His Witch, Her Demon

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Flashback 4


Aamon watched as the witch quietly slept. She looked adorable. Too bad, he was about to ruin that. Picking up the pail of freezing water by his feet and lifting up over her sleeping form, he poured the freezing water on her.

Minerva woke up with a gasp and looked down at herself. Immediately, she glared daggers up at Aamon. To him, she looked like a drenched cat. A very pissed off, drenched cat.

So, he dropped the empty pail and ran.

Since Minerva was faster, she caught up to him and pushed him into the freezing cold lake with tiny ankle-biting water nymphs. Once the demon’s body submerged into the water, he felt pain. He opened his eyes and saw the water nymphs biting him. Popped his head out of the water and looked at Minerva. Who, like always, had her arms crossed over her chest and kept glaring at him. Even, as he got bit.

Then, she eventually helped him out of the lake.

“Ow!” The demon cried as Minerva dragged him into the cottage and dumped his body on the bed. At this point, they were both soaked. Aamon, more so than Minerva.

“Look, Minerva. I’m sorry. BUT, did you really have to push me into THAT lake?” he continued.

“Yes,” she murmured, grabbing them dry clothes from their trunk and setting them on the bed beside Aamon. Reaching over to remove his shirt, he stopped her with a wince and grabbed her wrists. “What? Either you let me heal you from the nymphs or you suffer in pain. Your choice.”

“Fine,” he whispered, cockily. “Just try not to stare.”

He watched as she carefully removed his shirt enough not to cause him too much pain. He still winced, though. And she proclaimed, “Gods, you’re such a baby.”

The demon playfully glared at her and replied, ”My pain is your fault.”

“No, actually it’s your fault. You shouldn’t have woken me up.” The witch began healing him by waving her hands vertically over his upper body. Attempting to remove his pants, she continued. “Be thankful that I’m not resentful enough to not heal you, demon. Now, relax and close your eyes.”

“What memory do you see?” She asks him warily.

“When we first met.” He grunts out.

After healing his lower body, they both changed into the fresher pair of clothes beside them and he bowed arrogantly. “Thanks, witch. I’m always grateful for your assistance.”

He dodged the pillow that she aimed at his groin and chuckled. “I’ll be back with breakfast.”

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