elf's  inner soul and cells.Its the longevity power given as a privilege to us elves.because some of the immortal power of the Tree of life ,the tree of God was  brought into its seeds,which the golden tree of valinor and moon trees Laurelin and Telperion  were of such descent.That is why we are not fully immortal because we had not then eaten of the tree of life, which would have made us  and you fully immortal,but instead we ate of the two children's fruit,  who were  called laurelin and telperion.  So at Valinor,many of us elves ate of the fruit of these two Valinor trees,but also,many of the fruits of these two Valinor trees were also reproducing seedlings and these were planted in Cuivienen where elves first appeared. These became  transformed into  some of the terebinths and  oak trees.  each new generation of later trees became  not as powerful as the first generation,but still  limited immortal power was there.  But even that first second generation being the Valinor tree Laurelin and telperion  were children of the Tree of life, so also their brother tree existed from long before it appeared  in Narnia  world.  This was known as the Tree of Protection,which a boy on a unicorn named Digory had discovered.  Its fruit made one immortal pretty much.  Yet the greatest tree  where they all descended,where it all began was this Great Tree of life,which we elves  all hope to see someday.It is prophecied  humans too will find the tree of life  and then both men and elves and dwarves will come together and and receive fullness of true  complete immortality,true eternal life.There will be no death at all",said legolas.  "we seek the  Lord of the Tree of Life,and as we had called him also  his name to us elves is 'El ElyonEruYah' and to pray and worship him everyday is the most  truest thing we should  feel and  act upon" said Aldamir.  Legolas and his sonn Landolas,with Elwe and all the other elves withh Wimbly  held hands and  suddenly star lights and swirls of red,white and blue streams of colors swirled around them with stars in them.  They danced joyfully in a circle.  "elves  love to dance in circles,as it creates  great fun energy"said Landolas,the little boy elf,son of legolas.  Night time  had already  come and the stars above were so pretty  above the fields.  "This  auric energy is the Elve'ah  cala  pel melda love light",said Aldamir.  They looked and there in the sky was a  small star  of crystal  and light.  It was so pretty with many rainbow colors  streaming along its sides.  It landed  upon the fields  next to them,and  there appeared as if by magic from within the star,  four lovely Tall elves in robes and  their hair was pretty  and  long and platinum.  "ah its our cousins from Valinor,the elves sent from Varda the Valar queen,in Valmar city of Valinor.  She has come to bring me back  to my home in Alqualonde in Eldamar"said Legolas.  "the valar have provided some of the eldest eldar with this rare and wonderful sky  star  crystals,the  traveling Star lights of wonder"said Legolas.  The star also had the Vala named  Vanna there with the four lovely tall dignified and loving  elves.  They beamed forth a beam  from  the star  crystal  and it made a lovely gemoetric design on the fields.  It had star shapes and  it was so intricate,a real work of art!  two of the elves on the ship were smaller half hobbit elves with them and they were pouring some egg nog in glasses.It was good to drink!  And there came forth  suddenly appearing from what apeared to be another star,beginning to appear above that star and it poofed into many white ball lights and glittery stardust.  Out of the beauty of this  yet new star  appeared the legendary  hobbit,Frodo baggins! He was wearing white mithril one piece suit and  a green sparkley cape.  He was a 12 year old looking  hobbit boy again!  he walked down the ramp from the ship  and his body was glowing all light blue,and he seemed ethereal,and translucent  to an extent.  "You look so younger than i thought you would be.It is you the great Frodo! "said  Aldamir.  "Greetings! i come from a place beyond Valinor. I have lived in Valinor for many years since i left Middle earth and  escaped the heaviness on my heart in those days.  I was regenerated into  becoming  a  small child  where i forgot much of my past for many years.  My life was extended,for i was given an elvish fruit from  a seedling long preserved in Valinor,descended from the tree Telperion.  I am now recently become ethereal and moved onto a higher  more glorious realm  so wonderful,but i come to give you  little king landolas of the new Greenwood forest,the last seed of laurelin." said frodo.  "why must i use it?","to save the elves  in your forest from the energy of longevity that is beginning to extinguish from elven cells.If you take not this seed and grow a small  sapling,then in five years,the elves all over will become mortal,but also  ailing before that time.  Most of all,the new tree you plant will save the forest elves from depression,and bring joy to the forest.  "said frodo.  " Frodo,you  have come from the Land of the Lord of the tree of Life?"asked Legolas.  "yes! And you all may wonder how the Elves discovered the about the Lord of the tree of Life?  As such,you know elves  as Galadriel have been gifted for many years with prophecy,and telepathy."said frodo.  legolas  began to tell them  some history."In the second age,a time traveler human from a kingdom of the saxons of some land called England on Planet earth,traveled back to the past through time and to  ancient  earth,where he arrived on his teim etraveling ship  to Numernor island Tol Eressea island of the elves.  He was eriol Aelfwine,and with him he brought his holy book and what he knew of the Lord of the tree of life,a man who is Eru the name elves call God in human form  and who died on a tree.  This sacrifice is what gives  the eternal full immortality  and joy which we elves seek.  The  righteous  of humans seek Him too.  