Discovering the Pack: Blood Moon

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Harou Brier Hawthorne is not an average werewolf. He was born with multiple rare genetic traits; all of which; were inherited from a Rogue ancestor-- Lucille Brier. If that wasn't enough to scare others off, then his aggressive, no-nonsense attitude, could. Harou is proud to be a werewolf and isn't afraid to accept a challenge. He is what every leader wants to be, or so they think. A sudden disappearance has Harou and his six-wolf squad traveling to Boughguard; a decent-sized town within the Inner Circle, run by a weak Camellia Pack. Nonetheless, he believes that their mission will be a one and done deal. However, a few surprises are waiting-- one being his mate. Harou never thought himself worthy of a mate; he would go as far as saying, such a being did not exist. That is until he runs into Chance Lexington-- a caged Alpha. Harou blindly accepts Chance and imprints on him, but will Chance let go of his current life and do the same?

Fantasy / Action
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Chapter 1: Arrival

The red, four-door hybrid is filled with displeasure from our eventful twenty-two-hour drive; leaving the atmosphere to sit on edge. Royce had been annoying me since the moment we left Aystiria behind and I can’t help but think it was planned. Why else would the Fiend Council send him along; he is the only person on the planet that can piss me off with a single look. A sigh escapes my lips as we arrive at the prison commonly known as school.

Hearing it, Royce an Omega of our Hawthorne pack --and my Uncle, relays a glance through the rear-view mirror. One tinted with resentment and underlined with fear. I’ve grown accustomed to that particular look; since the moment it became cemented on his face nine years ago. A sideways glance has me locked in yet another battle with the purple eyed man; this one silent. His kept shaggy, cherry red hair, casts an ominous shadow over his face. If I weren’t an Alpha I’d probably be intimidated, but I am; so he just looks like an angry old man to me.

When we roll into the parking lot of Boughguard High a few seconds later, another breath involuntarily releases. My ears flex as they’re filled with the sound of contracting leather. Royce’s knuckles are white as he firmly grips the steering wheel. The amount of bitterness exuding from him is suffocating to say the least. Still, I ignore him.

I glance at my cousin Rizaria instead, she is lower on the scale than her father in the front seat. A Subordinate in pack rank; but acting Infiltrator of our little six wolf squad. Her long cherry red hair is pulled back into a neat tail and her round green eyes are full of anticipation. Earbuds are a prominent indicator that she is in her own world. Not that I could blame her, the air alone in this car could probably smother a small creature. Her window is down, releasing some of the tension while blowing her caramel scent into the vehicle.

She waves at a few curious creatures with a shimmering pearly smile; a genuine one might I add. Riz has always enjoyed meeting new people and school is one of her favorite places to be. Having been homeschooled my entire life, I’m not fond of the idea of being trapped inside four suffocating walls, for eight hours, with a mixture of hormone driven creatures.

The scene earns a groan from me and for a moment, just a moment; I think about skipping out. That is until my mother’s words from twenty-five hours ago cross my mind.

“Harou your social skills are in need of serious TLC. It’s partially our fault as your parents, however... You’re to blame too, you don’t exactly give off a friendly vibe. You need to control your aura at least a little. You’re father and I decided that while you’re on this next mission, you need to socialize a bit. So we are ordering, not suggesting, because we know that won’t work. We are ordering you to attend high school with Rizaria.” She must have seen the discomfort reflecting in my irises because she had pulled me into a hug. She’s the only person who has ever embraced me with love. “It’s for your own good. Please just try to make one friend. And no Jonah doesn’t count, he’s your Beta and your Uncle. It’s quite literally his job, even if he enjoys it.“′ Her voice was soft and stern and she meant well, but it was insulting nonetheless. My eyes roll naturally at the memory but it also pulls a smile from me. My mother was something else entirely. Royce sees this; and him being him, he narrows his brow and a low growl travels my way.

