His Witch, Her Demon

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Flashback 7

Aamon woke up with his face in the dirt. Or shit. He couldn’t tell. All he saw was brown and his vision was obscure. But, whatever it was smelled. He shook his head and looked around. Before he could look up, he felt a fist hit him in the face. And his face went down to the shit. Fuck, it was definitely shit. Once the demon’s face was knocked back down to it, he could smell it clearer. Said demon, groaned and balled up his fists against the ground before unballing them to sit up straight. Pushing his knees to the ground to stand, he stumbled a bit and managed to completely stand on his own two feet. Located in front of him was an open gate connecting to a great and immense concentric castle made of grey bricks. Surrounding him were Aldbridgean soldiers. He bowed his head, muttering a, “Fuck.” Rubbing his sore face, he continued, “Did you have to punch me so fucking hard?”

“Of course they did. They are my soldiers, Aamon.” a voice proclaimed from behind Aamon.


“Nephew. Welcome home.” The king teased, smiling nefariously.


“Aamon, what brings you here?” The king asked as they walked through the castle halls leading to his council chamber.

The former prince glared at his uncle and responded monotonously, “Your soldiers.”

The king opened and closed his mouth as if he just remembered something. “Oh, yes. I have a proposal.”

One his soldiers opened the door to his council chamber and let them enter. Aamon watched as the soldier closed the door behind them before saying, “No, I want to go back home.”

“With the witch?” The demon’s face grew pale. “She must be really important for you to look like that, nephew.”

Pale turned red. Aamon took a step closer. “Don’t. You. Dare.”

King Rhazien swatted his hand to ignore the subject.“You can’t go back...Now, for my proposal.”


After Aamon’s outburst, the King’s soldiers came rushing in but the Rhazien stopped them. “It’s fine. He’s just throwing a tantrum.”

The demon growled at King Rhazien. The soldiers left and the king continued with his proposal. “Nephew, I know we’ve never seen eye to eye—”

“Cause you murdered my parents for the throne.”

“Because you were too much of an immature coward to take it yourself. Anyways, I would like for you to train to become one of my greatest warriors ever. And if you don’t, then your witch pays the consequences and the kingdom finds out that you let your parents die in misery and shame,” The king finished, smiling viciously.

Aamon growled through clenched teeth. “Excuse me?”

King Rhazien wiggled his index finger as if he was scolding a small child. “It’s either a yes or no answer. Especially, if you don’t want your secrets disrupted. Therefore, it’s up to choosing your dead parents and the witch or your favorite uncle.”

Aamon looked the king up and down. From his stolen and polished silver crown upon his head to his cruel and light golden-brown nearly wrinkled face. The king looked exactly like Aamon’s father, only a lighter skin tone.

“You’re my only uncle.”

Thus, the demon took his uncle’s deal.

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