For though elves  sometimes seek to escape  the depression and heaviness of heart  and boredom from living centuries that  we feel alot,except in Valinor it is unfelt.  We always  have known,since Eriol told us,the lord of the tree of life heals our weariness,just by thinking of him,and He is now the light  of Valinor.  For in Valmar  and atop  Taniquetil,the glorious light  shines  when the great  clouds come over them  each day.  There is more than sun there,it is a glorious whiteness to the sky,and makes all green grass grow,even amidst the fog and clouds. We feel  such wonderful love in the air  when he comes once a week.  This same fog  came when Eriol came  and first told us  of Him,for he was wearing a tree shaped cross necklace.  Our elf prophecies  even Middle earth's second age told of  Eriol come forth.The elves  knew what had happened for the love and joy had arrived.  We were given christianity in a  form  where a cross is seen more as a tree,and  scripture was imprinted in our heart,rather than at first receiving the exact words  of Eriol's holy book,for he had not brought it with him on his time travel journey,but told us of what he memorized in it.  We were told and had foreseen the lord of tree of life,a man  who is Eru  God in human form.  The  Gondorians  later  had  copies of the words of  Eriol Aelfwine the mariner time traveler,when the men  who were the righteous had escaped  Numernor  on the 9 ships to Middle earth. Elrond also had a copy of the words  in his book at his house.  Numenor  had become  full of apostasy,for many men had  chose to neglect  the holy words of Eriol  and not seek Eru.  Gondor  land treasured the words  from Eriol  in their writings,memorializing the  words and prophecies  along with their tombs and monuments."said Legolas.  "This explains the sacredness of the Tree symbol to the ancient  Gondorians  too  ,as it was to the Elves."said  Frodo. "yes,  because  as Tol erressea island  still stands,but Numenor island  fell  through apostasy,well both the Gondorians and  even now,with the  Elves,  we have  a tree shaped  emblem like a cross with arms stretched out.This symbolizess the Lord of the Highest tree.  King elendil  of the second age,said that  Elrond  and Galadriel  had a prophecy  of the  great  tree  with a man on it,and blood red sap  came forth from both of them,and the sap was sweet as honey and brought forth  purity to everyone who loved and believed  in its power.  The Elon has been another word for Oak' tree,and terebinth.  This is how the words for the high tree  of an oak  has been deried from our word for God,El Elyon eru yah'the highest  Lord God  highest man of the highest tree.  We  have  known who He was for centuries,even if Tolkien ,our human chronicler visionary  may not have  forth right  spoken of or realized it because we do not have  churches but we do have  outdoor  prayers and  dances  to praise El Elyon Eru  Yah.  Our Elf christianity has been  somewhat  unrealized by men,yet our belief is there!  i have always been a believer"said Legolas. "I do know Christmas  has always been elves' favorite holiday  and now we should realize why it tis truly  so"said  frodo as he smiled at them all.  Legolas  bid his son  little  king landolas  farewell for now,as Legolas was to return to Alqualonde city in Valinor.  Suddenly,the four elves from valinor .their star crystal  that they had appeared from when they landed from the sky. began to speak  with a voice,and it said"Are you about ready to return  dear Legolas?"  Then it transformed into Gandalf!  He  was the star!  which he had  been able to metamorph  into as a form.  Maia  spirits can do this!  Frodo  said Happy birthday to Aldamir,"soon,you and all the righteous men and elves will be brought up in this rapturous beam,and  the longing and yearning of elves' and men  who seek  the pure joy and love from Him and  the fruit of the tree of Life will be given!For truly,Elves  have so longed for  eating of the tree of life,and they know of its  pure joy and love and  ecstasy,from samples of the cloud  joy that comes from  El Elyon Eru Yah  upon Valinor once a week.finally,both paradises will be linked and elves and men  to be fully eternal and  perfect in love and joy"said frodo. and  then he gave them the two finger peace sign and a  blue  beam of  tunnel light from  heaven opened up and he was pulled up into the glorious bright beam!  he  beamed up and into the stars.  What a dramatic  majestic  exit  that frodo made!  Gandalf looked up and  put a cross necklace on Aldamir."happy birthday from  your story book hero the wizard Gandalf,whom you have long read about and  always wanted to meet in person"he said.  aldamir was so thrilled  that all this happened tonight."I got to meet YOU and FRODO AND LEGOLAS!WHAT A BIRTHDAY!"  Then gandalf  smiled and  he with legolas and the four elves with Vanna the vala lady,disappeared in a flash of light ,"Callinta!(Flash)"they all said,and it then  reappeared as a comet  overhead going northeastwards  into  the land of Valinor.  Frodo had gon estraight  upwards in a farther  direction,to a greater  Heaven.  Valinor is closer  in Fantastic world,geographically,it is just north east of Tulipia land,but few  humans can enter it now days until a special time in the future,yet elves may eneter it anytime,if they are good pure  of heart.The Land there knows  who is  good.  4 
The  next week later,  Elweh and Aldamir went on a day's trip  to visit  Southwest Valinor's  Fana melda  Yavannah  castle,where inside looks like a mall of white marble and skylights.  It was a day to go and have  fun there with the many elves  and  enjoy all the dances and  the  music there and  the christmas  parade in the mall castle.  beautiful star shapes painted on the floor and marble  shining all about with red and white tapestries  all about.  "Christmas  is truly special  to us all,and we know why.It is what  has made us elves  known for our joyousness,because  christmas  is about  the heart of it all,and its reason that makes us  truly  good  and  loving elves and humans".

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