“Spit it out already. You’re starting to piss me off again.” I snap at him.

My anger is apparent, but he holds his ground. I notice his hands tighten further and the sound of the plastic wheel underneath about to give out. He grits his teeth before speaking.

“I was just wondering if it’d be a waste of my breath by asking the impossible.” His ‘Alpha’ tone seethes it’s way into my psyche.

“I can’t believe I even have to remind you; as an Alpha you should be ashamed of yourself. The Lexingtons and Hawthornes have a reputation to uphold with the humans as well as other species. And not just one of intimidation and fear. So don’t go getting into any reckless fights, especially on school property.” His tone is aggressive and cocky, making my blood boil.

With a light pull on the plastic handle and a sturdy push, the metal car door flies open. I have no intention of listening to anything he has to say. Royce slammed on the breaks as I jumped out.

“What the hell Harou!” He snapped.

By the time he turned to look at me; I’m already pulling two large chrome double doors ajar. My Uncle Royce, he hates me and I hate him. It is the only thing we had ever agreed on.

Honestly, how am I supposed to stay out of fights when people are always trying to fight me? Does he even care if his daughter is bullied for being mute? Because, that is what the last fight was about.’ I fume over the question a moment before glancing around the congested hallway.

Mundane; from the plain red and grey walls lined with identical blue lockers, to the repetitive red bordered white tiles underneath my feet, everything was dull. The loud roar of students enveloped in their own worlds, drowns out the cries of others being taken advantage of. Aside from their individual scents, everyone harbored a matching coat of fear and obedience.

My blood curls at the nauseating site, the day had only just begun and I am furious. A frustrated snarl releases from my chest, echoing throughout the hall. Hundreds of frightened eyes snap to stare at me as I disappear into the nearest grey door supporting a restroom sign.

The heavy metal door creaks under the swift strain caused by my foot. My nose is met by the weak odor of freshly cut grass. The source exuding the pathetic stench is cowering in the corner of the bathroom. No doubt, he felt me coming.

I don’t have to look to know that the scent belonged to a human male with red hair, blue eyes and a problem with confidence. My brow raises and a scoff escapes my mouth, showing my indifference. I move to the sink, ignoring the wimp and washing my hands. I look into the mirror.

Staring back at me, my true self. The crimson spotted white wolf everyone fears; glares back. Copying my every expression as I scrub away the top layer of skin covering my hands. Normally, I wouldn’t resort to self mutilation, but seeing as how I can’t just leave and go hunting without paying for it later-- this will have to do. Blood and shredded skin coat the cheap ceramic sink below and I stare-- somehow still able to be fascinated; as the skin I’d torn off is replaced instantaneously with a new layer. My jaw clenches at the familiar tingling sensation prickling every inch of the reddened extremity. Despite having watched myself regenerate hundreds of times before; I’m still intrigued by my abnormal mending abilities.

Even for a werewolf, my abilities are strange.’ I almost let myself get lost in thought; that is until the sharp smell of fresh ammonia fills my nostrils, forcing me to cringe. The boy pissed himself. I do not offer a glance. I do not offer comfort. I offer him nothing, as I immediately turn on my heel and leave; disgusted. As for the mess I had left, that is someone else’s problem now.

Out in the hallway, I close my eyes and take in a sharp breath, hold it for a few seconds, before finally exhaling. I repeat the process my brother had taught me all those years ago, until I calm down. The fierce flames simmering into hot coals.

I’m going to end up killing someone.`` I grit my teeth and shake my head, removing the thought almost as quickly as it appeared. ’No, I have to try.’ I attempt to talk myself into staying --the effort, successful. My feet move, weaving in and out of the hormone enraged teens stalking the hall; taking me to the room playing host to my Advanced Trigonometry class. I managed to arrive right before the tardy bell.

“Safe” I shout authoritatively, attempting to childishly mimic an umpire. The uncertainty emitted from the room and the multitude of displeased faces tell me, I am unsuccessful.

