His Witch, Her Demon

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Chapter 11

The next morning, Minerva awoke from the sound of a horse. She groaned and placed her comfortable and fluffy pillow over her head to block out the sound.

“Tell the horse, that you probably stole, to be quiet!”

She heard rustling. Then, “Horses, actually. By the way, could you pass me two apples?”

Completely ignoring that the demon actually spoke to her, she eased her head up from under her pillow and reached over to the basket beside her bed. Taking out two apples, she threw them out the window. Aiming them for Aamon’s head.

Of course, he caught them. The witch lay her head back underneath the pillow and attempted to go back to sleep. Not even a few minutes later, she felt a pair of hands grab her ankles.

“C’mon.” Aamon pulled at her ankles.

“Aamon, let me go.” Minerva reached for the headboard of the bed.

“No, we’re leaving. So, you have to get up.”

Minerva stopped struggling and looked behind her at Aamon and asked, “Where are you going?”

Aamon took that as his chance to drag her off the bed. “We are going to Aldbridge. We’re going after him ourselves. There are only about two months left until the Summer Solstice and we have to be in Aldbridge to kill him before then.”

After her body dropped on the floor, she glared up at the demon. “No. We can not start traveling to Aldbridge today. I am exhausted from the Locator Spell.”

“Don’t care. Get dressed.”



Approximately thirteen minutes later, the witch found herself riding a horse beside Aamon and his own horse.

“So,” the witch drawled. “Are we gonna discuss the guilt I know you’ve been feeling since last night?”

Aamon simply ignored Minerva and continued riding on his horse. Silence branched between them for the rest of the ride. Even, when they made camp for the night.

“So we’re just going to sit here in silence?” Minerva’s eyes blazed through the lit fire as she met eyes with Aamon, who barely looked at her.

But, he replied.

“Whatever you think you know about how I’m feeling doesn’t matter.” The demon’s lips were set in a grim and straight line as he spoke coldly to her.

“Like hell, it doesn’t,” The witch stood up, glaring up at him. “Tell me what’s going on!”

“Or what?”

And, she just lost it, She delved into his mind with her own.

Except, she didn’t. He’s blocked her off in his mind as well as his body.

Insufferable little…

“So, we’re just going to sit near the fire with no food, either? Right?”

Aamon stood up and walked over to their horses tied to a tree near them. After fetching an apple from one of their sacks, he threw the apple at her feet.

Minerva looked down at her feet and then glared up at him. “Really?”

He shrugged. Such a gentleman.

The witch remained glaring up at him as she picked her apple up from the ground.

Aamon hesitated before saying, “If you’d leave it alone then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

“This is your idea of a conversation?” The witch scoffed, shaking her head.

She stood up and walked away. “Don’t bother following me.”

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