His Witch, Her Demon

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Flashback 9

The demon slowly trudged through the village of Lightchester.

“Young man, are you alright?” A dark-skinned man asked, hammering a curved piece of metal on an anvil. He was a blacksmith.



“So, who’s Minerva?”

Aamon continued to watch Eligius work.“What?”

The dark-skinned blacksmith stopped his work and looked at Aamon. “You speak of someone by the name of Minerva when you sleep. Mostly when it looks as if you’re having a nightmare.”

“Um, she’s my best friend. Well, at least, she was. Probably hates me now since I’ve left,” The demon responded, glaring down at the ground.

“I doubt that.”

His head shot up in response. “Don’t. She’s stubborn. Very stubborn.”

“I think you should try to go back.” Eligius resumed his task.

“To Minerva? You can’t be serious. What part of ‘probably hates me now since I’ve left’ did you not understand?”

“But you don’t hate her, I can tell.”

Aamon looked up at the older man. “Then what do I feel for her, Eligius?”

“Love,” he simply responded.

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