A stern voice grabs my attention and my eyes dart to see the owner. My interest instantly vanishes. The teacher is a male Beta werewolf; weaker than any Beta I’ve crossed paths with till now. Hesitantly yet elegantly, he strides over guarded. His medium stature matches his dim aura. The brown highlighted hair that falls to his shoulders and his caramel eyes, hidden behind spectacles; work with the piercings that decorate his left ear, and right eyebrow to give a sense of danger. That is his appearance anyways. His rosey aura and scent tell me otherwise, simple. He is all bark and no bite. My brow drops as do my lips, even more annoyed. ’I never imagined my parents would force me to work with such weaklings’ I growl to myself.

“Please take off your hood and introduce yourself.” Air is forced from my lips. Mr. Camp’s vagarious tone displeases me, however since this is his pack’s turf, there isn’t much choice. Swiftly the hood atop my head drops, revealing my short mid-length white hair and smoldering lavender irises.

A large gasp lingers on the air, filling the cramped space with following whispers. Few students laugh and roll their eyes, the leftovers, do best to mind their own business. I don’t care. Everyone has their own opinions, fine; but if they want to get into my face about it, I will enjoy knocking them down a size or three. A playful growl releases from my chest as countless, delicious possibilities of a fight teasingly swirl through my thoughts and my hungry wolf begins to arouse. Camp raises a concerned brow, his confidence diminishing with each new inhalation of my scent.

“Harou Hawthorne” I say it clearly and confidently so that no one mishears me. The rooms atmosphere shifts as the new bit of information sinks into the small minds of those around me. Fear floods the room and suddenly it’s quiet. Too quiet and for too long. Seems even this far from the Border, everyone knows about the Hawthorne Pack.

“Well. Mr. Hawthorne. I don’t appreciate class-clowns interrupting my lectures. Do behave yourself while here.” I don’t like being told what to do, especially by inferior creatures. Naturally, for me, suppressing a snarl is like throwing a starving dog a bone and then trying to make him leave it alone -- impossible.

The snarl echoes off the walls. Mr. Camp swallows a dry lump and steps back from me, holding his hand out towards our audience. “The seat next to Ms. Mitchell is available.” I nonchalantly salute the Beta in my presence, reassuring him of my reluctant cooperation.

I quickly scanned the room. I don’t need a road-map to find the place he is referring to. The porcelain illusion sitting next to the empty seat makes eye contact. I examine the image; simple syrup like hair and dull eyes surrounded by thick onyx lashes might do well to entice and ensnare others, however there is very little there to bewitch me with. This illusion, though seemingly strong for the others: does absolutely nothing to draw me to her.

The creature behind the facade, now that had me interested. Thick black scales coated with a putrid mucus decorate a large crocodile like frame. Several, small mouths lined with razor sharp teeth were scattered around the quadruped. I had only ever seen the picture of a Capictli in the Idle Book of the Divine. They are the most dangerous and rarest species of Water Dwellers --a deadly and unexplored opponent.

Chemicals are oozing from her pores as she carelessly sits there. The overwhelming aroma of wolfsbane floods my senses making my stomach turn. Her perfume and nail polish doing very little to obscure the toxic scent protruding from her. As the strongest species, werewolves are the most feared, but the amount of bane she is using; is a bit much. It would definitely weaken anyone, even kill some if they spent too much time near her. My brow furrows and instinctively a snarl rips from my chest. Its dull golden eyes snap to me as she goes into alert mode.

“What’s your problem Baby Mountain Wolf?” She growls in response. The air grows still, classmates around us move away as they are forewarned of a fight. A whisper of expanding bones takes a seat on the back of my mind. The Capictli in front of me gets distracted by the slow grueling sound, staring at Mr. Camp as he begins a transformation. Individual bones break, expand and new ones develop and heal all within a few seconds as his body contorts changing it’s structure completely. Still, it takes him a few minutes, engrossed in the painful process. ’Bigger than I thought he’d be.’ The thought crosses my mind as he shakes the transformation from his new skin. His right paw slams down firmly, almost breaking the flooring below. He bares his teeth and lets a snarl tear through the room.

