His Witch, Her Demon

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Chapter 16

Minerva cleared her throat. “That’s it?”

Aamon paused. “How are you so calm about this information?”

Minerva arose from her spot and glanced over at little Blade then Aamon. “C’mon,” she spoke the same exact word to him when they first met. Aamon followed, leaving little Blade to keep watch. Following her until they were finally a few feet from little Blade, he decided to ask, “Did you see the future or something?”

Shuffling her feet, she responded, “Or something…...” And continued, “That morning I woke up scared because I dreamt that this would happen.”

The demon cleared the shock from his face and demanded, “Why didn’t—”

“Don’t.” Minerva raised her hand to interrupt him. “Aamon, don’t you dare finish that question. I’m the one that should be asking you: Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Look, I was going to tell you. I promise.”

She scoffed, replying, “Now? After a fucking decade?”

He glared at her and she returned the favor but let him continue speaking. “Yes. You deserve to know the whole story. Everything. I should’ve told you sooner and I’m sorry.”

“Quit apologizing like it’s going to fix anything. That still doesn’t explain why you didn’t tell me at all,” the witch stated exasperated.

“Because I’m a coward! Okay? That’s what I am! I ran away from the throne once my parents died and my uncle took over because I didn’t want to be King Aamon of Aldbridge at the age of fourteen. And that’s when I met you for the first time. Then, he had the nerve to confess to murdering my parents when he took me back to Albridge for those five years. And I couldn’t do anything about it until now because he had all the power back then. But now, he won’t. Not when I have you.”

“So, you only reunited with me to use as a weapon to kill your murderous uncle, who’s also the King of Aldbridge? And now you’re mature enough to intend to take back the throne because you’re the rightful heir?”

“You know that’s not the only reason I came back to you,” Aamon replied.

“Do I?”

Aamon breathed heavily through his nose, frustrated with the witch’s remarks. Again, it’s never easy with her. Not his witch.

“Does this mean you’re not gonna help me?”

Minerva paused and looked down at her feet. “I didn’t say that.”

Even though she might as well. Again, she was being too hard on the demon. Minerva looked up at Aamon just as he apologized to her. For the tenth time. Which she was honestly getting tired of hearing. So she suggested, “How about we make a deal?”

Aamon stared at her and nodded for her to continue. “No more secrets. We both tell each other everything.”

Her declaration made the demon smile relievingly. “Deal.”


All of them continued down the dirt road after their dramatic stop. The next day, they arrived in the village of Lightchester, which was the closest to Aldbridge. It looked as if the villagers were preparing for some event. A bunch of them were scurrying around to finish the job. The colors for the decorations varied from white to dark blue on every house and shop.

“Festival of Stars.”

“What?” The witch turned her head to stare at Aamon as they led their horses beside them as they walked.

“The Festival of Stars? It is a well-known festival in Lightchester. It occurs only three times a year.”

“How do you know this?” She questioned him. Said demon stopped walking and raised his eyebrows at her. Then, it registered in her head. “Of course. You’ve been here when you were on the run.”

Aamon pinched her cheeks. “You’re such a smart witch.”

“And you’re such an annoying demon,” she said as she swatted his hands from her cheeks. Continuing to lead her horse through the village she noticed someone staring at them. It was a dark-skinned man watching from afar as he hammered a curved piece of metal on an anvil. He was a blacksmith.

With no time to stop him, she watched as Aamon started walking towards the blacksmith. What in the burning hells was he doing?

Minerva continued to guide their horses as little Blade followed Aamon and the blacksmith. She vaguely glanced at the blacksmith again and tied the horses to a nearby post. The blacksmith stopped his staredown with Aamon and glanced at her, little Blade and back at Aamon. “Aamon...”

His lips formed a charming smile. “Nice to see you again, Eligius.”

The blacksmith, Eligius, scowled at his response. Aamon went on to introduce his companions. “Eligius, this is little Blade and Minerva.”

Eligius kept his eyes on the wolf. “He seems to look a lot like His wolf.”

Aamon shrugged and Eligius shook his head. Finally, he migrated his attention to the witch and gingerly smiled. The witch shuffled on her feet a little because of the attention on her and nervously smiled back at him. “Minerva.”

“Don’t.” The demon stopped him.

Eligius ignored Aamon. “So, you’re the witch he ran back to? It’s lovely to meet you. You know, he never stopped talking about you while he was here. I believe he’s ----”

“Stop.” The demon growled.

The witch narrowed her eyes at him but decided to ignore his rude interruption. She glanced back at Eligius. “It’s lovely to meet you as well. Aamon’s never spoken of you though..”


“No more secrets, remember?”

Aamon deeply sighed. “Eligius is a good man that took me in for a year while I was here.”

“So, Eligius. I see you are a blacksmith here in Lightchester. Did you create Aamon’s sword?”

The blacksmith shortly nodded his head and continued his work. “No, madam. He created it all on his own.”

Before she could utter a question from her lips, he continued. “Aamon was my apprentice of sorts. He needed a place to say so we made a deal. If I allow him to sleep in my home then he has to work for it. Every day, he accompanied me in creating weapons. Very determined and headstrong in his job, we received lots of coins for pay. He was a great student. Great man.”

Aamon cheekily smiled and failed to cover his blush. “Eligius, you know compliments don’t work on me.”

Eligius boisterously laughed at the demon’s reply. Wiping tears from his eyes, he said, “Aamon, how about you show your companions back to the house?”

Aamon reacted uncertainly. “Are you sure? We can rest at a---”

“Nonsense. Go.” The blacksmith cut him off with a wave of his hand.

After untying the horses from the post they paraded towards Eligius’ house with Aamon leading the way. The demon took Minerva’s horse along with his to get some water while she and little Blade toured the house. Like her cabin, it seemed small on the outside and spacious on the inside. Following the entrance was a kitchen/living space with beds of straws and beside a few steps of stairs. Up the stairs lay one single bed.

“Knowing Eligius, he’ll make you take the bed and him and I sleep down here,” Aamon informed her as he opened and closed the front door behind him. Seeing her astonished face, he persisted, “And he won’t take no for an answer. Trust me.”

The witch’s heart did a little jump from his last two words but she nodded anyway. “That’s fine.”

Up til Eligius arrived home from his job, Minerva passed the time by studying her books from her knapsack while little Blade and Aamon slept. Minerva was currently untangling her curly hair from it’s braid just as the owner of the house returned. He then glanced at Aamon who, surprisingly wasn’t violently moving or talking in his sleep. Eligius deliberately glanced at Minerva. “I am assuming that you know about his night terrors?”

Minerva met the man’s eyes. “Yes, I do.”

He walked towards the kitchen. “Well, I am glad he’s sleeping okay.”

“So am I,” the witch whispered.

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