His Witch, Her Demon

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Chapter 18

Going on, it has been six weeks since they left Eligius. And the trio will soon be in Aldbridge by daylight and they didn’t plan on stopping or resting again until they got there. Aamon and Minerva still haven’t been fine since the argument. They spoke only for directions and regulations. Which made it very troublesome for little Blade to focus.

“little Blade,” Minerva called once she saw the kingdom of Aldbridge not too far ahead in the sunlight. The wolf stopped and turned its head toward her as if to ask ‘what?’. “We can’t go from here into the kingdom. Who knows what He’s said already. We can’t take that chance and will just have to find another way to him without anyone noticing us.”

Aamon frowned, not looking at her. “What about your face identity spell?”

The witch shook her head and in return, didn’t acknowledge him either. “Doesn’t work on animals.”

“Cloaking spell?”

Minerva considered his suggestion and reached into her knapsack beside her on the side of the saddle. Pulling out the Book of Alchemy, she found the page she needed once she opened it.

Cloaking Spell

~this spell hides the presence of oneself or others, preventing others from discovering one’s location.

~No ingredients:

~ Using a crystal from a necklace, place the necklace around whomever is performing this spell and say the one’s names that you wish to hide from others

But, Minerva knew she didn’t have any crystals in her possession at the moment. Except….

Only little Blade observed the witch as she shoved the book back inside her bag and replaced it for something else:

A necklace. The necklace she swore she’d never wear ever again. Not for six years.

She heard Aamon take a sharp intake of breath while she held it in her hand. “Is that the necklace...”

Looking from the crystal to his eyes of the same color, for the first time in weeks, she mutely nodded. Just by looking at him she could tell he was aghast that she still held onto it for all these years. The witch broke eye contact and concentrated on the spell as she placed the necklace around her neck.

Obumbratio, obumbratio veni ad me.Et pariter conglobati circumdabunt nos videre non possumus. (Shadows, shadows come to me. Surround us so only we can see). Me, little Blade, and Aamon.”

Minerva felt her powers surge through her. Her mind, soul, and body. Everything.

Then, she re-opened her eyes. “I’ll go first.”

After securing her hood over her face she slapped the horse’s reins and it galloped onwards. Upon reaching the entrance, Minerva noted that the kingdom was quiet this morning. Too quiet. And she didn’t spot any villagers, or the king’s subjects. So, she took hold of her dagger from her boot and listened. Then, she caught it. The sound of screaming. Painful screaming that seemed to be coming from the further end of the village in the kingdom-- where white smoke was rising from the exact same spot.

Someone was being burned at the stake.

Minerva didn’t waste any time making her horse gallop faster through the village of Martsdaen. Her two companions didn’t either. They passed house after house. And shop after shop till they reached the crowd of villagers surrounding the burnt and smoking corpse of a child still tied to a post.

“Oh my gods,” the witch and demon simultaneously gasped and covered their noses. The smell of burnt and dead flesh was disturbing. Clearly, the villagers didn’t notice their arrival.

Ultimately, the villagers scattered back to their shops and houses. Yet, the trio remained.

“He did this.”

She turned to Aamon. “As a message. . . . ”

“. . . . because He already knows we’re here.”


“Screw Him. The sooner we find Him, the better,” Minerva declared. “Besides, we’re finally here and have less than three weeks until the Summer Solstice.”

“You do realize He just ordered a child to die without questions, right?” Aamon said with narrowed eyes.

“And you do realize that you dragged me on this adventure because you believe that I can stop him from doing this ever again, right?” The witch countered back at him.

Little Blade barked at her response as if he was agreeing with her. Minerva smirked at little Blade’s bark of agreement as she led her horse in it’s former direction. “Let’s go.”

As they passed through more and more, they began to draw closer and closer to the opening gate of the castle of Aldbridge. Minerva couldn’t believe that Aamon once lived in this castle. Specifically, with his parents---the former king and queen of Aldbridge.

“Modify the spell.” Aamon jumped down from his horse. Minerva, too. He showed the horses to the gate’s entryway.

The witch squinched up her face at him. “No.”

He glared at her. “Just trust me.”

Those two words always seemed to make her freeze in her actions. After glimpsing from Aamon to little Blade, she sighed and asked even though she knew the answer. “Will we be going with you?”

“Definitely not. But, meet me in an hour at the back of the castle.”

Little Blade morphed into big Blade and padded over to nudge his head at the demon’s. The wolf let out a small whimper that forced him to embrace big Blade’s neck. “Don’t fret over me. I’ll be fine.”

As Big Blade trotted back over to Minerva, she and Aamon locked eyes.

“Don’t do anything stupid, demon.”

“You either, witch.”

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