I stare at the Beta in front of me, ordering me to behave; challenging my dominance. The Capictli sits down, but my attention is no longer on her. Snarls rip from my human chest as I tense up on the wolf glaring at me. He stands his ground despite the eminent fear in his eyes.

“Mr. Camp? Can I have a word?” The boy from the bathroom locks eyes with me for a moment before quickly retreating into the hallway. It takes every ounce of control I have to not transform myself and put Camp in his place. My hands were balled into fists and my whole body was shaking; I snapped my jaw and eyes shut. If I ended up killing him, it wouldn’t look good.

I sigh, remembering my promise to my parents, releasing some of the raging frustration. I pull the feeble chair into the isle before plopping down on it. Crossing my arms while grumbling to myself, pissed. My stomach knotting with each inhalation of the monster’s scent.

Mr. Camp disappears into a private office to revert back to being human and dress appropriately. The gossiping teens take his absence as an opportunity to mingle and share the video’s they’d just shot with the internet. Personally, I don’t know what all the hype is about; werewolves are the only creatures allowed to transform in public places. It’s not like it isn’t normal to see one shift like that. Boughguard is completely different than Alystiria.

“Julie Mitchell, my girls and I are the ones to see for a makeover.” The girls gaunt fingers offer a weak twirl, the fake purple talons; ready to dig in. Her dead golden eyes rake over my figure. I glare back at her not suppressing my irritation. She smiles and chuckles a little before rolling her eyes. Obviously provoking me on purpose; making me wonder if she is stupid.

“What makes you think I need a makeover?” My voice is callous.

I feel my entire core begin to ignite as a fire of rage is sparked. Further igniting the hot coals within me. My vision leisurely turns red with each passing second. She sighs negligently, flipping her thick blonde locks behind her shoulder.

“Look. I’ll forget the asshole that just walked through the door and challenged me and I’ll help you.” The suspicious pause that lingers as her eyes flicker from one Yuan-ti to the other throws me yet another red flag. I’ve faced Yuan-ti before, but none looked like these two. They were almost identical, as most individual bloodlines are. Their line, whatever it is; it is the first time I’m seeing it. Yuan-ti, Serpents or Snake-like-people; they have the upper body of a human and the lower body of a snake. Venomous, normally docile but weak creatures that generally serve under a higher ranking Water Dweller to survive.

“We’ll help you, if you give Abby here a chance.” The condescending smile that spreads across her lips pushes me further to the edge.

“Look, I don’t know where you come from, but a hoodie on top of being single is total social suicide. It screams ‘I’m a l.o.s.e.r, with emotional problems’, besides don’t you werewolves run a high body temperature? It’s the middle of August, you don’t need a hoodie for warmth, so why wear it?” She chuckles, thinking she’s being cute. Her lackeys do the same. The fire silently festers, the red spreads more.

Oh, how I wish to tear her throat out right here and now. ’Who does this chemical sack of meat think she is? Save yourself the time and just kill her now!’ The thoughts are strengthened with my inner wolf’s agreement. The fire burns brightly and the longer I stay sitting next to her, the more rapidly the red spreads.

The hoodie, this thin fabric is the only thing keeping me from ripping her apart. My mother had spent several hours of several days embedding her magic into the thread. It strains to keep my wolf suppressed within. A blood-thirst is nearing, tearing at my skin to be set free. The only thing stopping it, is this jacket. I hold my breath, focusing solely on subduing the peaking rage. Seconds tick by and then minutes until finally ringing sounds loudly throughout the building.

I push myself off the chair sending it a few feet back as I take off from the room. I ignore the confused looks and Camp’s call that follow me as I head for the gymnasium. Reasonably, I hope a run can tame the fury within. If it fails to do so, the outcome will be drastic.

