His Witch, Her Demon

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Chapter 15


“Yes,” the demon said frustrated. He put his arm out, stopping Minerva from going towards Blade with her dagger still in hand. His other arm was shot out in front of him to reassure the wolf. The witch growled. “So what now, you plan on keeping him as a pet?”

He shrugged. “Blade has always liked me; He could help us, I mean me, find Him in over a month before the Summer Solstice.”

“You’re kidding right?” He didn’t answer. So, she added, “I’m not traveling with that humongous thing!”

“You won’t have to.” Aamon stood before Blade and touched his nose. Blade bent his head down, whimpering and Minerva scoffed. “Blade, morph.”

And the fifteen foot tall wolf shrunk down to an average three feet tall wolf.

“Fucking hell,” the witch muttered.

“Mineva, meet little Blade.”


“Stop it.”

“What?” She hissed as little Blade shortly barked.


The witch rolled her golden eyes and faced the dirt road ahead of her. “Stupid dog.”

“I don’t get it. How can this stupid dog like you enough to betray and help us find Him?” She asked as she trotted her horse a little faster.

“He didn’t exactly treat Blade so well….but I did. He even checked to see if I was alright after each time I was tortured. So, Blade was always loyal to me.”

It still hurts everytime he mentions what he had to go through with Him for five years. Minerva looked over at the dog walking along the other side of Aamon and blinked. Hmm, guess the stupid dog isn’t so bad, she thought. Even so, everything she learned about Aamon since he returned didn’t feel right. First, he leaves and comes back after six years asking, basically pleading, for her help. Secondly, he trains for Him and becomes His warrior, even though he could’ve left. And lastly, Blade is so loyal to him that he would rather help than kill me now. What the hell was going on?

The witch shifted her horse and cut in front of Aamon, making his horse jolt back. “We’re stopping now.”

“But, it’s not even night yet.” He raised a skeptical eyebrow.

“I’m hungry and tired,” she countered back. Not waiting for him to follow, she turned her horse back around to find a spot to settle for camp. Aamon shared a look with little Blade before following the witch. Said witch, jumped down from her horse, tied to a tree and grabbed her knapsack from its saddle. As she took out her spell book and the Book of Alchemy, she noted Aamon and little Blade settling down as well.

“I could have sworn you just said you were hungry and tired.” He crouched down beside her and attempted to place his hand over hers but she pulled back. He breathed heavily to cover up the pain he felt from her actions. “What’s wrong?”

Minerva glanced up at him from her task of flipping through her book’s pages. “I’m tired of the secrets and hungry for answers.”

“Ok..So, what’re the books for?” he answered unsurely as she glanced back down to her books.

“Are you going to give me anything at all? Because I really want to understand this whole concept. You are giving me snippets of answers but not the whole ones. And if you don’t plan on giving me any then I’ll use a spell. Aamon, why didn’t you try to escape from Him? You know you could’ve ran away but you didn’t. So why did you stay for so long?”


More silence.

And more.

Then, “He’s my uncle, Minerva. ”

Her nightmare came true.

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