His Witch, Her Demon

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Flashback 8

Immediately after the deal was made, Aamon began training.

And over the course of time, the king’s nephew became his instrument of destruction.

Enough to butcher an entire village. At first, Aamon refused to do so and then, King Rhazien decided to threaten Minerva’s life and provide his nephew with consequences for refusing the first time.

“Ah!” Aamon screamed in agonizing pain as his whole body jolted making him arch his back even as he hung from his wrists by rusty iron cuffed chains.

Demanded by their king, the Black-Eyed Beings used an iron wip on the demon’s back.

Before he knew it, the demon blacked out again.


He looked at all the corpses surrounding him and felt so much guilt that he had to leave.

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