Stopping for no one and nothing I barge into the metal doors with a loud bang. The subtle stares I received upon entering the gym, do very little to slow me down. Especially, the cowering stance that accompany each glance.

Royce’s miffed look tells me he isn’t done with his class and that he is clearly pissed off by me being in his presence. I return the mutual feeling by sending a ‘back off’ snarl at him. He looks as though he still has the gall to contend, however the intense glow of my eyes; which typically is a huge red flag that a shift is nearing for any wolf, silences him.

My hands quickly move to strip the blazing hoodie and constricting collar from my heated body. I hastily pull up my sleeves. Steam rolls off my skin as the cold air from the central air unit steadily attempts to cool my inflamed body.

My anger is broiling, the wolf within me belligerent. Whispering, promising, patronizing and then lashing out clawing, snapping, lunging doing everything to rattle my will, to give in to it. To let it escape. The saliva once coating my mouth evaporates as the inferno increases. The raging creature contained within, suppressed only by the terrifying image of my mother’s damaged and lifeless form, lying on the sullied earth. ’I won’t lose control again, I refuse to go into another frenzy! Just RUN!!!’ I snapped at myself.

My feet move and I take off like a bat out of hell. The amount of adrenaline coursing through my veins is enough to kill an adult human. Its smoldering flames prick my skin attempting to take control. “Run, Just. Run” I repeat the muttered phase several times.

I don’t hear the bell and Royce doesn’t say anything either. The next class arrives and begins their game of touch football. Lap after lap I run as hard as my two legs will carry me.

An hour and a half of running, eighty-four laps and buckets of sweat roll by before the crashing sea of rage settles within my core. Satiated, for now. I drop my pace, place my arms above my head and calmly walk to the locker room. I work to control my breathing the entire way.

My brain is on maximum alert and every one of my muscles are screaming in pleasure. They push me into the boys locker room. I absently weave through the crowd of half naked male teens and make my way to the showers.

I strip off my white button up, tossing it on the oak chair that sits next to the stall. The cold water rushes up the pipes to steadily sprinkle over my head, erasing the sweat drops and extinguishing the lingering heat that slides out through my pores. A small turn of the knob and the rain stops.

I shake most of the water out of my hair like the inner animal I am, before replacing my shirt. I head back out to the gym to retrieve my tie and hoodie. Once I’ve located them, I redo my tie and place my hoodie back over my dampened button up.

I don’t react when I notice some girls staring at me, most likely due to me being the new kid. Honestly, there are many reasons why teenagers gawk at one another, I don’t even bother.

Curious, I take a moment to observe the large gymnasium, since it’s my first time actually being in one. The high rafters are decorated with banners, jerseys and other school affiliate titles. Multiple sets of bleachers line the entirety of the oval space. The exits are located under different rows of seats, and its glossy floor I had been running on reflects everything back at you. Six ball hoops line the painted area.

My attention is broken by the subtle sound of my watch ringing. ’Five minutes until the end of class’ With the thought I approach my Uncle Royce.

“Hawthorne I’d like a pass to Camp’s room!” It wasn’t a question. He catches this but does not express concern. Here, at school, he is the authority and I can see in his eyes that he is enjoying every second of it.

“And what would be the reason for this pass?” he asked.

He didn’t even bother to look at me as he stands there with his arms crossed. His arrogance earns him a low warning growl. He decides to ignore that too and continues to glare at me instead. Thinking he can intimidate me so easily, simply because we are on another packs turf; was his first mistake. I could tear him apart in seconds and not get into any trouble for it. Law 21 states that any Alpha Werewolf who is challenged by another creature has the right to accept said challenge and put whoever declared it in their place. So, as long as I didn’t kill him, it is well within my rights to fight him here and now.

