His Witch, Her Demon

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Chapter 12

When Aamon found her, Minerva was leaning against a nearly-dead tree with her arms crossed over her chest. Kicking at the dirt, she glanced up at him.

“Are you here to have an actual conversation or just broad in more silence?”


She blinked. “Yes, what?”

“I’m here to talk. To you.”

The witch gaped, waiting for him to proceed.

“Look,” he sighed. “You’re right. I’m angry at myself for bringing you into all this.”

Aamon shook his head. “If I had known reuniting with you would’ve given Him notice,….I wouldn’t have come back. Minerva, you are the only family I have ever known and I can’t lose you.”

Minerva uncrossed her arms. “You won’t lose me now. But Aamon, you will eventually. I’m not immortal. Neither of us are.”

A brief silence passed between the two. Then, Minerva started to walk back to camp and stopped. She turned back towards Aamon, “Don’t blame yourself for everything going on right now. And promise me you won’t blame yourself when I die.”

The demon blinked, then frowned. “No.”

“Aamon, please.”


“Aamon, as a friend.”

He breathed shakily and nodded. “Okay.”

The pair returned to the campsite and Aamon went to fetch some dinner. Minerva stayed behind with the horses and kept the fire hot. Shortly, the demon came back with two rabbits and cooked them over the fire.

Chewing a bite of her rabbit on a stick, the witch decided to ask Aamon the question that’s been haunting her the night before. “Aamon, why didn’t you try to escape from Him? You know you could’ve ran away but you didn’t. So why did you stay for so long?”


More silence.

And more.

Then, “He’s my uncle, Minerva. ”

Minerva breathed. “What? What do you mean He’s your uncle, Aamon?”

“I’m sorry I never told you. I--”



“You have been lying to me this whole time! Ever since I’ve known you! Ever since we were kids! I had no one left after becoming an orphan yet, you did! You lied to me, you selfish asshole! You bastard! You son of a bitch! All you’ve EVER told me are LIES!”


“YOU DIDN’T TELL ME THE TRUTH! That’s practically the same thing!”

This time the witch couldn’t hold in her tears. Not this time. Not as they streamed down her face like a waterfall. Not as she strained to look at the demon she once called a friend, an ex-friend. Not as she got on her horse and never looked back.


Minerva woke up with a start. It was nothing, Minerva thought. Just a stupid nightmare. Oh my gods, it felt so real, she thought.

“You alright?”

She turned her head and looked at Aamon, who was looking at her from the other side of the fire with concern.

“Um, yeah. I’m fine. Just a nightmare.” She rubbed her eyes and let out a small yawn. “Is it dawn, yet?”

He stood up and offered her a hand to stand up. “Yep.”

Minerva took his hand. “Well, guess it’s time to keep going.”

They packed up, mounted their horses and continued on with their journey. After they’ve been riding for nearly three quarters of an hour, Minerva felt something. Something painful.

In her lower abdomen.

“Fuck,” she whispered and stopped her horse. “Aamon, we need to stop.”

He stopped as well and turned toward her. “Why? What’s wrong?”

“I need to check and change my cloth,” she replied as she cautiously got down from her horse and untied her knapsack from the horse’s saddle. She stopped at a nearby tree and dropped her knapsack on the forest floor and began to dig through it for a cloth.

“Cloth? Nerva, what are talking about?”

Oh my gods. How clueless could he be?, she thought and shook her head. So, she gave him a look as if to ask ‘Are you stupid?’

It clicked within a few seconds. “Ohh.”

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