His Witch, Her Demon

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Chapter 10

“Praetervolo.” (Vanish)

The Black-Eyed Being’s body and head vanished from plain sight, including the dark blood.

After a few other customers stopped by the bookshop and Minerva received a solid ninety-two silver coins, Minerva closed the shop with the Book of Alchemy in her arm and the pair headed off to her cottage. The walk back was deadly silent. Ever since Aamon slaughtered the Black-Eyed Being, he hasn’t said a word. Once they got back to the cottage, Minerva unpacked her knapsack and offered Aamon something to eat.

All Aamon did was shake his head in response.

So, the witch decided to take a wash in the lake outback.


Minerva stripped off her clothes beside the lake and got in the warm water. She submerged her whole body in the warm water, surfacing several seconds later. She wiped some of her hair and water from her face before allowing herself to float on the water and stare up at the stars. She began counting each constellation she could find.

“One.” Orion.

“Two.” Draco.

“Three.” Scorpius.

“Four.” Hydra.

“Five.” Perseus.

“Six.” Andromeda.

“Seven.” Serpens.

When she was done with her wash, she decided to wash her horrid dress too. So, she grabbed the dress and scrubbed it clean. The witch got out of the lake and rang out her hair. She quickly dried herself off and changed into the big and loose buttoned shirt that fell to her knees. Minerva grabbed the rest of her belongings and turned around towards the cottage.


The witch dropped her belongings beside her bed and trudged over to Aamon, who was sitting at the table. “I’m guessing you’re still not hungry?”

Aamon shook his head.

Minerva sat at the table and pondered her thoughts. She knew he was blaming himself for bringing her into his problems.

Eventually, the witch decided to give him some space and went to get the Book of Alchemy from her knapsack. Flipping through the pages, she found the page she was previously reading at the bookshop.

Locator Spell

~this spell locates anyone you want to find, no matter alive or dead.


-phoenix stone

-all eight talons of an owl

-the heart and blood of a crow

-snake skin

-a pair of fairy wings

- frog tongue

~boil ingredients

~ after boiling, stir, take a sip, and say the one’s name that you wish to find

Minerva found all the jars of ingredients around her cottage and started making the potion for the spell. Once she finished mixing the ingredients together in a bowl, she poured them in the cauldron over the fire for it to boil.

Waiting for it to boil, she whispered, “It’s going to work.”

It has to, she thought.

The witch stared at the cauldron as it started to boil.

A few more seconds passed until she decided to put out the fire and stir the ingredients again.

She took a sip. “Rhazien.”

Minerva gasped as her eyes rolled back, losing her vision and her body fell back to the floor. Then, she saw a dark and gloomy sky surrounding a castle that zoomed into a throne room where Rhazien sat. Waiting.

Rhazien is in Aldbridge.

He never left.

Letting out a deep gasp once she regained her vision, she found Aamon staring down at her.

“He’s still in Aldbridge.”

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