My mother and father are two of the strongest creatures I’ve come across, his petty attitude does very little to scare me, and everything to piss me off. His tough guy act is pretty old and if he doesn’t watch himself, I may end up killing him. He’s acting Beta on this mission by accident, and I can already see it’s going to his ego.

Despite being in a public space, I continue to glare at him; finally the bell echoes through the large corridor and the students filed out from the locker rooms.

We do not move. Locked in another unspoken battle with one another. Once we’re alone a growl erupted from my chest as my inner self snaps at him. It pierces the tensing air, amplifying off the bleachers and making its way to my uncle’s core.

I see him swallow hard as he decides to back down. His eyes fall to the floor as he swears to himself. With a dominant scoff, I turn and leave the gym. The soft flame within, turns up a notch as I convince myself to not kill my uncle for being an idiot. He laughs, waves and turns his back to me. I ignore his incompetence, and make my way through the rush of hormone induced teens. School is not for me, I’m not here to make friends or learn cute history lessons or how to solve polynomials.

“ Your social skills need work… Make at least one friend…” My mother’s voice sounds in my head.

I growl at the reminder that I am in fact here to make at least one friend. The thought makes me want to puke. No one here interests me in the slightest, there isn’t anyone strong enough to be my friend. A weakling wouldn’t be able to keep up with me on a day I might feel off, so there’s no hope of them keeping up with me when I’m at full capacity. My feet move subconsciously carrying me back to Camp’s room.

There are few students lingering from Mr. Camp’s previous Trig class when I arrive.

“Mr. Camp.” I state to get his attention.

“Yes Harou?” He doesn’t look up from the paperwork that holds his attention. It ticks me off that he doesn’t bother to show me respect just because I’m a teenager, I’m still the heir to the Hawthorne pack, and an Alpha. Flames begin to lick at my skin yet again. Swallowing my pride induced anger, I manage a small, annoyed smile.

“I just want to offer an apology for… abruptly leaving like that, it was…” I’m cut off before I’m finished.

Camp’s sigh interrupts me. If we were in Hawthorne territory, he’d be punished for such disrespect towards an Alpha. However, this is his packs territory; so I have to respect the way they do this whole ‘school’ thing. The sooner I accept that, the easier the whole thing will be. He gestures for me to sit, so I do.

“Mr. Hawthorne.” He said sharply.

My body naturally cringes at the suffix he gave me. Everyone back home referees to my father as Mr. Hawthorne, so for him to do it to me, even unknowingly makes me uncomfortable. It’s not that I hate my father or anything dark and twisted like that; in fact it’s the complete opposite. Merrick Brier- my father, is a very honorable and respectable Alpha but as a father, he is more terrifying than anyone or thing on this damned world. The respect and terror I feel towards him, are things no one will ever know about. I will never admit to it. Camp continues his speech, pulling me from my drifting thoughts.

“I understand that there are times when some emotions, such as anger, aren’t exactly easy to control. Believe me. I’ve had my fair share of close calls as well.” He chuckles as he props his arms behind his head. While I find it hard to believe that he can understand anything about what I’m going through. His caramel eyes travel back to a moment in his past as he thinks he has related to me.

“Look Harou I know how ... infuriating high school can be and individuals like Julie, who have the demeanor of a fox but the IQ of a worm. They are hard to ignore at your age, but you’ll have to try. Honest, I thought you handled yourself quite well, so there’s really no need for an apology. I won’t keep you, you’ll be late for your next class, go.” his words flow with a hint of frightened annoyance.

It is apparent to me, that he is dismissing me so quickly because he’s uncomfortable in my presence. It was a reaction I’m all too familiar with, as he isn’t the only one who has resorted to such a tactic. Without missing a beat, he picks up his glasses and places them on the bridge of his nose. I flash a faint smile, closing off any negative feelings. Only for a moment. I thank him and move on.

