His Witch, Her Demon

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Chapter 14

After paying for a room, the occupants of the pub watched as they went upstairs to it. Once the demon closed the door behind them, both of them ripped off their hoods and shed their cloaks. Next, they went to bed.

Shortly after falling asleep, Minerva heard a noise coming from beside her. Rolling over and blinking her eyes open, she found Aamon snoozing away. As she watched him, he murmured something ambiguous. Minerva blinked, realizing the noise was coming from him. More unclear words came from the demons lips until it finally became clear what he was saying, “I’ll do it. Just don’t hurt her.”

The witch sat up as his body began to violently roll around on the bed as he repeated, “Don’t hurt Minerva.”

“Aamon, wake up,” she nervously said, unsure if it’ll work.

Sweat formed on his forehead and neck as he continued to violently roll and repeat the same three words that caused a heart-wrenching sensation in her chest. Minerva stood up from the bed and dashed over to his side of the bed. “Aamon, wake up!” she finally shouted.

The demon’s eyes burst open at the sound of her voice. Minerva felt his hands come in contact with her shoulder and her back slammed onto the bed with Aamon on top of her. His eyes were a scarlet red, darker than usual, as they burned into hers. In his eyes, she could see pain and fear.

“It’s just me. It’s Minerva,” she breathed out. Her deep breathing in sync with his. He growled at her and his hand curled around her neck. But, didn’t squeeze. She took a deep breath and continued. “It was just a nightmare. It wasn’t real. And I am not hurt.”

Minerva held eye contact with Aamon until his eyes eventually changed back to normal. Instantly, his hand retracted from around her neck and he jumped away from her, landing on the wooden floor beside the bed. After a few moments of silence, the witch inquired, “You have nightmares, too?”

Aamon rubbed his hands over his face and nodded. So, the witch scooted off the bed and sat down on the floor next to him. He kept his hands over his face as she brought her hand up to the back of his neck, through his dark hair and tugged his head down to meet her shoulder.


The next morning, neither Aamon or Minerva spoke of the night they had before and left the pub. Now, it’s been a few days since then and they’ve haven’t gotten to Aldbridge yet. The moon took out the sun and they made camp for the night. The next evening, so they could take a pissing break. Minerva was waiting for Aamon at her horse when she heard the crunching of leaves and snapping of twigs behind her and turned around. There was nothing. Minerva slowly pulled out her dagger from her boot and watched. The crunch of leaves and snaps of twigs occured again and a shadow began to form before her eyes. Said shadow began to form into an actual cosmic creature. A wolf. An enormous black wolf.

Both horses cried and backed away.

“Blade.” Aamon appeared.

“Did you just name the damn wolf?” The witch hissed at him.

The fifteen feet tall wolf growled at her and stalked closer before launching itself at Minerva. Quickly, the witch swerved out of the way, nicking the wolf on its nose in the process and ran. Pumping her legs as she went speeding through the forest, she could hear the wolf, Blade, at her heels. Fuck, she thought as she ran faster with her braided hair flying behind her. Out of the corner of her eye. Aamon could be seen with their horses through the trees trying to catch up. He cut through some trees and came up beside Minerva. He whistled at the wolf and it halted in his tracks. Minerva also stopped to face them and said exasperated, “First, you name it and now you’re taming it.”

He got down from his horse and cautiously walked toward the gigantic wolf. “His name is Blade. Don’t kill him. And Blade, don’t try to hurt or kill Minerva ever again. She’s like family.”

She ignored the last two sentences and shock appeared on Minerva’s face as she replied, “Kill him? Blade is the one that was trying to kill me.”

She continued, lingering next to the horses. “So why shouldn’t I?”

“Because he’s His.”

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