He is arrogant, rude and impatient, not one is a good quality for a true Beta. These Camelia wolves, so far they didn’t seem to have an actual structure, just a bullshit hierarchy, that explains why they’re so weak. I’m annoyed and I find myself scratching no, peeling the skin from my fingers. The flesh falls to the ground, leaving a bloody trail in my wake. Creatures- students, whatever you want to call them; instinctively move out of my way as I haphazardly stride through the narrow aisle. I make my way to my Advanced English class, hating every second I am trapped. Trapped inside these walls. Trapped with people. Trapped in my human form.

Not bothering to introduce myself or waiting to be acknowledged by the full figured fairy sitting at the large desk in the front; I take an empty seat in the middle of the room. Mrs. Fiddle, she hosts the kind of aura you’d expect a small wild animal to have and rightfully so. I’ve dealt with a few fairies in my time, we have six that are mated into our pack. Fairies are kind and gentle creatures, so much so that it takes five times the amount of provoking to anger them, than it does to anger a werewolf. However, once they’ve been angered, only a wolf would be able to pacify them. Being a creature of the sky, Mrs. Fiddle’s temperature runs colder than those of us who are land dwellers; as a result her room runs a hundred degrees.The high temperature has me sweating despite already stripping off my jacket and tie. I’m overheating and fast, from the focus everyone else still had, it was just me. My throat felt dry and I needed water soon. The worst part of all of it; the class had only just began.

I love her energy though, her positive upbeat spunk reminds me a lot of my own mother. Now there’s a wolf you don’t ever even want to consider trying to back into a corner. She too is cute and fluffy but she’ll tear you apart in seconds if she feels the need. Mrs. Fiddle is by far my favorite teacher, even if she keeps her room over a hundred degrees during the summer.

These classmates are like all the others, bearable. Some of them comment here and there about my hair or eyes. Snickers come from all around, but after 17 years of not caring what others think, I am immune and won’t be starting now. Not too many people even bother to care in this class, them, I like.

I breeze through Ms. Fiddles lecture, though I wish there was an actual breeze here. Her homework assignment was easy enough to finish before the bell sounds. The hot air is almost unbearable so I try and distract myself by drawing my wolf form on a small sheet of paper. Standing and stretching only when I hear the bell for lunch. I groan as I pull the muscles in my arms and back away from their stiff positions for a moment, relieved to have a short break from memorizing, sitting and certainly from this heat. I gather my things and head out of the room; a quick check-in with my uncle and food were all I have planned before finding somewhere to take a quick power nap.

Blasting air from the A.C crashes against my skin and a small amount of steam is released into the atmosphere as it cools me. I pull the hood of my blue jacket over my head and insert my headphones. My body relaxes a little as my mind is soothed by the sound of a piano solo echoing through my body. Pack law requires me to check in with my Beta before going incognito, regardless of how detestable they are. Losing myself to the music; I walk, as if no one else exists; heading for the gym, weaving in and out of the cliques that are heading in the opposite direction seeking food.

When the smell of sunbathed hickory smoke floods my nostrils, my eyes suddenly fly open and the wolf part of me becomes restless. ’There’s no way in hell that’s what I think it is.’ I try to find a reasonable explanation as to why my body has suddenly frozen and my inner wolf is going into overdrive, pacing, whining? ’Well that’s a first.’ ‘mate. Mate! MATE!’ The scream that rings through every fiber of my being, confirms my suspicions. The scent belonged to my mate, my only concern is that the scent is accompanied by an unexpectedly high concentration of testosterone. For a moment, just a moment that intoxicating scent drifts, making its way to my core, lighting it with a new, unidentified sensation. ’It’s mouthwatering.’ I think blindly.

My instinct was to let my instincts take over. However, if I let my mating instincts take over, I would end up searching forever for the source. There was business to attend to though and if my parents drilled anything into me over the years; it's that business always comes before pleasure. I can’t afford to get swept away by the attractive scent of my mate. With an agonizing growl I proceed into the gym; ignoring the nagging feeling settling within me.

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